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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Benefits of a plant based diet - less stomach pain

Can I just add to what you said about making a difference through your actions concerning veganism. This past week I haven't eaten meat at all and have been eating recipes I have found on vegan sites online. I have found that with my list of food intolerances vegan eating really suits me and I have been cooking things I normally wouldn't have thought of, thinking they were out of bounds but there seems to be an alternative for everything "normal", which is great! So I owe this purely to you. Without your inspiration I would have still been stuck in the miserable rut I was in thinking of how restrictive my diet had become. Instead you have opened up a whole new world to me and I am so grateful :) But anyway, as I was saying - this pastweek I haven't touched meat at all and you know what? NO STOMACH ACHE/PROBLEMS!! yhay! I have actually gone a whole week eating everyday with no problems when prior to this I would of had at least 3 days unwell at some point! And I feel so much better in myself too!
So thankyou for inspiring me to try some vegan meals and now you know that already you yourself HAVE made a difference. So I just wanted to say thankyou xx

Reading your comment put a huge smile on my face!! 1) Knowing that i have made a difference, 2) That you can now see all delicious food you can eat despite being limited with food choices due to stomach problems and 3) because you havent had any stomach pains.

I know how awful it is to suffer with daily or weekly stomach pain where you can't do anything about it apart from 1) lying with pain/not being able to do anything because of the pain, 2) maybe using a heating pillow or a warm bath or 3) having to just try to get on with life despite how much stomach pain you are in. And it is awful... but since i went vegan i dont get as much stomach pain as i did before. My stomach pain was based on many different things - a not so great diet for my body, stress, anxiety, dealing with guilt and also because of my CF and digestion problems. I will never be fully free from stomach pain as i have my CF and digestive problems, but a plant based diet has made SUCH A DIFFERENCE, as well as of course less stress and anxiety to deal with!

I am so happy to hear that you are noticing a difference, that you are able to eat without stomach pain but also maybe get creative with food. I find that vegans can often be more creative with their food than omnivores... i mean when you eat meat it feels like the food is just basically "some form of meat/fish, some form of potatoe/rice/pasta/noodle, some form of vegetable" and thats a meal (this is a HUGE generalisation, i am aware). But when you eat plant based, and aware of getting enough vitamins and nutrients through your diet then you can experiment more with soups, pasta dishes, potatoe dishes, wraps, different pizzas, different togu dishes or bean dishes etc

Of course there are plant based vegans who have no interest in eating healthy and just live off of oreos and vegan pizza, and other plant based eaters who eat very basic or simple such as just fruit or just potatoe and vegetables etc.

Moving on from that..... there are so many benefits to a plant based diet, IF you do it right! If you dont eat enough or dont get the right nutrients and vitamins then of course that way of eating will lead to consequences, but as long as you eat varied and enough it shouldnt be a major problem unless you have some form of illness that might affect how you absorb vitamins or minerals.

Keep experimenting with food and finding what works for your stomach/body and find the joy with eating again!! 

One thing i love about plant based eating - when i amnt eating a bunch of processed food - is that food like lentils, potatoes, vegetables, beans, fruit, nuts just make me feel so good and taste amazing as well. I long to eat my lentil soup everyday and long to eat my potatoes and vegetables and oatmeal and they give me so much energy, where as when i ate lots of dairy and meat all day long i didnt feel as energetic and the only seasoning i used was a bunch of salt whereas now i use different seasonings and not as much salt.

Anyway, i could keep writing about this forever, but i guess you all get the point - i think a plant based diet (if done correctly) can be awesome and can definitely help with stomach issues! THough everyone is different and no, plant based diet wont fix all stomach issues. I still suffer from stomach pain and if i eat too much fruit i get lots of stomach pain, but the amount of pain and how often has decreased drastically!!

I hope to keep inspiring you all to realise that food is delicious and yummy and you need it everyday! To inspire you to want to eat, want to eat good and healthy food but not be scared of eating all types of foods. But also maybe to implement some plant based meals into your diet.... NO, you dont have to eat fully plant based.... do what is best for YOU AND YOUR HEALTH, but maybe a few plant based meals throughout the week can be a good option or something you want to try. Maybe get creative with vegan sushi? Vegan pizza? Bugers with bean burgers? Bake sweet potatoes? Different soups? Vegan wraps or quesadillas? Vegan mac and cheese or vegan pasta dishes? etc etc

Look at all the delicious food you can eat as a vegan!

Dont label food as good or bad or food you can or cant eat. Just eat delicious food, eat varied, eat wholesome but dont be scared of junk food either!!


  1. Hi! I've had my period for three months now and I paniced because I realise i'm much more tired when I have it and crave more food. I don't think it is a increased hunger as much as it is cravings. Yesterday I ate like crazy many apples and i know I eat like 500 calories above what I should eat to be stable. I also now that's fine to do sometimes, like I do it once a week that I eat a little more but I'm afraid it will happen more days now. One day a week is ok I've figured but I don't know how to handle if I feel the same cravings again more days. How do you cope with all those cravings during your period and a need of more resting when you have it?

    Thanks for awesome posts!

    1. Hello :) I've answered you in a post now which I hope helps:)

    2. Thank you so much!!

  2. I`m so glad I made you smile!! I thought I had to tell you how I was getting on eating differently - and what a difference its made to me. The down side is my partner keeps on at me as to when I`m going to have something "proper" to eat - meaning meat/chicken - but I`m not going there, at the moment I`m making the most of feeling better:)