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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Work. Work. Work.

Hello, and good morning!

For me it is morning anyway, Saturday morning - 6.50am and need to leave in 10 minutes.  The past few weeks it feels like i have barely been at home, barely had time to be at home apart from the 1 or 2 hours i have when i get home from work where half that time is spent just making food/eating, hahaha. I can say i am definitely feeling the work load right now... so extremely tired. Infact yesterday i was so completely exhausted i didnt know how i would last when it was 3pm and i knew i had 5 hours left of my 9 hour work shift. And at 6pm when i had my second break for the day i almost cried i was so tired and i didnt want to go out and have to smile and push past that exhaustedness... but i did anyway even if i might have had a little more exhausted and irritated expression on my face, hahaha. Only 4 more days of my 17 day work streak left, and then one day off before it is back to work again, hahaha. But on Wednesday when i have my day off i have booked in a spa visit with my mum which i am super excited for and is definitely the treat i needed for myself when both mind and body are tired.

Yesterday i was also asked if i could continue working in autumn, but i told them i was moving so wouldnt be able to. But i was then told that if i am in Stockholm next summer i can just contact them and most likely get a summer job there again, which put a huge smile on my face. I have no idea what my plans will be next summer or where i will be, but it is a sort of comfort to know that if i am in Stockholm i might not have to worry too much about a summer job!

Otherwise what i am doing when i am not working? Then i am fixing with moving, different bank things, school things, hospital things. Letters to send, forms to fill in, budgets to be made, phone calls to be made, emails to be answered, dates to keep track of, train tickets to be booked etc etc So with all of that on my mind there is very little time for anything else.

But one positive thing is that i do have an apartment to move into in Gothenburg which i am so incredibly relieved and thankful for, and so very thankful for my step dad who has helped me enormously to find an apartment. It is extremely hard to find an apartment/room to rent when you cant really visit the apartment beforehand and the people renting have no idea who i am and i have no idea who they are. So now when it is someone who my step dad knows and she feels comfortable renting a room to me and i feel comfortable renting the room it feels good! And i can rent it for the 3 years if i want to, but as the rent is rather expensive for me she is aware of the fact that i will be looking for a solo/student apartment or somewhere cheaper, but that i can live there for as long as i like anyway! So i hope that turns out good, but it has taken alot of worries away when i know that i dont have to travel to Gothenburg and live in a hostel or say no to my university place. For now i am just waiting for dates from the university so that i can book train tickets to go to the registration time and also visit the apartment before i move in!!!

It is exciting - all these new things. Rather amazing to think how far i have come and how much my life has changed and how much i have changed in these 7 years that i have been blogging! I mean if you compare myself now from who i was in 2012 it is a rather big difference and even my life situation. Even if it feels like i have moved every year the past 6 years, hahaha.

Anyway, i have now spent too much time blogging and am going to miss my train - hahahahah. But i just wanted to update you all and also the reason why blogging is lacking - as i literally have no time. The only time i have is in the morning and then it is choosing between writing a blog post, answering comments or answering email(s)... i actually dont have time for all 3 at the moment :( But i try my best and thats all that counts :)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy yourself!

And also i will try start with my positives of the day again - maybe in the evenings when i have time :)


  1. Good news! I`m so glad that the accommodation has got sorted out for you, that must be a huge worry gone. Now you`ve got that sorted you can make plans!
    Also its nice to know that your job obviously thinks enough of you to want to keep you on - you must be really good cashier :) A little bit of extra security there knowing that you`ve most likely got a guaranteed summer job if you move back home for your next summer break. Don`t make a habit of working 17 days straight though - you must be exhausted. On your day off make sure you lie in for a while if you can.
    What do you do on a spa visit? I have heard of them but don`t really know what it involves - the word conjures up people walking around in bath robes and towels - and face packs! If you get chance could you tell me about it?
    So pleased that everything seems to be coming together for you at last Izzy. You really deserve a break and I hope your plans run as smoothly from here on. Now things are settling down you can really begin to feel excited about the Autumn and what it entails because its real and happening now, not just things you want to happen and hope that they do. Its the start of a new chapter in your life!

  2. Sharing positives of the day would be a really good idea - just the sort of motivation I for one could do with at the moment!
    The weather here is turning decidedly autumnal - surely summer can`t be coming to an end already? The mornings are getting staying darker for longer and the evenings drawing in quicker, trees are shedding their leaves. A long winter? I hope not :)
    Yes - a bit of work on the more positive things in life is definitely needed!

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