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Friday, September 30, 2016

Resting due to injury

Izzy - i have injured my back running. I am normally very active like you - workout 6 days a week, lots of activity and outdoors activity. I have to rest, im finding it so hard and feeling so guilty about eating. Any advice?

When you are very active it is more common to injur yourself for numerous reasons such as over exertion, not enough rest or recovery time etc Exercise stresses the body so it's important with enough rest time inbetween workouts. 
  I dont know why/how you injured your back but it is super important that you rest now that you have a back injury because if you dont, or you begin exercising too early then you can cause more pain and injury and have to spend even more time resting. So its better to just rest a few weeks, and the time that your body needs to heal properly. Instead do some light stretching so that you don't get stiff. But i would follow your doctors instructions if you have gone there - which could be helpful.

Pain is your bodies way of saying that something is wrong and that it needs rest and recovery, that now you need to rest that muscle and whenever you feel pain because you move or touch a certain area... that is your body telling you to not do that. So listen to your body.

You should not feel guilty for resting or not exercising. This is a period in your life where you are injured and need rest. There are athletes who need to take several weeks or months off because they injure themselves after training so much.

Now is also a good time for you to face your fears and overcome these guilty and anxious thoughts. Because obviously you don't have a very healthy relationship with exercise and food if you are getting anxiety as soon as you dont/arent allowed to exercise. Now you need to remind yourself that you are doing what is GOOD AND HEALTHY for your body right now. Exercise isnt always the thing that makes you healthiest, but rest is also important.
  You aren't fat or lazy and you won't suddenly gain lots of weight - unless you are eating extreme amounts. But also if you do need to gain weight, now is the time to focus on that... because it is very hard and not optimal for your body to try to be gaining weight as well as exercising 6 times a week.

You also need to remember that your body needs food no matter what you do... whether you sleep all day or are busy all day. Exercise is NOT a compensation or reason why you can eat... You should eat so that you have energy to exercise, not exercise so that you can eat.

It is tough to face an exercise addiction and not be able to do something you enjoy, but i think this is good for you. To be forced to rest - DONT exercise and injure yourself even more. Instead be strong  and face your fears and anxieties because you will become sick in life or might injure yourself again. Or might travel somewhere and you cant exercise, and that is ok. You cant panic, freak out and decide to not eat just because of it.
I suggest to everyone who exercises regularly to take rest weeks from time to time and to sit down and ask yourself why do you exercise? It is common to maybe feel restless if you are a regular exerciser and then take a few days or even weeks off. But you should never feel the need to not eat (i.e massively restrict to compensate) or to feel guilty for not working out. Exercise should be something that gives you joy and is part of your life, not your whole life.

I know this can feel tough and terrible at the moment, but find other things to do with your day. Distract yourself, enjoy the rest because soon you will be back to your normal self and have lots of energy. This wont ruin progress or make you fat or gain weight. This is rest time so your body can recover from it's energy and you can go back to feeling better again.

Dont let that voice in your head control you, instead fight back and know that you are being strong and doing the right thing at the moment!

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