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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Feeling confident in my body again

Hello and good morning :)

Yesterday i began thinking about how i am feeling so much more confident and happier in my body again after regaining some of the weight i lost.  As mentioned previously the weight loss wasnt intentional and was due to many different factors. I didnt like the fact that i had lost weight, i noticed it and i felt weaker, less energetic, i didnt feel like "myself" in my body. Sure i noticed that i had visibly less fat on my body and that "visible abs" look that i had once dreamt of was what i had, but it wasnt what i wanted or how i wanted to look and so i just felt uncomfortable. I felt like people were staring at me for the wrong reasons and of course all the comments i got from my family and online didnt help me feel confident either.

But now after several weeks where i have atleast regained some weight - i have no scale and dont care about the number anyway, as long as i am not underweight it doesnt matter to me. What i focus on is how i feel and if my body is healthy and functioning! But now when i have regained some fat and weight i feel so much better in my body , i feel more confident and more like myself. Not to mention that i have more energy and am more capable of using the heavier weights at the gym compared to before when i lowered basically all my weights due to the lack of energy.

It feels like society is so focused on weight loss and telling people that they need to lose weight and weight loss will make them happy. Or that being the skinniest will make them confident, but that is not the case.... Changing your body wont help if the problem is in your head. Weight loss wont make you happier or more confident - that comes from the inside, from your own thoughts and how you perceive yourself and your body image. You can love yourself and feel most confident and whatever weight, but it is YOUR feelings and thoughts that decide that. You have to want to love your body and work on loving and accepting your body.

Also remember that naturally people arent supposed to have a super low body fat or be super lean. The body needs a certain amount of fat on the body for protection and warmth (also i guess i could add in that just under those few weeks that i had lost weight, my body grew alot of languo hair which i still have now ).

Also remember that a certain number on the scale wont make you happy or make you feel confident in your body or make you feel beautiful in your body. The number on the scale is rather irrelevant in the bigger picture - of course it is a good guideline regarding underweight or overweight. But the number constantly fluctuates and isnt the best thing to focus all your attention on. Instead it is better to focus on how you feel, whether you have energy, if you are eating enough each day to have energy and to maintain the healthy weight. Whether you have concentration and focus (as long as you dont have an illness that affect those things), motivation, can live life and do the things you want to. And then also factors such as having strong bones, nails and healthy hair are signs of a healthy body!

Let go of the weightloss thoughts and realise that confidence wont come from losing fat or weight. Confidence comes from the inside!

I didnt intentionally lose weight, but i can atleast say now that i wont ever want to intentionally lose weight because i did not like how i looked or how i felt. But now, back to a healthier body i feel so much better and so much more confident in myself and my body!!!


  1. This is such an encouraging post, and so great to hear that you're feeling more confident and that you're appreciating that your body feels healthier and functions better at that higher weight. I'm still in the stage of trying to accept and feel more confident in my body as I'm now at a healthy weight but really don't like the look of my body and its proportions (and trying to fight those thoughts that I preferred how I looked when I was of a lower weight is harder than I realised). So thanks for this post, it's a good reminder that it's better to have more energy and provide my body what it needs than to have this "perfect look".


    JosieVictoriaa // Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle

  2. Hi Izzy - I`m so pleased for you! Its great that you are back to feeling happy and confident in your body because you have managed to gain weight - its nice to feel good about yourself.