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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Different vegan places in Gothenburg

As mentioned in my previous post i said i would do a seperate post about the different places i ate in Gothenburg the past 36 hours. This is so that 1) it can be a reference post if you ever vist Gothenburg, 2) so that my previous post wouldnt be too long and 3) so that people who dont care about food can just skip this post, haha :)

So first up... Jos which is a little cafe that ive wanted to go to for a while but never have. I ordered an Acai bowl and my mum ordered a peanut butter bowl. It was my first time trying an acai bowl and my verdict is that it tasted ok... but i wouldnt spend 75kr on it again, instead i thought the peanut butter bowl tasted better! Also not to mention that it wasnt filling at all... it was watery and took up roughly 1% of my stomach room, hahaha. But now i have been there, and i dont know if i will go back, it was a little overpriced for what was actually recieved.

Later we ate dinner at Happy M Kitchen ,  The food there was good - especially the sweet potatoe fries. However we waited roughly 40 minutes for our food which seemed a little strange as there was basically no one else at the restaurant at the time. But they had salad and burger options, however i woldnt recommend the salad option because you get basically no food... just salad leaves and a tiny bit of the protein source you choose. So go for the burger ;)

Then there was breakfast at Scandic Hotel which has a bunch of vegan options as well as gluten free options if you want that! I give super plus points for Scandic for their range of vegan options, and i was super full afterwards! Most breakfast/brunch places seem to just have fruit available for vegans and thats never worth the money. I enjoyed vegan yoghurt with muslie, coconut, raisins, flax seeds as well as watermelon and bread with vegan butter and cheese and some hummus and vegetables as well as a green smoothie and coffee with oat milk!!

Then it was lunch at Andrum where they had a 98% vegan buffet. I love buffets because then i can eat the amount i want/need and feel full as well as being able to choose what it is i want to eat!
Double portion for me and the chickpea burgers and potatoes were amazing, as well as the rest of the food! Definitely recommend this place, and if you are a student in Gothenburg you get a student discount :)

Then it was dinner at Vigårda , i actually really like this place. I have been there twice now. The first time i got a vegan burger, and this time i got a sallad with Oumph. The salad had feta cheese in it first and i asked if i could get one without the cheese and they were very accomodating and did that for me, so that gives them extra plus points and makes it one of my top 5 places to eat in Gothenburg! And the sweet potatoe fries = amazingly good!!

(pictures below from the first time i was at Vigårda)

So that was the places i have tested so far! But i thought i would list a bunch of other places where you can get vegan options :)

Jonsborg grillen


Old corner



St Agnes (vegan cakes)

The green room

O learys.

When i go out to eat i dont want it to be a struggle or to have to walk arond for an hour to try to find some place to eat, so i like that there are many places that offer some vegan option anyway! And dont forget that if you cant find some place to eat... most thai places or sushi places have vegan options :)


  1. Hi sorry but i really need an advice, i'm lost and i think then just someone who already feel what i feel can help me.
    I already try maybe 5 times began to eat without a meal plan, but all the time than i began i lose weight, i can't stop think about food, i eat less (but is because i haven't hungry)... but the worse is that voice in my head again "you don't eat that apple, very well". My question is should i follw a meal plan forever? Is the best for me? Is possible be happy or be "normal" when we are folling a meal plan? Sorry the englihs but i real need an advice.

    1. If you feel that you eat less when you dont follow a meal plan then keep following your meal plan. You wont have to follow a meal plan forever, instead you have to face your fears about eating "too much" or gaining weight and slowly begin to transition away from your meal plan. So that maybe you begin with eating a free snack where you eat what you want for your snack and you dont measure. For example maybe your meal plan says you have to eat a sandwich for your snack, but if you one day crave yoghurt or oatmeal or an ice cream or something for a snack, then eat that instead. And dont worry about eating too much, because your body will balance the energy and you wont gain weight just because you eat more one day. Keep facing your fears and know that its ok to eat more and to eat differently. Dont listen to that voice in your head that tells you to eat less, your body needs energy!

      I have some posts about intuitive eating which might help you :)

  2. YUM! Looks sooo good! I have to remember these places, because I might be coming to Gothenburg next yera :)
    Here is some food inspiration

  3. As usual the food you chose looked great! And all those restaurants - you were well and truly spoilt that day - though deservedly so :)
    Glad you had an awesome time, its nice to read about you doing something fun

  4. It sounds - and looks, obviously - like you and your parents had an overall delicious time exploring Gothenburg. Watery acai bowls aside ;).
    We visited Gothenburg way back but one restaurant I remember we visited was Solrosen and we liked it. Though my sister and me arrived there soaking wet from rain due to some, ahem, mistake we made ...
    I'd found the restaurant and other sources consulting this website:
    Maybe you already knew it, though?

  5. You are so lucky having restaurants like these, and so many!

  6. Is eating out expensive in Sweden? The restaurants looked lovely