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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

New week and think positive

Good morning everyone :) Or maybe it is afternoon or evening for you when you read this!

It is Monday morning and i am trying to wake myself up with coffee so that i can get my day started once and for all. I am definitely a morning person and can get started and get going without coffee now a days (natural herbs and spirulina are a great source of natural energy), however it is the taste of coffee which i love so drink it anyway. I remember back in the days (i.e just a few months ago) i would drink coffee and an energy drink in the morning, then an energy drink again during the day and even more coffee when i got home... Now i just think, "My poor body, i was already so stressed and worn out and that extra coffee and energy drinks didnt give me energy, it just stressed my body even more". The money i spent on energy drinks is now being spent on spirulina and probiotics which are a much better investment for my body and health!

But moving on..... On Friday i met with my group who i will be doing a group project with and they were all great, however... i dont think they are so hard working, and also 3 of the 6 people are travelling away 3 of the 7 days we have to work on the project, and they dont want to work on the weekend... so all of a sudden we have 3 days to all do an interview, transcribe the interview, analyse the results from all the interviews and then write an 8 page essay as well as prepare a presentation.... It just doesnt seem like enough time. And of course that makes me feel stressed because i cant do anything about the situation apart from try to get my interview done as quick as possible and try to get everyone together and get the work done. It was me doing all the work on Friday and taking a leadership role, which i hate. I feel like i am bossing people around and tha they all secretly hate me for taking the leading role, but at the same time i felt like if i dont... the work wont get done because they all sat there talking about other things until i steered the conversation back to the project.  Oh well.... it will be a few intense and stressful days trying to get this project done, but hopefully it will go well and i dont panic or get too much anxiety over the fact that it wont be up to "my standards" or that it will be sent last minute, hahaha. It will be a learning experience for me!!Image result for new week motivation

Otherwise my parents are coming on Thursday and staying over the night in a hotel and leaving again Friday evening! My mum asked me what i wanted to do while they were here and i didnt have any suggestions so my mums plan for the 2 days are.... "dinner. Hotel brekfast. Lunch out. (And then i also want to get a vegan donut with ice cream!). Dinner and then they leave..." basically just food, hahahah. I am not complaining though! I am sure we will wander around the town and i will show my mum more of Gothenburg now when i atleast know my way around :)

So i am looking forward to that :)

This weekend i took it very easy and basically slept my way through the weekend, hahaha... and you would think i feel rested up and ready for the new week, but i almost feel more tired. It is like whenever i dont go to the gym or workout i feel more tired, compared to when i go to the gym or exercise then i have much more energy during the day..... it definitely feels a little strange!!

Anyway, wishing you all a great day :) Thinkpositive, make the best of the new week and keep trying to find the positives even if it seeems fake or silly!

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  1. Hi Izzy - I have found I am having more vegan meals lately and I was wondering what you would class as the most important/essential items to have in your kitchen so you always have stuff to hand. What is your typical shopping list and are there any storecupboard "staples" you would recommend having plenty of? I have been eating beans rather than meat so I have stocked up on a variety of canned beans - they are delicious with rice!
    Also could you possibly explain how to go about combining foods so you get the maximum nutrient value as I understand that you have to do this for some minerals? Is it hard to do?
    At the moment I am just enjoying experimenting with all the foods I CAN have rather than fretting about all the foods that I can`t and I have found my diet is afterall a lot less restrictive than it was when I was trying to eat a normal diet with all my food intolerances. The vegan approach definitely seems to suit me and I owe it to you for the inspiration to give it a go!
    Hope you are well and the week has got off to a good start for you:)

  2. Maybe its a good thing that you don`t have so long to spend on the project, that way you won`t have chance to dwell on it too much and start worrying about it uneccessarily - this way you do the work that has to be covered and that's it.
    Good to hear that your parents are visiting - it will be nice for you to spend some time together sampling the local cafes/restaurants :) The doughnut idea sounds great!
    As for your weekend, well I think you must have been in need of the rest and that's what weekends are for, unwinding and relaxing. (I was pretty much the same on Saturday- my new kitten thinks 3.00am every morning is playtime and the very early mornings had taken their toll)
    Have a lovely week and take some photos of Gothenberg on your travels out and about if you get chance, I`d love to see what its like:)
    Have a good week ahead!

  3. Hellow,you have mentioned that now you have a healthy weight, do you mean that your BMI is more than18? I'm confused because in your photos you seem to be under it

  4. I think Izzy looks great and she has done well to regain the weight she lost recently.
    Izzy - you look beautiful in your photos - happy, healthy and full of energy :)