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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How much to eat when not exercising? Skipping meals? Following a meal plan? Answer

Hello! I have two questions I would love if you answered. I am weight restored but still eat after a schedule. One day a week I alowe myself to eat or drink a little more outover the schedule just to challenge myself and to see that nothing happens, my plan with it is to in the long run let go of the schedule but right now it's neccasary for me to still have a plan and amount to follow until I'm more comfortable with my own hunger and fullness feelings and also normal amounts. 

The problem is that I don't know how too eat when I am sick or when I have my period. The schedule is for me when i'm doin daily normal acitivites but for example now from this monday I have had a really bad cold and have not manage to get out pretty much my own home and mostly just layed in my bed all day and I'm so afraid this schedule then will make me gain weight. It's around 2200-2300 calories on it. Should I eat less when i'm sick and just are resting? I got my period back last month and I felt really sick and tired then as well and just layed in my bed. I'm so unsured how to eat when i'm just resting. Specially if it's resting for a whole week! It feels wierd to go out and force myself to do daily activities just so it will evens out. It does not feel like the recovered choise to do.

Hello, i understand how you are thinking and that you think you need to eat less just because you arent exercising, but you have to realise that when your body is sick, or even when you are menstruating your body is burning alot of extra energy because 1) it is fighting an infection in your body and needs all the energy it can get to help you recover/feel better or 2) during your menstruation your body is burning extra energy due to all the processes happening in your body i.e its ok to eat that extra chocolate/food your body is craving!!
   You dont need to eat less just because you arent exercising, even if you go a week or two or more without exercise, your body will balance itself out, and even if you do gain some weight its not the end of the world. Keep following your meal plan and dont be scared to eat more if you are extra hungry!

Remember that exercise shouldnt be used to compensate or "balance" eating. You should eat the amount your body needs everyday no matter if you lie in bed all day or are out and about all day. Usually when people eat intuitevely their hunger signals will change - for example, i have had lots of stomach ache the psat few days so havent been able to eat so much, but now when my stomach pain is gone i feel double as hungry because my body is telling me to eat those extra calories i.e keep the balance! So when you feel confident enough and know you wont compensate, then listening to your signals is what will keep your body in balance and maintain your weight.

Another question I have is to handle sleeping at other peoples places and eating. Is it okey to skip breakfast and to eat a bigger lunch when you get home instead? When I sleep over at someone the person sleeps much longer then I do and I feel wierd to bring my own breakfast just so I can follow my mealplan... 

Skipping breakfast isnt a good, but if you combine the meals i.e maybe eat a bigger breakfast or a brunch then its ok. As long as you have eaten enough by the end of the day... but dont see it as "skipping" a meal, just that you are eating it later or in combination with another meal.
  However it ISNT strange to get up and eat breakfast even if your friend is still sleeping. Ive done that, and i remember also at the start of my realtionship with my boyfriend i would wait until he got up to eat breakfast but eventually i was just like, i'll get up and eat even if he's still sleeping. It isnt strange, and you can always tell your friend that if you wake up before her/him you'll eat breakfast. Do whatever feels best, just dont skip meals or eat less :) But it can also be a good time to challenge the strict eating routines/times which a person has when followinga meal plan. Because natural and normal eating is different everyday, i.e somedays you eat breakfast at 6am and other days at 10am... and somedays you eat 4 meals and other days 7 meals. It varies and that is part of intuitive eating, so it can be a good time to try a change in eating/routine! 

Remember to not get stuck in routines or eating disorder habits, keep facing fears and restrictions and fighting for a healthier and more balanced life and mindset :)

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  1. Thank you so so so much! When I say daily activity I don't mean exercising though but everything besides just staying home. Is it still legit?