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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

When people comment about your food, portions or frequency of meals

Hello :)

A few days ago at work while on one of my breaks i was preparing a snack for myself and i had brought with me a huge lunch box filled with potatoes and carrots and then also bought frozen veggies to heat up. So i began heating up my food and i feel how i have eyes on me the whole time and i turn around and a collegue asks me "what is it that i am eating". At first i felt a little self conscious, because at times i hate when people watch me make food, infact i hated when my boyfriend would just stand and watch me make my food... but to him it was fascinating to see my combinations and portions and to see me sit and just eat a huge fruit salad or salad.  Back to the story anyway... haha, i told my collegue that i was eating vegetables and potatoes and he looked shocked... wondering how someone could willingly do that. As the other two collegues sitting in the lunch room were eating chocolate bars and donuts.
   I think the collegue, call him B, saw that i looked a little embarrassed with all eyes on me during that moment but he just explained that he thought it was so fascinating to see how people in the "nutrition business" ate. (As everyone knows that i am going to study nutrition/health, it feels like each time i make food everyone sort of watches me and wonders what i eat. But also, without even mentioning it they have all realised i am vegan due to the lunches i eat and the foods i choose at the breakfast in the mornings. Some have  been fascinated and asked questions, others have just asked the stereotypical "How, why... dont you miss meat? How do you get protein? etc"

Anyway, this whole scenario left me at first a little embarrassed (as i hate when people focus on me while i eat or prepare food, hahah) , but also it isnt the first time it has happened. As soon as people know that you are studying something with nutrition or just that you workout alot then they often become more interested in knowing what you eat. Or this is something i have noticed in my life anyway... Of course, once i sat down to eat it wasnt a problem and i didnt feel so embarrassed. Everone just sort of went back to eating their own thing, reading the papers and i also got a few nutrition/health questions asked to me by the collegues!

I brushed off this event and moved on and have learnt to deal with people commenting about 1) the food combinations i eat, 2) the portion sizes i eat, 3) the frequency of my meals. I have learnt to just not care... people can think what they want, but i will keep eating what i enjoy and what my body needs. Thinking this way isnt so easy when you struggle with an eating disorder though.

I remember in the past when i was trying to recover, if anyone ever watched me eat or watched me prepare food i would get so much anxiety that i wouldnt even finish my meal. But also if people ever commented about what i ate, when i ate or anything about my food, i would get lots of anxiety and guilt and feel awful and 1) slightly hate the person and 2) not want to eat anymore.

So i thought i would give some reminders if you feel the same way.

First off, remember that for most healthy people they DONT get irritated or understand that you might not like that someone comments about your food. They wont think about that. Many healthy people comment talk about calories, macros, "good food" and "bad food" while eating... or even sit and talk about how they shouldnt be eating a donut while eating a donut, or make different food comments and not even realise that You find it triggering. You can't take those things away, because even if you can talk to family or friends or people close to you, so that they dont make food comments or watch you like a hawk while eating. But there will be others in your life that do make comments... so the best thing is to deal with that trigger inside of you. Learn to not let it affect you. Realise that you are eating because you need to and eating the amount and frequency you need to. The only time you should really listen is if people are trying to help you because you are actually following eating disorder behaviours. But when it comes to intake in recovery, then dont let food comments bother you.

Also remember that if people know you have an eating disorder or have had one, they might be a little more fascinated over what you eat.... they are curious. So learn to be ok with that. In the end what does it matter what people think or say?
  I KNOW it can feel terrible when people comment "Wow, i could never eat that much", "how do you even eat that often... i eat an apple and am full for 5 hours", or other similar and unnecssary commments. But realise that you need to eat the way that is best for you.

In society there is often the diet mindset that "less is better" and that you are "good" if you can eat little and not often and some people seem to be so proud when they say that they rarely eat or are never hungry or eat tiny portions. But in all honesty, that isnt always the case....

The important thing to remember is that you are eating what your body needs. People eat VERY differently and need different amounts. But also people have different food preferances and lifestyles.

Learn to deal with the triggers, such as taking huge breaths and having positive mantras and mottos to deal with the anxiety or irritaiton that might arise. Remind yourself why you eat and why you need to eat. And also learn to be ok with telling people to not comment about your food if you find it far too annoying. Sometimes people dont understand that it can be triggering or are unnecessary - so unless someone tells them, they wont learn.

These were the tips/advice which i have time to write about at the moment, but i have similar posts about the same topic which might help you as well!!! But remember, you need to eat and dont let other peoples comments or judgement stop you!

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Below you see some of my "none posted meals" I eat very weird and i only show about 10% of what i actually eat, online! hahaha


  1. Thank you so much for this, Izzy!

  2. Can I ask what you mean by weird food combinations? Because I think I might do this. I get bored of a taste easily so I often just make a big bowl with spoons of all sorts in it. Eg gem squash and tomatoes, cucumber, chicken, hummus, yoghurt, pesto, cheese, etc. is this strange? Thank you and this post was lovely. Sorry you had to deal with those comments. Never a nice feeling. I'm a bit worried about starting university because I'm in catered res (they do a 1-2 meals a day) which I thought would be better for meeting people because meal time is very social. But it does worry me that my food will be strange, if that makes sense?

  3. I shouldn't worry too much if I was you. You will probably see many other people with varying tastes in food when you eat in a social situation. So just enjoy your time at uni, and your food! Eat what you like to eat best and don`t worry about what other people think, they`re probably not paying attention to your food anyway.
    Good luck with uni, I hope it goes well for you

    1. Thank you for replying. My sister gave very similar advice which is lovely to hear xx