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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Stomach pain and trying to find the positives

Hello :)

How is everyone doing? :)

Me, personally? I'm just trying to smile through all the stomach pain I have. It feels so typical that shortly after mentioning that a vegan diet has helped me with my stomach pain and I haven't had any bad stomach pain in a while and then suddenly *bam* the stomach pain hits and has now lasted a few days. A constant sharp pain combined with nausea and mentally hungry but physically can't stand food and what I do eat just seems to want to come back up again.  I know this is related to my CF though as I haven't had access to my medicine since moving to gothenburg  as there has been a struggle with the "moving hospital and new doctor/CF team" so haven't been able to pick up my medicine = stomach pain and food not being digested properly. It makes me a little anxious and worried because this same type of pain and nausea was how I felt a week before I ended up with an inflamed pancreas and having to go to the emergency room and then after that I began losing all the weight as I wasn't able to eat the amount my body needed.... so it feels like all of that is extra worry and stress which just conttibutes to more stomach pain. So for now I am just continuing with my rest and lying in bed and tomorrow I need to make sure to fix the problem with the hospital change and get my medication and enzymes so that hopefully my digestive system wants to work properly!! Hahha. Physical pain sucks and has stopped me from doing pretty much everything I had planned this weekend.  All I've done is 1) go for a walk to get fresh air and then yesterday I finally managed to fix a new telephone  (with a whole lot of trouble and fixing and emailing and calling) and today I managed to go to the store to buy food for the coming week.  But apart from that I have just revised my notes and lain  in bed.... not much else I can do when I feel so physically sick. Just leaving the house has been a struggle.... oh well, no more complaining.  Instead I'm going to find the positives!!

1) had time to watch movies
2) rest up completely
3) despite feeling sick I actually managed to go for a walk and get fresh air
4) got a new functioning phone!
5) finally able to talk to my mum again
6) bread and nacho chips... basically the only thing my stomach can handle right now!!!

If you have any positives of the day or the week share them below!!

Also if you have any films or series to recommend!!!


  1. Hey Izzy, I'm a freshman in high school. I transferred from a tiny private school to a huge public high school, and I already feel lonely three weeks in. I don't really have any friends. I have maybe a few acquaintances, but I only have one or no classes with them. I also have to eat lunch with my parents due to my ED some days, and I feel like that hurts my social life. I've introduced myself to some people, but it's never gone anywhere. A lot of the time, I feel like i"m just hanging out on the edge of a friend group but can't actually enter in. I'm just really discouraged and afraid my whole freshman year will be like this. Do you have any advice?

    1. Ive answered you in a post today which i hope helps or gives you some advice/Inspiration :) I know its tough to start a new school and to try to make friends, but it isnt impossible to make friends!

  2. Make the most of resting up Izzy and I hope you are feeling better soon! X Well done for continuing to smile and think of the positives, even when things aren't going ideally, I know that this isnt easy but you are doing a great job! I also wanted to say that I love your hair in this pic, I am so used to seeing it straight but it looks so gorgeous natural too <3 xxx

    1. Thank you :) hahah, i havent posted alot of selfies recently as i havent had a functioning mobile, but now i can post recent pictures again!! :)

  3. Hi Izzy - how are you feeling today? I hope you are feeling a bit better and that you manage to get your medicines sorted out. Hopefully once you are back on them and taking them regularly again your pains will subside. Try not to stress yourself out too much with worry and relax as much as you can - this is definitely time to spoil yourself and only do what you feel like doing, other stuff can wait.
    Laying in bed watching series sounds like a good idea to me :)
    I really think you are so brave even looking at the positives whilst you feel so awful - I really don`t know how you do it sometimes :)
    Take care and let us know how you are doing

    1. Feeling better than this weekend but still feel awful and nauseous as well as not really being able to eat :( But hopefully this week ill be able to get my medication again! :)

  4. positives of the day

    - a lovely warm day is forecast for today with a mini heatwave later in the week - good because it means I get to sit in the garden :)

    - my new kitten is still as adorable as ever and insists on cuddling up to me whenever I sit down

    - found a lovely raw food cherry and lemon cake recipe (thanks for the inspiration!) which I am going to try making later

    - its speedway night on telly tonight which means a long bath and pampering session for me (I can`t stand watching speedway, I find it so boring but my partner loves it)

    - changed our lounge around yesterday and have new furniture so it feels like a new room! It looks so much better and I love being in it

    - treated myself to some new boots online, the biggest thing I have brought myself for ages

    - found some blueberry and vanilla rice cakes in the shop, so just had to try them

    just a few I can think of!
    Hi Izzy - did you wait in the end for the phone you wanted to be released? Have you got it now?

    1. Those are some geat positives and lovely that you could find positives in your day :) And those blueberry and vanilla rice cakes sound super delicious!
      I had been waiting for the new Samsung note 7 for 6 weeks, but there was problems with the battery (i.e it had exploded for some people) so they stopped the production and had to recall all the mobiles so i wouldnt get mine until the end of October/November, and i felt i couldnt wait that long so decided to get the Samsung 7 EDge which i love :) I considered getting the new Iphone 7, but i dont like Iphone and prefer android so i am happy with my choice :) hahaha. I amnt materialstic but i have to say that it feels good to have a new mobile again!! And finally able to listen to podcasts again!

    2. Oh I just love getting a new phone and playing around with it :) I`ve got a Samsung something-or another, I forget and I think its great! Have fun with your new phone, you did really well to wait as long as you did without one!

  5. Hi Izzy,
    sending you lots of healing vibes, i know how you feel as i am suffering cramps and nausea too :(
    just wondering though why i cant see any images you have posted? instead of photos all i can see are little greenish boxes :( any way to fix this because i dont want to miss out on anything in your blog. thank you and take care ♥ ☼ ♫

  6. Hope you'll soon get the right meds!!
    As for movies and series recommendations: Revenge, Devious Maids and Outlander are my favourtie series I would say. Movies depends.. recently watched a bunch of romantic movies like The Notebook and The best of me which were both really nice. As for Disney movies i loooove Tangled and Inside out :)