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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Answers from questions in the comment section

Hi Izzy! Can you please tell me what a good nice cream recipe I can have for breakfast everyday is? I need it to satiate me but also not make me feel too sick with too much fruit? I want to eat it everyday so it's important. Thanks!
   For nice cream reipes you can use all types of flavourings such as nut butter or powdered nut butter, dates, agave syrup, acai powder and sweetner, cocoa powder and coconut shreds, vanilla sugar/powder, chocolate chip flavour, matcha flavour,  berries, mango etc The combinations are endless so try different flavourings all the time :) Dont get stuck eating the same breakfast all the time - vary!
   But also i would recommend using maybe 3-4 frozen bananas as well as toppings/flavourings such as dates, peanut butter, cacao and cereal or berries on top, to make it more substantial. I.e just 2 bananas and some cocoa powder isnt really enough for a breakfast.

HERE is a link to some different flavouring ideas
Image result for nice cream recipes

Izzy, How are you going to deal with christmas lunches or diners now that you are Vegan? What are your family thoughts about it? And what about going to friends that are not vegan? Do you advise them in advance that you do not eat meat, fish, eggs, dairy are whatever so that they can preparer something at your attention or will you bring some of your own food?
Usulaly I would mention my way of living, but sometime they do not want to make any efforts ... and they just tell me "Come by us but sorry there will be no vegan food so bring your own food"...I find it not very friendly especialy if they invite you but know that there will be nothing for you. Sometime it hurts me a little, I tell myself that well my attendance is not that important after all and hesitate to go...if I decide to go i would bring my own food of prepare a vegan dish that everybody can eat to show tham what it looks like and that a vegan way of eating is not boring bland .......

I dont really know what i am going to do this Christmas but i am guessing that i will make my own foood and bring it with me. Thats what i did during midsummer - my family made their versions of food and i made vegan versions. I did ask if we could just make vegan versions so that there wouldnt be double of everything but they said they wanted their normal versions. My parents are lacto-ovo-vegetarians so there will be soy versions of sausages or meat balls but typical christmas dinners in Sweden is often egg, salmon, meat balls, herring, chicken and of course lots of sauces using egg and butter and cream. But i will buy and make my own versions of the foods i want and of course share with the rest of my family :)
  When visiting friends i tell them that i am vegan and will bring my own food with me just in case. I dont actually expect them to make vegan food for me if i come over.... sure there might be a vegetarian option which is great, but with plant based food my friends might not realise that by frying soy meat in butter or using mayonnaise in a sauce makes it not vegan. When visiting friends i do it more for being social and not the food and i wont allow my lifestyle or being a vegan effekt that. Sure if i go to a birthday party and there is absaloutly nothing i can eat, sure its a little frustrating but as long as i have something with me then it doesnt matter. If i invite friends over for dinner i dont think i would cook meat for them, i would make vegan options and then its just for them to eat ...  But of course true friends should take consideration into your way of eating especially if they have personally invited you over for dinner - then its not your job to make your own food. Its one thing if its a party/social gathering, another thing if its dinner for 5 people and they havent taken you into consideration.
  However, if you feel that you arent being invited to events because you are a vegan and your "friends" dont want to make vegan food for you, then maybe you can suggest that you can join as well but bring your own food. Though if your friends dont invite you just because you are vegan, then i dont know what type of friends they are. 

Does Christmas stress you out Izzy? How do others cope with everything that has to be done and organised? Or do you think its just one of those things that has to be got through?
I dont find christmas stressful, i like christmas and find it cosy :) I think people find christmas sressful if they put a huge pressure on themselves to decorate the house, find the perfect tree, buy lots of presents, bake lots, make lots of food etc But for me Christmas is about being with my family. I dont care about the decorations, i dont care about the tree, i dont care about presents... and i will only buy presents if its something that i know my family will love or something that they need, and i dont ask for anything for christmas unless it is something i really need and maybe cant afford myself or wont buy for myself. But i think christmas has become so commercial and so overhyped and so much focus on buying and spending that by the time its actually christmas people are so exhausted that they just want to lie on the sofa, drink beer and eat chocolate hahaha.  But if you try to limit all the stress and the pressure around christmas and see the nice things about it then its easier to feel more calm. You dont have to decorate, you dont have to buy presents, you dont even have to celebrate christmas.

I am not such a fan of seasonal celebrations such as easter, midsummer, halloween even on New years eve or January the 1st etc I would gladly work all of those days and celebrations and earn extra money, hahaha. But Christmas is a day i wuld not want to work because its a day of family time for me.... the only day of the year i actually want time with my family, hahah.

Christmas morning breakfast... of course im stnading on a chair in sports clothes and taking pictures of the food.

Have you any uni social plans for Halloween?
Not really, i dont really celebrate or see the point of Halloween, hahaha. This halloween weekend i am just studying as i have a test on Monday, but the following weekend i might go to a halloween party depending on if i find an outfit and decide whether i want to go or not.

Hey Izzy! I eat too little, roughly about X kcal per day. I know this is not good for my body, i actually feel tired and i lost my period again(i am recovering). My parents don't find this a problem so i don't know what to do, i also stopped exercising because i am afraid i will lose weight again:( i want to eat more but i am afraid. Do you think that working out more and eating larger amounts of food will help to get out of that hell? You are inspiring me and i want to recover!!! But it's so difficult!!

   With the very little that you are eating, your body just needs rest and food. You should not be working out while eating so little, but also as long as exercise is something negative and just about burning calories, you shouldnt be doing it. Your body needs fuel and energy daily... most people burn 1300-1500kcal just being alive, and then by actually moving and doing things their energy burn is around 1800-2300 and then if you exercise its even more you burn... and if you want to maintain or gian weight you need to eat even more.
 If your parents arent supportive i would try to find someone who IS supportive and will help you. Maybe you can go to a dietician who will help you with a meal plan, because then you will know how much to eat and when to eat and you just follow that meal plan. Or maybe a therapist who you can talk to and who can give you advice?
But most of all, you need to make a change for YOURSELF and for your body and health. You can eat little and lose weight, but that wont help you. It will just make your life worse and your health worse, so you need to want to make a change for yourself so that things can get better. I know its scary, i know its tough but you need to fight those fears and need to want to make a change! You need to challenge your fears and not let your eating disorder control you or ruin your life. Right down all the reasons to recover and make a meal plan for yourself and try to follow that everyday, however i recommend you go to a dietician so that you dont eat too little or if you increase too fast and end up with refreeding syndrome. But what you are eating isnt enough at the moment and your body is taking the consequences of it. Also dont workout until exercise is something healthy and not something you do to compensate or punish yourself.

You are stronger than your eating disorder!


  1. Thanks for your comment. I wish I didn't get so stressed out over christams, I wish I could enjoy it all too. We aren't entertaining so much this year, just Christmas day but even then I will have dinner to prepare and all those food timings, that's what really gets to me. What I would really like to do is to go out somewhere for Christmas dinner but my partner wont hear of it, hes quite traditional about Christmas day and a real home -body when it comes to food. I know deep down it will go ok - haven't had a disaster in the kitchen yet - but that doesn't stop the anxiety building. I wish I could enjoy Christmas for what it is too instead of waiting until half the day has gone before feeling that I can relax. I guess its one of those things I need to work on. If anyone has any tips I would welcome the advice!

    1. Does your partner help you cook? Why don't you tell him that Christmas stresses you or maybe start preparing food a week before and keep it in the freezer or decode to go super simple and basic? Talk to your partner and set up a plan so that you can enjoy Christmas and not find it stressful? And maybe try to keep to regular eating throughout the day as it can be easier that way. And find plant based options for yourself so that you don't end up with stomach pain:) even if your partner wants to be traditional, that doesn't mean that you have to be traditional as well. Remember that the stress just comes from the inside and you thinking it's stressful,it doesn't have to be... but planning helps:)

    2. Thanks for this Izzy. You are so right, planning would definitely help. Have you any reccomendations on what would be a nice vegan dish to have on Christmas day? Everyone else will be eating either pork or turkey so I need to come up with something for myself.
      I will talk to my partner about ways we can de stress the day as much as possible and like I mentioned we are not entertaining so much this year, which is a comfort. I will look at the options of pre preparing food too, that sounds like a good idea :)
      Thanks for your help

  2. Halloween isn't really widely celebrated here, I mean you get young children dressing up and going door to door trick or treating but not that many. Television will have a couple of spooky films on but that's about it. Its hyped up for sure but not that many people really bother with it, even though the shops are full of Halloween stuff. Bigger here in the UK is November 5th. There are several big organised firework and bonfire display parties going on and many people have their own at home. Fireworks start going off anything from a week before the date itself to a week afterwards, which can be a bit annoying if you`ve got pets! We have often had our own fireworks in the past - its afun thing to do and a good reason to have a good clear out for the bonfire! And of course theresw nothing better than eating hot jacket potatoes after being outside with all those fireworks :)
    Not sure if we are going to do our own again this year as we now have a young kitten to think of who would probably get frightened. Do you celebrate November 5th in Sweden?

  3. Hi Izzy, why am i gaining weight eating maintenance amounts? i calculated my energy needs and I am definitely not eating more than i burn, I am a healthy weight and yet i am gaining? i have not restricted in over a year. thanks so much

    1. I can't tell you why you are gaining weight. The best is to go to a doctor but also you can't know just how much you need or how much you are eating. But it might be water weight/retention depending on how long it's lasted. Also features you are stressed or depressed or are having hormonal problems it can lead to weight gain. If the weight loss actually causes a problem go to the doctor, otherwise it might just be temporary.