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Friday, September 16, 2016

Force feeding and scared of moving around after eating disorder recovery

Force feeding and scared of moving around

^^Original article.

I found this article which i found very  interesting to read. This issomething i havent talked/written about myself. Even though i have gone through a period where i felt quite psychologically scarred by all the strict rules i had had at Mando. Being told and made to and that i was never allowed to leave a single bit of food on my plate, wasnt allowed the slightest bit of exercise. That was all wrong, so that was what i began to believe. And i almost felt scared of undereating, ever feeling hungry or having to walk that little bit extra.... i was scared of losing weight, scared of undereating and scared of going back to Mando. So it had me do the opposite - eat even if i wasnt hungry, just to make sure i was eating enough and to limit all exercise. Though this isnt healthy either if you are still living a life of fear.... fear of the past. You are trapped by your own thoughts and fears and arent following your bodies signals because you keep thinking you have to eat more and do less to avoid being 'sick'.

Here are the telltale signs that your original food avoidance-based anxiety has popped up as this 'rare mole' rather than been properly addressed through CBT or an equivalent therapeutic treatment approach: 
  • you find yourself avoiding moving around, walking to class, doing the laundry or anything beyond sitting or lying down;
  • you think that you should eat more than the minimum intake every day even when you are clearly not in a period of extreme hunger, and you force yourself to eat well above the minimum intake every day; 
  • you are experiencing intense interoception (it's the sense of what is going on in your body) where every twitch and twinge makes you think that your recovery effort is going wrong and that you are not doing it right; 
  • you get anxious if you cannot eat for a period of a few hours; 
  • And you find yourself worrying about overshooting your optimal weight set point if you fail to eat and rest constantly.

If you find yourself struggling with these thoughts then i suggest you read the original article HERE as that can be helpful!

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  1. This was indeed very interesting. I would like to read more about your experiences at mando Izzy and how you think it has effected you now, that's if its not too private and personal to write about on here. Was the whole experience traumatic because you went through it at such a young,vulnerable age? Has it changed your judgement about how recovery in general is handled and would you still recccomend treatment to someone rather than doing recovery at home on their own with minimal input from medical staff. Has being at Mando caused problems for you now that's lasted into adulthood?
    Thankyou for posting this article. I had no idea of the adverse effects that could arise and I`m grateful for the enlightenment.