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Saturday, September 3, 2016

fitspiration-messages vs actually-loving-messages

fitspiration-messages vs actually-loving-messages byronnie ritchie

I saw this online and i sabloutly LOVE it!! More of this is needed online and more 
people thinking like this.

So many people force themselves to exercise or keep thinking "i cant eat, its
just boredom" when infact they might actually be hungry and need to eat, not
just drink water and pretend to not be hungry.

So many awful fitness messages which arent promoting health and just promoted
disordered behaviours and thoughts. More self love, more listening to your body, 
less guilt and more focus on BALANCE AND HEALTH.

Of course it is easier said and done for most people as they are bombarded with
different messages and media telling them to feel guilty for eating certain foods or
missing a workout. Or people compare themselves to peoples online life and feel
guilty or like they arent doing enough. But STOP with that. Focus on yourself and what
is best for you and your health. Sometimes you just need a whole day in bed and
watching series and you dont need to feel guilty for that. And you dont need to feel
guilty for eating more or just chug water to pretend you arent hungry. Instead give your
body the fuel and nutrients you need and stop connecting food with guilt.

Each day challenge your fears, challenge the disordered thoughts or messages you 
see or are bombarded with online. Focus on what is best for you, on your own health
and well being!!! More self love and health!


  1. this is great!!! social media definitely plays a huge part in eating disorders and it's rare to see helpful and caring messages like this online

  2. We need to see more of this online definitely!