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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Not allowed to be vegan while living at home (?)

Hi! I just wanted to ask what your family/relatives and friends think of your decision to go vegan? Were your parents supporting of your decision or did they try to change your mind? I want to go vegetarian so so bad, but my parents wont let me because of my bulimia (which I am almost recovered from! :D ). We sort of made a deal that I can eat vegetarian food if I eat meat at least once a week and if I am offered food at friends or relatives places I have to eat that food even if it includes meat. Do you think this is a good compromise? The reason I want to go vegetarian is that I simply don't like the taste or consistency of meat, and I shouldn't have to eat something I don't like, right? Do you think I should keep try to convince my parents that vegetarianism is good for me or should I just let it go?

  I have recently gotten alot of questions similar to this so i thought i would answer in a post.  I can understand why many parents don't want their child to go vegan (and especially not if they have/have had an eating disorder, because unfortuantly... veganism can be equalled to restrictivness for some... if they dont know how/what to eat, or actually allow themselves to eat). If a person isn't educated about veganism, or understands why veganism is a GOOD thing it can be hard for them to accept or understand a persons choice to go vegan. People in the western world grow up learning that we need meat and dairy to survive, and they usually make up huge parts of a persons diet - however most people dont need meat or dairy to survive or to be healthy (Yes, there are some who do, or some who have so many allergies that they couldnt eat a vegan diet and still be healthy. Or people with illnesses who might need meat, but then there are so many more who eat a vegan diet and feel better than ever and actually feel that allergies or illnesses lessen since not eating meat or dairy anymore.)

The best thing you can do is to communicate with your parents, tell them why you want to start eating a vegan diet and maybe ask them if you can eat some vegan meals together during the week so that you can show them that a vegan diet isnt just salad or pasta, but so much more! However, i do think that eating vegetarian while living at home can be a good transitioning step. Many can find it hard to go vegan over a night (for me, i ate soy yoghurt, soy products and oat milk and it was just the chicken and eggs and some dairy i had to cut out, and i did that overnight but it wasnt a drastic change as my body didnt feel good with all that dairy and meat. So it wasnt a huge change i had to make - so i think doing a transition can be a good idea). Maybe you can begin using oat/soy milk at home and soy products instead of dairy and maybe eat some soy products or make bean burgers or things with lentils and chickpeas for lunch.
Dont feel bad if you have to eat meat/dairy while living at home, because if you really want to be vegan then you can make that choice while living on your own or when you start to buy your own food. For now you can still make other choices such as, eating as much vegetarian/vegan as you can, using products which havent been tested on animals, not going to zoo's, aquariums or circuses which use animals. And you can also think about doing things like recycling, bringing your own bags with you when you go shopping/food shopping, turning off electricity and switches when not being used, not showering/pouring water for too long etc So all those things make a difference for the PLANET and the ANIMALS! I.e veganism isnt just a diet... if you dont care about the animals or the environment, then you just want to eat plant based/i.e a health vegan?

There is no point arguing with your parents - that wont get you so far, sometimes you just have to accept and adapt. Of course, optimally it would be great if you could eat a vegan diet... but if you arent allowed, then make the best of the situation. .Communicate with your parents, eat vegetarian, maybe cook some vegan meals together with your family and if you are allowed later on - then eat vegan and show that you can maintain your weight and still ve healthy while eating vegan (because i think that is what your parents are worried about. That you wont be able to maintain  your weight or that you wont be healthy while eating vegan... so being able to SHOW that you can do both is what will help your parents accept your choice later on in life).

For me.... i went vegan while living on my own and buying my own food, and i think that was for the best. I told my mum and at first she was like "what... why?" but she accepted my choice and knew she couldnt do so much about it anyway as i wasnt living at home. Then when i moved home again during summer i continued to buy my own food as it was easier that way.... of course my parents offered to buy my food for me, but i felt that it was best if i just bought my own food as i knew what i wanted and craved. However if we were eating dinners together they would make sure to buy a vegan alternative for me. So they have been very accepting of my choice - HOWEVER, when i lost a bunch of weight my mum was not supporting anymore... we had alot of heated discussions when she told me she would begin buy free range and organic (?) chicken and eggs for me, or that i should eat greek yoghurt or some dairy and meat to help me gain weight. But i was firm with my choice and knew that i could regain the weight while still eating plant based (and i have!!). For me, i dont care if the chicken or meat is free range or not, it doesnt make a difference because the animal has still been killed just for the sake of being sold and eaten - that is NOT right. As i was working during summer and buying my own food my mum didnt really have much say or choice over how i ate and even if she tried to convince me to eat meat and dairy again, and i tried to convince her to go vegan neither of those happened and i regained weight in my own way. 
  My family support my choice of being vegan, i.e if we eat dinner together there is a vegan option for me, or if we go out to eat we'll go somewhere where i can get a vegan option. However i dont think they understand my choice... my mum questioned me alot and likes to remind me that we "need" animal products, and i usually remind her that "the majority of us dont" (and definitely not in such high intakes that people have today).

For me, being vegan is easier when living on my own and buying my own food, then i have my own choices. So if you arent allowed to be vegan at home - it is ok. There is no point arguing and getting into fights with your parents, and you also have to realise that if you have had an eating disorder or have an eating disorder your parents will be very skeptical if you ever say things like "i want to go vegan/i want to eat less gluten or less sugar" or if you start cutting out foods from your diet, that is just understandable! Do the best you can with the situation you are in :)

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  1. When I was living at home I often wanted to eat differently, ie vegetarian but my mum was very much of the the "meat and two veg" mindset for meals (because that was how she was brought up)and so it did make doing that difficult. But once I left home I could do what I liked so it wasn't an issue any more. That's one of the best things about being independent, you really can make and carry out your own choices. Yes I made mistakes, but I also learnt from them! Whilst at home my mum brought all the food but a few nights a week I would get my own food and cook separately what I wanted, so on the whole it became a compromise on both sides.
    Do you get a lot of people trying to persuade you away from being vegan Izzy? I should imagine it was quite difficult for you at home to begin with. What has peoples reactions in general been for you?
    Well done anyway for sticking by your decision. It is obviously a lifestyle that suits you in many different ways and that has got to be good:)
    Have a great week - have you got anything planned?