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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Dangers of a low BMI

Hi :) I was wondering if you could talk about the dangers of a low bmi. Like I feel like mentally Im good for the most part, but I just have a low bmi. And yeah I know youll say well if your mentally good, why cant you gain weight? but I just like my body now so... but are there actually any dangers when you still have a low bmi but eat normally?

   The first thing i am going to say.... even though it might not be what you want to hear, but who says you wont like your body after gaining weight? You dont know how you will look or how your body will function.

  Its easy to trick yourself into thinking that you are feeling ok, that your body is working fine and that you are happy.... but are you? Do you have energy? Does your body hurt? Can you relax or does your body hurt or get very restless?

If you are mentally recovered, then why not give gaining weight another chance. Reach your goal weight.... see how it feels, wait a few weeks focus on body positivity and if you absolutely cant stand it... then you know how to lose weight. But unless you try it, you cant say that you wont like it. You will look different to your pre-ed weight and body.

Also i think its important to ask yourself... how are you maintaining your body weight now? I know you say you eat normally... but do you allow yourself to eat your cravings? Do you listen to your body? Do you eat the food you like and enjoy and not just eat low calorie foods or use certain disordered behaviour to maintain your weight? These are just some good questions to ask yourself and to be honest with yourself.

Now, onto your actual question... the dangers of having a low BMI. I dont know how low your BMI is, but for some people they are naturally a BMI 18 or 17,5 and yes that is underweight and low. But that doesnt mean the person is unhealthy however, after an eating disorder your body does need to weigh more to feel healthier and safer and begin functioning properly again. So going back to your pre-ed weight if it was underweight isnt recommended. Your body will find its set point whether that's BMI 19 or BMI 22 and some people even have a higher healthy BMI. 

Even if you are eating 'enough', your body is underweight... just like being over weight (even if the person eats normally) the body is under stress and pressure from the over weight or underweight. The body is working extra hard to pump blood, to have the organs function properly everyday and all the processes in the body working ok. But after a long time, the stress that is put on the organs and heart will be too much.
  Of course being malnourished and underweight arent really the same thing and a person can be underweight but not malnourished but when you are underweight you can end up with brittle bones, anemia, osteoperosis, you might not have your period if you are a girl, lower immune system (so more risk of getting sick), 

You can read more .HERE

My suggestion to you, like already mentioned... give wieght gain a go... try to reach BMI 18,5+ and give it a while, see how it feels. Know that your body should feel better and so should your mind because your body wont have to work so hard to keep you alive each day.

(On a sidenote, because i always get comments about this. No BMI does not say it all... it is quite an outdated thing but it does work well to tell you whether you are underweight and overweight. If however you are mentally healthy, your body works well, your blood samples are good and you can live a life where food isnt a problem and no disordered eating habits are used then being say BMI 18 doesnt have to be a bad thing. That can be someones healthy set point.... for me, even before my ED i was slightly underweight. But after anorexia i needed to be a healthy weight to get my period back as well as having a healthy, functioning body.
    The important thing is to have a functioning and healthy body and mind. Not so much the number on the scale or BMI.)


  1. Hey Izzy, just wanted to share a little success story. It was a negative but I turned it into a positive. This morning I had a normal breakfast of a protein shake, banana with pb and a handful of nuts. I had also been craving a box of crackers in the cupboard for the whole previous day, so I got some of those as well. I couldn't stop though, and I ate the whole box in one sitting. I think this might've been a case of extreme hunger, but that's irrelevant. What matters is that the craving feelings had been occupying my mind for a whole day, and as soon as I listened to my body and gave in to them, they disappeared. I don't want any crackers at all anymore. I may feel a little guilty about eating so much, but my body obviously needed it and now it's satisfied. I see so many people feeling awful about eating multiple servings of something at once (and let's face it- servings sizes on the labels are ridiculously small) but people with normal eating habits do this all the time, and it's okay! If your body and mind want something, you're allowed to give it to them. So thank you for all the blog posts you do on these topics, because they are what have made me okay with my breakfast. In the past, I would've restricted later on in the day or over-exercised to make up for it. But I had my crackers, enjoyed them, and am content with myself. :D

    1. This made me so happy to read!! I'm glad you could listen to your body, there was most likely something in the crackers your body needed:) and as mentioned before, most often when you listen to a craving it goes away!!! And everyone over eats at times, and it's ok! As long as you don't restrict afterwards the overeating won't happen often. You should be very proud of yourself that you managed to listen to your body, and next time you get cravings maybe you can listen to them and then not wait a whole day before you eat your craving!