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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Living on your own and just making food for one - lacking motivation to cook for just one person

I don`t have a problem with eating alone or with others, my biggest challenge is finding the motivation to cook something when I know it is just for me. I get thoughts like its not really worth all the bother just for one and why go to all that trouble? I would much rather cook for both of us rather than just one. 
When I first started eating alone I must admit it felt very strange, but I started off with my snacks and just built on that and it got easier with time and practise.
How do others stay motivated to cook when its just for yourself?

This is very relatable for me and for many others i presume. Because lets be honest, whether you enjoy cooking or not, when it comes to just making solo meals each time it can feel a little boring and no motivation, as well as the fact that you might eat the same foods over and over due to lack of inspiration or food motivation.

I enjoy cooking and love to cook for other people and to create new foods and recipes, however 95% of the time i just buy simple vegan food which i then heat up in the microwave (i.e fake meat products, vegetables) as well as just chopping up some potatoes and putting into the oven. Simple and basic.... and at times i will go out of my way to cook up lentils or go through the whole process of cooking up my own chickpeas (and first letting them sit in water for 8-12 hours). But the food skills and cooking level arent where they could be when i am just making food for myself. And there are of course times when dinner just consists of oatmeal or yoghurt or just a whole load of sandwiches because cooking just doesnt seem important at that moment in time.

If you find that you want to skip meals or dont see the point in cooking each night/day, then i would suggest you spend 1 or 2 days a week where you meal prep. Decide to spend maybe 2-3 hours 1 or 2 times a week where you cook up a bunch of food and then put into meal boxes which you can then eat for the week and that will save you time and even money and then you dont have to cook each day. Maybe choose 2-3 different recipes which you make and eat for the week. For example maybe you decide to make 1 pasta dish which you portion out for a few days and maybe one falafel and rice dish which you portion out for a few days. 
  Some find the whole meal prep a little daunting or dont have the motivation, time or energy to spend a few hours to cook a bunch of food and they prefer to make something simple each day - whatever works for you is best i guess!

Also try finding new recipes you want to try! Of course spending too much time hoarding recipes or looking at recipes isnt good (your whole life shouldnt revolve around food!!), but sometimes recipe searching can spark your motivation and inspiration to try new food and to actually cook something proper for yourself, and if you are just cooking for yourself... well then follow the recipe for 4-6 people and eat the left overs for lunches and dinners throughout the week!! I.e when i make lasagna or falafels or food like that i make it for 4-6 people and eat the leftovers throughout the week!

If you do decide to cook everyday then buy different ingredients and new foods. For example maybe buy different vegetables, different types of potatoes (Or when you cook the food, cook it in a different way. Example one day boiled potatoes, one day potatoe wedges, one day mashed potatoes etc) or pasta or rice (example black rice/white rice/quinoa/bulgur/couscous etc), different forms of protein sources.... maybe try something new like beans, lentils, tofu, soya, quorn ? 

If you live on your own maybe you can invite friends over a few times a month or maybe a family member or collegue? Of course this might not always work, but you can always suggest it to someone. 
   One of my friends who studies in another place in  Sweden, she finds that she doesnt like eating on her own and lacks motivation to just cook for herself, so together with some friends they have a weekly "come dine with me" sort of thing, where they go to each others place and eat dinner together, and somedays they make their own food and bring it with them and eat together. Something similar might be an option if you have friends who feel the same way about cooking! (MIght be harder if you are older and all your friends have partners or families or kids... hahahha. Hard to just invite yourself over with your own little meal box, just so that you dont have to eat alone!)

These are just some of my tips which might help. Remember that you DO have to eat, even on your own. It can be annoying to feel like you have to cook everyday, but make it simple for you.... either prepare meal boxes or have simple foods to cook up and vary what you eat so that food and eating doesnt get boring!! :)

Below are some of my own meals i have eaten while on my own!! Get creative, get colourful, and enjoy making food!


  1. This is a great post, thanks for all the advice! I just moved into university residence this past Wedneaday, and I et to cook all my own meals! It's so exciting, but I'm looking forward to doing meal prep this weekend. Thanks the inspiration :)

  2. Thanks for all the inspiration! I just moved into university residence this past Wednesday, and in looking forward to doing some meal prep this weekend :)

  3. Thankyou so much for the tips and advice. Making the meal boxes definitely seems like a good idea to me, that way I can just take them out of the freezer when I want them. I don`t mind doing the food prep, after all it means that meals are taken care of for the next few days at least so its worth the time spent doing it.
    And if I feel I really can`t be bothered all the hard work is already done for me so its a win, win situation :)
    I`m glad you can relate to this. After posting it I got to think that I was just being lazy. I do cook even when I don`t feel like making anything but it kind of takes the enjoyment out of things. I intend to follow your advice about varying vegetable s etc because I do tend to stick to the same things, which gets boring after a while.
    Great advice, thankyou! And your food always looks so colourful and inviting :)