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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Seeing people become happier and healthier

I am a huge lover of social media and used it in many different ways and find it mostly positive. Though at times social media can make me go a little crazy or make me feel a little sad when i stumble across all the accounts from people who are sick and struggling and i so desperatly want to help them all, or when i stumble across thinspo accounts, or just in general when i read certain comments which make me question where the world is heading if that is how people think. Sometimes it feels like the negatives of social media outweigh the positives and i wish that i never began using social media, such as when i feel stressed or pressured to use social media or when i begin to feel that i have to be "perfect" or only post "Perfect pictures" then it can take the fun out of social media, but most often the positives - such as the connections made, being able to help others, being inspired etc are what keep me on social media and enjoying it.

But one thing which i love is when i stumble across accounts from people i once followed and see that they are in a much better place. It makes me SO HAPPY and filled with joy. Or if someone i have followed for a few years have progressed and become a healthier and happier version of themselves, it gives me such joy (like a proud mum) even if the person might have no idea who i am, haha. It just makes me happy to see when people get better and post about being happier, loving themselves, spreading health and balance. When their photos are no longer about their abs or complaining about their body or showing a 2 year olds portion for their lunch, but instead radiating positivity and happiness through their pictures and texts.

On social media it is so important to follow people who inspire you and who motivate you. I used to follow hundreds of accounts where maybe 50% of them just made me irritated over the pictures they posted or the message they sent out and were not inspiring for me at all. And then i decided to unfollow them - i didnt want to see them or follow their journey, and it made my social media  experience and my feed so much more positive. (DONT FOLLOW accounts that you get irritated over or trigger you or make you compare yourself to them. If you find any of my accounts or social media triggering or irritating UNFOLLOW me. It is for your own sake... i post the things i want to post and maybe you dont like them, so then instead of getting irritated at me... unfollow me. Just a little tip ;) ) Follow inspiring accounts and ones that motivate you or inspire you!

But back to the main topic of the post. It makes me so happy to see when people transform and begin to recover and get better. I just want to give them a virtual hug and tell them that i am so happy for them. To see how they begin to love their body, fuel their body better and just spread more of a balanced message compared to the message they once sent out. 

Recovery is possible and YOU can do it. It is all about facing your fears and the fears that hold you back. Slowly but surely, with baby steps forward your life can change drastically. If you keep making small changes and making recovery choices all  the time, in a years time you can look back at your current situation and hopefully see that you are in a much better place. Or you could look back a year from now and wish that you had begun to make changes and not just stood still in a grey zone or fallen even deeper into your illness. Of course recovery is easier said than done, but you need to believe it is possible and strive for a healthier and happier YOU!

Social media can be positive if you make it positive! Block people you dont like or dont want in your life. Delete negativity. Dont follow accounts that dont inspire you. Spread positivity. Compliment others. Inspire others. Dont be fake. Dont feel the need to be perfect either, instead post what you want and not just what others want to see. Dont be "follower/like/attention" hungry either... that will take the fun out of it. Inspire others and be inspired by others :)


  1. Yes social media can be both a blessing and a curse. I found my sister on facebook at Christmas and thinking I`d take the plunge to try to start contact again, friend requested her. To my surprise she consented. Now I see she has unfriended me, so we are back to square one and I feel utterly stupid for even trying to heal the rift between us as I feel like it has been thrown back in my face. I feel pretty dispirited about the whole thing.
    So right now social media isn't exactly on my like list! But I agree with you that you have to use it wisely, its amazing really that it has the power to affect us so much, both positively and negatively.It must be nice though seeing someones progress and perhaps knowing that you played a part in that through giving advice/support.

  2. YES IZZY!!! Hahah no but really couldn't agree more. Though really social media is just just a medium where it's up to a person to make it a positive one. It's very easy to get negatively influenced by social media. On the other hand, it's just as easy to filter out the negatives leaving one with positive accounts and inspirational posts to look up to! I do love social media and in my case it has helped me lots with my recovery. But at the same time I understand how people can get even more sick or deep into their illness because of it. Triggers are every where you know... Not just on social media but in real life as well. I kinda hate it though to see so much negtivity in things that shouldn't be negative! For example the whole fitness/exercise 'hype' with people posting things like they 'deserve' that ice cream because of their workout. Or that say 'it's only a workout when it hurts'. All that bull shit!! Exercise should be fun, you ALWAYS deserve ice cream, etc.
    Long comment again, sorry, haha. But anyways i agree with you :) And laughed about you encouraging people to unfollow you if they get triggerd :p which is good to mention btw! Have a nice day and i hope you'll still live after today's horrible adventure of essay writing.