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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Changes in your life can lead to a whole lot of nostalgia

One thing which i have noticed with all the changes in my life... i mean in just this year i have moved 4 times and in the past 6 years i have moved house/living place 10 times in total (excluding hospital stays - as that would add 4 more places). I dont mind moving house or apartment or "starting new" i can find it refreshing and can long for it. Even if i am a person who likes my comfort zone and likes my routines and habits, i also get bored easily and wish myself to new places with new adventures and to just start a new. In the past when i was younger, when i got that boredom feeling with my life i would change the colour of my hair or even the style of my clothes... but now when i am older i resort to moving and new adventures and goals to keep me from getting bored in my life.

One thing which i have noticed with all of the changes and moves in my life is that it also brings about a whole lot of nostalgia. Missing the past and feeling like the past was better. And it is not necessarily that i feel the past was better, because i dont... i do love my present and current situation/life. But i find that my mind conjures up old memories and situations and paints them in a positive light.... I begin to miss the old and old situations. And even bad memories begin to look better in my mind.

It is not so strange to feel nostalgic and miss the past when you make changes in your life. For example i miss old memories and times in my life, even if they actually werent as great as my mind tells me they were. The important thing is to be content in the present and looking forward to the future, not spending so much time in the past or stuck in old memories. Embracing the new changes in life and knowing that nostalgia and memories will always be there, but you can't go back to them.

In 5 years time ill most probably look back on my time now and miss it, just like i look back on a few months ago in my old apartment and miss it - even if i struggled alot with my mental health, but it is like my mind takes that away and just focuses on the positives and makes those memories so much more appealing.

I enjoy my life at the moment and enjoy my current life situation, so i dont long back to the past. But i guess i just wanted to write and say that to everyone going through life changes, maybe moving country or to a new place or new apartment etc Know that there will be nostalgia that can hit you hard at times, but just focus on your present and how great your life is/can be at your present time. Nostalgia and old memories are in the past and there is no point looking back into the past unless you are learning from old mistakes. Dont long to the past, long to make your present and future situation as awesome as possible!!

Embrace the life changes and embrace all the positive outcomes and adventures and even struggles you may face, because they are part of your life and will help you to grow and experience new things in life!!


  1. This is so so true!! I'm feeling like this almost daily.. missing "my old life" and wanting to start something new. I'm not completely satisfied with my current life situation and I'm just longing until next year when I can move again :/

  2. I get feelings like this too from time to time. Recently I was thinking back to when we lived in town, before we moved house. The house was only a five minute walk from the highstreet and I spent many a happy afternoon that summer just being able to browse the different shops and go to the nearby park. I got to thinking that that was a really happy time in my life and that it would be good to move back closer to town again. But the reality of it was really it wasn't such a happy time - we were in temporary accommodation, "between houses" and the town its self was busy and full of traffic - a far cry from the lovely village where I live now. I didn't know anyone and the people weren't exactly friendly - all too busy with their own lives.
    So why look back at it with fond memories? well I guess I must have had some happy times, but the mind is strange like that - it can make you only remember the nicer things and "forget" the not so good, so in the end you really are looking through "rose coloured spectacles". So yes, I can definitely relate to all what you said in your post about nostalgia - its a weird cookie that's for sure!