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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

When life begins to go my way and finding happiness again

Good morning!

It is Wednesday morning and i have had such a great morning and in general just a great few days. The positivity, happiness and energy is flowing. Whether it depends on the herbs i am taking, no longer taking birth control, weight gain, positive thinking or just that my life seems to be falling into place again, i dont know. But i am guessing it is a combination of things but at the moment and the past few days life has felt good. Apart from yesterdays work day where it was basically 8 hours of rude people, hahahah. But i dealt with it, i got home and had a lovely evening anyway.

Today i dont start work until 2pm (what a luxery!) so i have had a morning to do whatever i feel like, and that meant - a run!

The past 6-12 months i have barely run at all, but with new running shoes and the motivation of my race/run in 10 days time i decided to just go out and see how it felt. And it felt great!! I can highly recommend the Asics Kayano 22. They are perfect for me with high arches and are also so soft and cushioniong/shock absorbing so that my knees and hips dont hurt while running! It felt so great during my run, physically anyway... mentally my mind kept saying "arent you tired now, why not walk, do you really want to do this" but those thoughts stopped after 3km and the next 7km went pretty smoothly.
It felt so great to be back to running again, and just feel that "i never want to stop" feeling. So hopefully i will feel ready for the run in 10 days time!!

After that it was breakfast time and to do all the basic things like clean my room, new bedsheets, wash my hair, laundry etc which i dont get time to do during my other work days when i am too tired after work and dont have time in the morning.

Otherwise i am feeling more and more ready and excited for my autumn. I think i have found an apartment i can move into for the autumn! It is a collegue from my step dads work place who is hiring out a room and i might get to move in there - which i hope. Even if the rent is a little more than i had planned, it is atleast a start and i have somewhere to live to begin with so that i can start studying and then see what the future holds for me. So keeping my fingers crossed for that!!

I also have 2,5 more weeks of work and then i am done as i am leaving the last week free from work (even if i still have a contract that lasts until then) because i might need to travel to Gothenburg!

It feels like i have so much more to write but now when i am finally writing it is all gone from my head. But at the moment i feel good, i feel happy and feel like things might work out with less anxiety, stress and fear than i had imagined! Who knows what i am taking, but it seems to be working anyway because i do feel alot better mentally... for now anyway, and i am embracing that and learning to smile and enjoy this "at peace" feeling!

Ii hope you all have a lovely day and a lovely week and make the best of each day and keep thinking positive!!

The vegan cheese i bought = i love it!!! The 200g package will be gone in just a few days as i am eating so much of it. I was never a fan of cheese but this one is actually super good!!


  1. How *do* you overcome the mental challenge of running?
    Glad you had a good one!

  2. Thank goodness life is falling into place for you again and you are feeling good - you`ve had such a rough time of it lately you really deserve for things to be better and I`m so pleased for you:)
    About your mood change - when I was on birth control it tended to make me a bit depressed and "out of sorts" - so maybe you stopping it has helped? But it sounds like the combination of what you are doing is really helping you.
    Great to read that you have got back into your running and looking forward to your big run - and "christen" your new shoes!
    Hard to think it is August already and Autumn is just round the corner - this year is flying by and it doesn't even feel as though we`ve had a proper Summer. I was reminded today that its only 5 months until Christmas....!
    I really hope the room in Gothenberg is succesfull, that would indeed be a weight off your mind :)
    Enjoy the rest of your morning off!

  3. I've had a great morning too!!! hahaha I haven't seen anyone say anything about this in a while but here are my positives of the day! :) 10:29 AM haha
    1. good breakfast/snack
    2. good run where I had tons of energy and would have kept running but had to go to work
    3. am thiiiiiis close to being able to do the splits which is awesome because I'm not flexible at all!
    4. am wearing a dress and actually kind of feel pretty today, as opposed to monday when I was sooo depressed and hating everything about my body/life
    5. will have a good dinner tonight
    6. as carol s has said, its almost autumn and 5 months until christmas!!! I love fall/christmas haha
    7. found a song that is really upbeat and makes me happy

    Even though there's still a lot going on in my life that isn't perfect and I struggle a lot, it's always a nice change when things seem like they're turning around and you have a good morning. I hope you day continues to be good...or was good (time difference!!) :)


  4. This makes me so happy to hear!! I'm so glad life is full of positivity <3
    I had a really rough day yesterday, so I'm trying my best to have a better one today! I just went for a 10km run as well. I'm looking forward to a protein shake when I get back home haha.
    Have a wonderful rest of your day :)

  5. Wohoo, I am happy to hear you are having great days.
    Btw taking birth control made me depressed, too.. so maybe your sadness was caused by them. Hormones can affect your mood!

    Take care,


  6. I love reading all these positives - maybe Izzy should start a regular "positive" segment where we can all share?

    On my morning walk today I met three different people all of whom stopped to speak to me - it made me really appreciate living in the lovely village where I do and of how friendly people can be.

    My dreamcatcher arrived in the post today so I`m going to hang that up later - I love them and this one is so bright and cheerful

    Found some yummy sounding carrot and nut burgers at the shop earlier so going to try them for my tea - I`m looking forward to trying them

    - and the Olympics star tomorrow - I love watching the opening ceremony and following my favourite sports, so looking forward to a few weeks good tv!

    1. what are your favourite sports to follow at the olympics? :)

    2. I absolutely love watching the gymnastics - the skill and strength some of them have is awesome. And swimming, I really enjoy watching that too.