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Monday, September 26, 2016

Mentally and physically tired

Hello :)

I am sosorry for my lack of psots recently, my group project has taken up all of my time and i have felt very tired and low on energy. Yesterday we somehow managed to get the essay done and sent in by 8.30pm, however i had done everything and done all of my own parts by 2pm, but the others didnt get around to finishing their parts/the grammar until that time... but i knew i had done all i could so i came home and just rested.

This morning, Monday, i was far from energetic or excited for the day. I felt sooo tired, my mind telling me "No, stay in bed", and if it wasnt that i had a presentation to work on with my group, i would have just stayed home. In the morning i felt dizzy and lightheaded as well  as sort of "out of it", and i wanted to cry for random reasons (though i think thats just hormones!). However i was very distant and tired all day today and i am surprised that i even managed to get any work done.
  When i got home by 3.30pm the plan was to eat and practise what i am going to say for my presentation tomorrow, but instead i felt so dizzy and tired that i have been in and out of sleep the past 5 hours and only woke up at 8.30pm when my house tennant knocked on my door to see if i was ok. (As we usually talk about our days in the afternoon/evening, but i hadnt been out of my room since she got home).

I definitely feel a little run down at the moment but i blame it mostly on my CF health which isnt so good at the moment. My lungs hurt alot when i breathe and the medication makes me tired and my heart beat fast, and my lungs are just working so hard right now to try to get the oxygen around in my body. It kind of sucks and scares me, because at times it is my stomach that is cramping and i have digestion problems due to my CF and other times like now, it feels like my lungs are like lead and each breath hurts and coughing blood is a weekly or daily event. But oh well.... thats life with a chronic illness, however it doesnt help that at the moment i have no hospital to turn to for advice/help. Anyway...  I just wanted to write  alittle update into my life :) I am basically just doing school work, sleeping, eating and at times working out... not much more than that at the moment. But the truth is, everyone in my class has said the same thing.... they dont have the time to socialize or have a life because studies is taking up so much time, so i am not alone in my "simple life routines" hahah.

I hope you are all doing well :) And if you want to see more of any types of posts/less of any types of posts, or have any questions just ask me... or resend your question as i dont always go back and check old comments (i.e i keep telling myself i will, but theni  completely forget until 4 weeks later!). I am not ignoring any of you, i just have so much else on my mind that i forget half the things i say i will do!! :)


  1. Hi! Could you please write more posts about your CF? I too live with a chronic disease, and even though it sucks that you are sick, it kinda feels good to know that I'm not alone... You know what I mean? Most days I just want to give up and refuses to get out of bed, and then it's nice to check your blog and realise that IT IS possible to live with chronic diseases.

  2. Your house tennant sounds so kind and caring.

  3. Hi Izzy - how are you today? I`m sorry that things are a bit rocky for you right now. The important thing is is to try not to get too stressed out with uni work. Make sure you rest properly on your day off.
    Can you not register with a doctor/hospital where you are now? It would be helpful if you at least knew that they were there should you need advice/attention for your CF. If you continue to have symptoms and feel unwell you should see a doctor - don`t just accept it and try to carry on - that will make you feel worse in the long run.
    Hopefully once you get a break you will feel better about things. The presentation sounds pretty intense its no wonder you are exhausted.
    Rest, eat and sleep! Hope you are ok :)

  4. I love reading your personal updates about what you have been doing and also your posts where you tell how certain things about an ED have directly affected you. I also like seeing your food posts and the info you share on veganism.

  5. How about a post detailing the physical effects of an ED? I know its a mental illness but it effects the body, hair etc as well.

  6. I really like your personal updates - what you have been doing in life in general and what you have been doing at uni. Also your vegan posts are very interesting!