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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Vegan meal ideas

I know not all of my readers like these types of posts but i know others do, so i thought i would make another one! But also if i can help inspire others to want to make some vegan meals, and to realise that vegan food doesnt have to just be salad or pasta or plain potatoes, or that cookies doesnt have to be oatmeal and banana (can you even call those cookies though???). If i can inspire others to make vegan food and implement some vegan choices into their daily diet that would be great! But also if you are considering a vegan diet/lifestyle, then you can feel inspired and realise that there is so much good food you can try, and you wont miss out on food even when eating plant based :)

sweet potato red lentil dal | recipe

Mini vegan chocolate donuts / Recipe

Vegan banana bread / Recipe


  1. These all look so yummy!
    I've just begun university, and I'm living in a dorm where I can make all my own meals :)
    I'm planning on committing to veganism later this year....once I finish up some milk-containing protein bars!
    You've definitely inspired me to make the change :)

    1. Ohh i am so happy to hear that i have inspired you to eat more plant based/go vegan :) If you need any advice you can always contact me!! Being vegan is definitely easier when you move away from home and can buy your own groceries and make your own meals :)

    2. Thanks Izzy!!! I'll definitely send you an email at some point with some veganism questions!! I love being able to help the animals, and treat my body better :)

  2. Hello! I have two questions I would love if you answered. I am weight restored but still eat after a schedule. One day a week I alowe myself to eat or drink a little more outover the schedule just to challenge myself and to see that nothing happens, my plan with it is to in the long run let go of the schedule but right now it's neccasary for me to still have a plan and amount to follow until I'm more comfortable with my own hunger and fullness feelings and also normal amounts.

    The problem is that I don't know how too eat when I am sick or when I have my period. The schedule is for me when i'm doin daily normal acitivites but for example now from this monday I have had a really bad cold and have not manage to get out pretty much my own home and mostly just layed in my bed all day and I'm so afraid this schedule then will make me gain weight. It's around 2200-2300 calories on it. Should I eat less when i'm sick and just are resting? I got my period back last month and I felt really sick and tired then as well and just layed in my bed. I'm so unsured how to eat when i'm just resting. Specially if it's resting for a whole week! It feels wierd to go out and force myself to do daily activities just so it will evens out. It does not feel like the recovered choise to do.

    Another question I have is to handle sleeping at other peoples places and eating. Is it okey to skip breakfast and to eat a bigger lunch when you get home instead? When I sleep over at someone the person sleeps much longer then I do and I feel wierd to bring my own breakfast just so I can follow my mealplan...

    Thanks a lot Izzy<3

    1. Ive answered you in a post now which i hope helps :)

  3. Can I just say that recently I have tried quite a few vegan meals and have loved them ! They certainly make a nice change and are not at all difficult to make. I love the variety and the different textures and can safely say that I will be eating more like this in the future. Thanks Izzy for the inspiration and keep posting your vegan posts/news/updates :)

  4. Just wanted to let you know I`ve printed off the banana bread recipes and are going to make one this weekend :) since I`ve had to give up eggs I`ve really missed not being able to have cakes so finding an egg free recipe has been great!
    Thanks for some great recipes Izzy!