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Friday, September 30, 2016

Consequences of an eating disorder

I was asked via email what are the consequences of eating disorders. I have had many emails where people have told me that they have ended up with long term consequences due to their eating disorders, everything from osteoperosis to hearing problems to eye sight problems, damaged muscles or ligaments and even bowel problems and incontinence problems. Though there are SO MANY consequences which you might not realise now or might not even care about now. While i was sick i thought, i didnt have a future anyway, so it didnt matter. Well here i am with my future and dealing with knee, hip and lower back problems from my eating disorder (i.e too much exercise and standing in weird posititions as i never wanted to sit down), constant heartburn where medication doesnt work so welldue to the years spent purging as well as self harm scars. Of course, i dont have it that bad my teeth could have been eroded due to all the purging, i could have seriously damaged ligaments or muscles due to over exertion or even have osteoperosis.

Remember that you might not see all the damage that is being done. There can be damage to your organs or intestines and even hormonal damage/problems, not to mention the weakening of your bones and muscles which increases the risk of injuries which can lead to long term problems. Different internal systems and organs can shut down if your body isnt getting the energy it needs as well as your hair, nails and bones getting weaker (and they can grow stronger/healthier with the right nutrition but it can take years, or never go back to the way it was before your eating disorder).

Reaching a size 0 or being the thinnest or weighing the least, it ISNT WORTH IT. Some may be lucky andget away with no long term problems, others are stuck with problems for the rest of their life, and it really isnt worth it. You only have one body and you will be stuck in this body for the rest of your life... are you really going to keep damaging it and one day look back and regret it?

Remember, sometimes a pizza slice is healthier than a run. Take care of your body and treat it right!

Below are some consequences which you might want to think about:

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  1. Thanks for the post, Izzy! I personally suffered from a severe iron deficiency and anaemia for more than one year after being fully recovered. I still have to take iron pills every day to ensure my levels stay normal. But besides all the (known) physical consequences from anorexia mentioned in the post, I would add one that's not particularly physical but rather a "phenomenon" I noticed on several people who recovered from an ED: they lost their "glow", somehow. I can't really put my finger on it, but they lost something of their youthfulness and "glowing" appearance they had before. Of course during an ED these things disappear completely and of course come back after recovery to the person in most cases, but I know and have seen a few which had lost this forever, although being fully recovered and happy again. Sorry, this is a really weird thing, I know...Just thought it would fit the topic ;)

    1. I agree!!! Not all recovered people have it though. But mayhave something to do as well with things not visible on the outside? Such as post recovery depression and such? That's the case for me at least.. But i don't know if that's Always why some seem to have lost their 'glow' as you call it..

    2. I understand what you mean about the "not having a glow" but then i question whether they are struggling with something else as well, like Josephine said maybe depression or anxiety or still has low self esteem. Of course recovery from a person doesnt make someone automatically happy, but if one recovers and learns to deal with life and learns to love themselves and create a happy life then that glow returns. For me my "life motivation/glow" returned but faded each time i began to stress too much or went through depression. but now my glow is back, or thats what i think anyway.

      But also i guess you cant forget that eating disorders/mental disorders change you and your view on life... it is a burden and something HUGE, so in a way its not strange for someone to look less "alive". For example soldiers who return from war dont look the same as they did before they left because they have been through/seen so much horrid stuff and in a way it is the same with an eating disorder, but that all the horrid stuff has been your own thoughts and mind.

  2. The stupdest thing about those consequences however is that you feel like it won't touch you anyway when you're n the midt of an ED. Well that's what it felt like for me. And even most of the time it didn't eme. Just couldn't care about my future.. HOWEVER now that im daily dealing with very roughand nastyconsequences wish i would've recoverd sooner. Though that's easier to say now that im n a healthy place mind wise. It's a shit ass disease and although im all for the 'body + MIND'healing i do believe the healing of your body is what you should focus on the most in the first place! Because lots ofconsequences are irrevirsable and some damage is just too hard to deal with mentally later on.

    1. Exactly, i thought the same thing. And there were times i didnt care anyway because i thought i wouldnt live long enough to suffer with them anyway.
      Both physical and mental recovery go hand in hand, but like you wrote physical recovery has to be done as well... i.e a person cant keep being underweight and just try to change their thoughts. Bbut if a person is so scared of gaining weight and doesnt want to gain weight to recover, then they arent really in a recovery phase anyway because physically recovery is also necessary.

  3. Indeed, I guess we can all(?) wish we had never developed this condition .... But it is like in your post about how one does not choose to develop an eating disorder....
    I wonder if fewer people would develop it at all if it were better understood in the social realm, especially the way it starts. Because at the start, the last thing anyone is thinking is oh I think I will become anorexic now.... Or at least I imagine very few people begin that way, if any.

    1. Oh of course, no one chooses an eating disorder and nobody intentionally starts behaviours wanting to develop an eating disorder. But a person DOES have the choice to recover, even if its tough and scary, they can still choose to recovery. And the more days, months, years you spend sick the higher the chance of consequences in the future. So i just want to remind people that even if they are suffering and never choose to suffer,they have the choice to recover.
      For example i suffer daily with my CYstic Fibrosis and have many physical problems due to that illness, but i can never choose to recover from it, i can just do my best ot handle it. But i COULD choose to recover from my eating disorder and my depression and thats what ihave done, and minimized the consequnces of those illnesses.

  4. I guess there are a lot of variables -- not only whether one purges or not, but also how low the weight is, and how long it all lasts? And of course the differentiation between effects of an ED, and effects of malnutrition....
    I have read lots of generic accounts of effects of EDs, but I always find it hard to know what to make of them when they lump everything together...
    These things sound horrid, though, and I am so sorry you struggle with the lifelong physical after-effects. Thank you for mentioning it -- it is good to be aware of these things...

  5. I know this is not a fresh post but I'M goi ng to write my eperience anyway: once I recovered phisically from ED and then I felt none of the after-effects, but then I fell back and now that I'm recovering again, pretty close to my goal weight, I have digestion and bowel problems, which have never occured before... I hope this is just temporary or is due to something else, not my ED but it's uncomfortable af...