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Friday, September 2, 2016

Answer about studying - studying tips

On studying:
do you have any advice on what to do when you're sitting and trying to get tasks done, but for some reason your brain just doesn't want to. Like, I just sat for 3 hours not doing anything! And I did not procrastinate either! I just sat and stared at my half-written notes as I am starting to make a presentation on a topic. I try do get started somewhere, but my brain just doesn't cooperate - nothing sticks, my creativity is gone. This is so frustratin as I have 101 other tasks to get over with before Monday! :( 

It is like, there IS enough time, but I am not able to use the time because of my stupid brain. This gives me so much anxiety. How do you "fix" this if this ever happens to you, Izzy?

PS: I don't have an eating disorder (fully recovered since 2014)

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i understand completely what you mean. Sometimes it is like you just sit and stare at the same document for hours, or you just keep rereading an article or document and still the information doesnt process or you dont know where to begin... sometimes the workload can feel overwhelming. It doesnt help when you feel like you have a sort of time pressure and have lots of work to do and you cant seem to get started.

My best advice would be that if you feel that you are just sitting and staring at the screen but not able to get any work done - get up and do something else. Sometimes this can be really hard because you feel like you "should" be studying and like everything else is a waste of time and you arent being productive, but if you arent getting anything done while sitting with your work infront of you, then you might as well do something else. I would suggest going for a walk or just getting some form of movement or exercise in as that gives you a break from your studying and gets the oxygen and blood flowing faster and you can feel more creative and inspired afterwards. Just a 10 minute stretch/jump around session can make a difference. Also step away from the screen... its easy to just start watching a film or series or youtube and suddenly 3 hours have passed and you feel even less inspired to work. So instead maybe clean your room, take a shower, walk to the store and buy yourself a yummy snack or just take a break from the school work, and get back to it again afterwards.

And once you get back to the work, decide to do atleast 15 minutes... maybe start on an intro to an essay/project? Maybe begin with research and note taking, or decide to read just 5 pages of whatever you have to read. Just do something, because doing a little is better than doing nothing. And sometimes all you have energy and motivation for is a little school work and that is ok. Maybe brain storm or take notes or do an outline, and then tomorrow you can use that to easier get back into the work.

Its important to accept that not everyday will be a great study day. Somedays i have planned to study for X hours but i end up just doing 10 minutes or just staring at my screen for several hours without getting anything done... it happens. But then i decide to just take a break and refocus the next day, and that does wonders!! 

Dont stress over the work load you have to do, that wont help you, instead it can make it harder to actually get your work done when you are just thinking about all the work you have to do.

Also another suggestion is that if you feel that you are stuck on one assignment then move onto the next one. Usually it is best to focus on the assignments which are the most urgent/closer to the due date, but sometimes you just need a break from them and then it can be helpful to begin on the next one!!

Also, maybe if you have someone in your class or even to email a teacher and ask for help or advice if you feel that you are very stuck and cant get started. For example, i was stuck on a question in one of my assignments and i just couldnt understand the question and i sat for a fwe hours trying to figure it out but it just didnt work. So eventually i emailed the teacher and asked for a clarification and once she replied i understood the question and even if it took some time to formulate myself properly and answer what i thought was right, i got that little kick start from the clarification of the question.

Dont beat yourself up if you dont have the energy to study or feel like you are wasting time. Those types of thoughts or feelings will just hold you back and make it harder. Dont stress yourself unecessarily... you have time. You have a new day tomorrow, so decide to get up early and go somewhere you know you can study and decide to just focus tomorrow!!! And once again - exercise is a great way to help with better focus and concentration as well as fueling yourself properly, getting enough sleep and drinking enough water!!!

Remember that you arent stupid!! You can do the work and you will do the work even if at times it takes a little more motivation. FOr example if you really cant get the work done, decide to do 45 minutes and then you can treat yourself to something, sometimes you just have to begin with something small like note taking or reasearch and eventually something will light up in your brain and get the creativity going!!

Image result for studying tips
Image result for studying tips

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  1. This is so relevant to me right now as I have decided to take a sociology study course. It is going to be a bit of aleap in the dark as I don`t know if I will be able to handle the pressure of it but I want to give it a go. It interests me and a complete change to occupy me is what I need right now - I just feel I want to do something that is productive, stimulating and interesting - aside to my normal routine.
    Thankyou for the informative post