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Friday, September 9, 2016

Having children in the future? Talking about eating disorder and mental illnesses with children?

Hi Izzy - I`ve got a question, do you think in the future if/when you have a family of your own you will educate your children in the awareness of eating disorders or be extra careful and watch out for any sign that it is happening to them?

   This is a very good question and not something i have really considered, though considering that having children isnt exactly the first thing on my mind, it isnt that strange.

In the future i do want children, i think... and i wish i could protect them from everything horrible and evil in the world (and at times i think, i wouldnt want to raise children in the current world we live in). However when it comes to mental illnesses you can't always protect your child as 1) they can be genetic, unfortunatly and 2) society and societal pressures and norms can cause stress, anxiety, fear, pressure and 3) there can be triggers and catalsyts that cause a mental illness to develop and they cant be avoided or predicted.

When i have children i will make sure to be very body positive (just like now). Not talk badly about anyones body and never talk badly about my own body. Teach my child/children from an early age to love their body and appreciate their body, make them want to be active and run around and play and use their body. And also teach my child/children from an early age to love healthy food (and yes i will raise my children vegan, however it will always be their choice if they want to eat meat and dairy when they are older and can make those choices for themselves.)

I would teach my children that health is the most important as well as happiness and get them to focus on being happy and loving life - from a young age and make sure that they dont get too fixated on their appearance or on superficial things. I would want my kids tobe active but i would never force them, they would have to find something they love and so they can find that happiness in being active and having a healthy and capable body!!

When it comes to talking about eating disorders i guess i would bring it up when it was the right time, i think it can be helpful to talk to young children about how bad it is if they dont eat (but not scaring them, but just mentioning that they need to eat to be strong and healthy and energetic). And of course not showing any negative content or images, but children are very understanding so if you bring it up at an early age that not eating is a bad thing then it might stick with them. But it is so hard to say now what i would do or say as it would depend on so much!

I would of course watch out for symptoms of a mental illness as well as teach my children how to cope with stress and that they should be open to communicate to me how they are feeling or if they need help - that is so important! By now i know pretty much all the tricks there are when a person is struggling with anorexia, bulimia or binge eating as well as signs and tricks of someone struggling with exercise addiction, self harm, depression. So hopefully i could step in before things got out of hand if my child/children ever began to show signs or symptoms.

A long answer, hahaha... i had a lot to write i guess (and still kept out alot of thoughts and rambles).

One thing that worries me/scares me though is that cystic fibrosis is genetic and also depression can be genetic (i.e many people in my family have struggled with depression - some have had it worse and some have had it easier. As well as addiction running in my family) . So i am so scared of having my own child and then having them struggle with cystic fibrosis or struggling with depression... i feel like i would blame myself so much and feel so guilty if that ever happened. I am actually more keen to adopt and i have always said from a young age that if i have children i will adopt, 1) because i might not even be able to have my own children due to my CF  2) i think it is better for the world if more people adopt instead of just having a bunch of biological children (though i completely understand that people want their own biological child. I dont judge and i am sure i will want my own biological child in the future, but i also want to adopt).

Anyway.... so many rambles. What are YOUR thoughts about this? Do you ever worry that if you have children in the future that they could end up with a mental illness?

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  1. Sounds like a good plan! and I`m sure you will make an excellent mum when the time comes :)