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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Feeling extra hungry? Always hungry? How did i learn to eat intuitive and advice`?

Yesterday was a day where i felt super duper hungry, and there were many reasons for that.

As already mentioned, the past few days i have had alot of stomach ache which has lead to a decrease in the amount i ate, and now when the stomach ache has passed the hunger has risen to 200%. Which is completely normal and that is why i feel like i am eating double the amount at the moment as well, because that is what my body needs... the balance/homeostasis. I.e if you eat less for a period your body will make you feel more hungry so that you balance out that definicy hopefully.

I often get asked how i have learnt to eat intuitive and listen to my body and i can say it has been a long journey and not an easy one. Because the truth is, society and media keeps sending mixed signals and messages to people.. telling everyone to follow the latest diet or to eat a certain way, or not eat at a certain time, or that eating 6 meals a day is best or 3 meals a day. Or protein timing or meal timing or only eat certain foods at certain times et etc It is overwhelming and if you listen to all of the messages sent out you wont know what to eat or when and you will lose contact with your bodies own signals.

The best way to learn intuitive eating is to practise it. To begin trying to listen to your body.... are you hungry or are you bored? Are you half full or completly full? Are you craving something due to definicy or tiredness or stress? Are you extra hungry due to stress, tiredness, lack of food, boredom?

Try to listen to your body and also think rational. I.e I am only human so i do boredom eat at times... and i do need to think rationally. For example if i eat 2 portions of oatmeal with fruit and nuts as well as some crisp bread on the side, and then an hour later feel "hungry" but am just bored... then i need to think realistic and know that i amnt really hungry, i am just bored and want to eat for the sake of eating.... Of course if you have an eating disorder/hormones and signals are weird in the body/the body is starved, then maybe it isnt boredom but actual hunger. Jjust like i know that yesterday i was actually hungry and not bored when i felt hungry every 90-120 minutes. I was tired from getting up at 5am as well as my body wanting extra energy, so it wasnt boredom eating but actual hunger.

Learning the difference takes a long time and something only YOU can tell the difference, which is something you can learn to do if you practise intuitive eating and being in touch with your body.

The thing about intuitive eating is that there is no rules.... there arent set meal times or food you eat at certain times or food you can only have certain days. Its just about listening to your body... somedays i eat raisins to soothe my sweet craving and other days i eat chocolate and other days oatmeal with cacao and sweetner do the trick. Somedays i eat 90% carbohydrates and other days i eat 40% carbohydrates (well...not anymore as a vegan hahah). There arent any rules and i just listen to my body.

Of course during times of stress or during my depression it isnt easy to listen to my body because my hormones and signals are all weird, so then i need to follow some sort of structure just so that i dont overeat or undereat. So keep this in mind... if your hormones are a little "everywhere" or you are depressed or very stressed, then it can be hard to listen to your body.

With practise it is possible and unfortunatly i cant give you any real tips, because only YOU know your body best. If you think rationally and DARE to trust your body and what your body is telling you, then you can learn to eat intuitevly. (And of course, most people over eat at times... but that is NOT the same as a binge where a person loses all control.) Also remember when you eat intuitivly you shouldnt walk around always hungry or always full... but about being satisifed and eating when you feel real hunger (or just a craving sometime!). But also knowing that an extra portion of really yummy food is part of living and ok to eat.
  Also intuitive eating can mean eating more one day and less the next day because the body is always seeking balance. So in the grand total of things your body balances itself and the calorie intake so that you maintain weight... but also you might feel that if you eat lots you have more energy and just do more and that is also how your body naturally balances its weight!

So.... dare to trust your body and know that it is a process. In the beginning it was tough and i was very scared of over eating so would purposely eat less, but eventually i had to get over that mindset and eat until i was full and then eat again when i was hungry!!

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  1. Hi Izzy :) is it easier to email you or write a comment on a post, if you want to ask a question? I wasn't suire if you were replying to emails at the moment :) hope you are well xxx

  2. Good to hear you are feeling better now :) Have you managed to get your medication sorted out?
    Hope you have a better rest of the week - and how did your test go?

  3. Hi Izzy!Glad you're feeling better! :) So, I've been trying to eat more intuitively the past few months but it's like I'm afraid of being hungry. With people I can hold off longer but when I'm alone I always feel like I have to eat at the first sign of hunger, so I'm literally grazing all of the time. How do I not be afraid of being hungry? It's really annoying and I feel like controls me a lot still.

  4. It must be nice to be able to follow your bodies own signals and know what you`re doing is right. I have yet to even develop hunger cues and are mostly eating because I feel I should be, not because I`m hungry. But I suppose that will come in time? Is there anything I can do to make it happen - at the moment it doesn't matter how long I go between meals I still don`t feel hungry and so I am eating really according to the clock and my partners judgement rather than my own body.