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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Always thinking about food - eating disorder recovery

A part of eating disorder recovery is taking the focus away from food. It should cause guilt or anxiety but it also shouldnt take up half your day of thoughts. Some people think more about food than others, for example before you go food shopping or before you eat a meal you think about what food to eat... but it shouldnt be your whole focus in life unless you are working with food.

Recovery is about living and creating a happy and healthy life where food is part of that. Food is a social thing, so being able to eat with others without feeling guilty, being able to eat on your own and able to buy and prepare your own food. Eating to fuel your body and mind, but you shouldnt spend your whole day planning food, thinking about food, longing for your next meal, constantly looking at recipes etc

I will start off by saying that yes, i might sound hypocritical in this post, because on my social media i come off as food obsessed - i am aware of this. And maybe not the best role model, but if i didnt have social media i WOULDNT take pictures of my food. But also only 5% of my day goes towards food i.e making food, eating food, taking picture of 1 or 2 of my meals (most often just one of my meals). Mmy whole day doesnt revolve around food and i do many other things in my day as well as think many other thoughts - so just needed to point that out, because my social media might not represent my actual way of thinking/life.

If you find that you are obsessed with food and always thinking about it, my best suggestion is to maybe follow some form of meal plan (unlss you find that intuitive eating works). Because then you already have your food planned out and you dont need to think or plan your food intake before. It gives you more room to focus on other things in your life whether it is work, studies or hobbies.

Also i would suggest to unfollow food accounts - and that might include me or my blog - or just skip the food posts on peoples blogs. Iif you scroll through social media and all you see is food - of course your thoughts will always be on food. Instead follow other accounts that give you positivity or something else in life. Try to find a new hobby whether its maybe following some youtube tutorials, or going out and joining a club or hobby group or even beginning to journal or paint or do sudoku etc Find something that occupies your mind and gets you thinking about other things and doing other things. But also if you struggle with pre or post food anxiety, then a hobby is a great distraction.

Dont base your whole day around food. Sure somedays there is more food focus, such as if you have a long day at school then maybe you need to spend the evening beforehand preparing all your meals to take wth you, or maybe you are having friends or family for dinner so you need to spend a few hours buying and preparing food.  But in general, not alot of thought should go towards food unless you are working with it. And you should eat when you are hungry, or according to your meal plan times.

Whenever you begin thinking or obsessing about food, do something else... whether its writing or drawing or go talk to someone... call a friend or start writing to someone online.

Later on in life you might want to put more time or thoughts on food, for example if you have children or a family and need to make dinner or prepare lunches etc, then automatically more thought will go towards food. Or if you enjoy baking or cooking or just enjoy finding new food items in stores, then you can do those things later. But during recovery or if you are constantly thinking about food, then its best to distance yourself and eat for energy, but also find the ENJOYMENT in your meals and feeling satisfied after your meals so that you dont have to think about food or long until your next meal.

Distractions. changing your thoughts. unfollowing food accounts, talking to people. Finding new hobbies. Those are my best tips.

Remember food should be part of your life but not your whole life!!

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