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Sunday, August 14, 2016

The midnight run 2016 & some Go Pro videos from the run

Hello! :)
At the moment i am so incredibly tired and exhausted from both yesterday and today and i dont feel like blogging much, but i feel like if i dont write the post now i wont write it at all. So instead a quick post now :)
   Work today has been super exhausting, i only slept roughly 3 hours last night so my energy levels were at rock bottom today during work. I expected it to be a rather slow day but nope... basically 10 hours of none stop people and there have been long quques pretty much the whole day and i have had to deal with... broken jam glasses, a "known" stealer who we had to confront, an angry customer who had blocked her own card and kept arguing with me because she had blocked her card and didnt know what to do and a whole bunch of products which didnt have their price set in the data system so having to call someone to check the prices all the time... basically a chaos day and i was tired, hungry and irritated and i felt sorry for the customers because i am pretty sure my low energy was obvious. Though 2 of the other collegues sitting at the cashier were hungover, so basically all of us sitting at the cashier were a little slow, distant and irritated. XD But now i am home, wrapped up in blankets and resting the whole evening and hopefully trying to get 10 hours of sleep tonight!

But what i wanted to write about in this post is the midnight race i ran last night! It was my 3rd year in a row and as usual i always look forward to the run, but by 6/7pm thats when the tiredness hits and you begin to question why you have decided to run at 9.30pm... though as i was in the first starting group i began at 9.30pm, but the later groups can start around 10/10.30pm, and that would be even less fun!

I am not going to write so much about the race, but all i wanted to write was that it was sooo much fun! My step dad and I kept a good tempo the whole way, but i definitely held back alot and didnt run as fast as i could have, but i just wanted to pace myself the whole way and not run too fast so that i end up injured as ihavent been running on concrete. And because i paced myself the whole race i feel fine today - no pain or tiredness in my body at all. It was so much fun to run with my step dad, it takes the focus away from time and running as fast as possible and instead just enjoying running together and enjoying the energy from the public and everyone else running! The good thing also was that i was in the first group i.e the fastest group and that meant that i wasnt necessarily slowed down by people infront of me, i could keep running the whole way and up all the hills as well and not be stopped by crowds of people walking like i was the previous years. All in all it was so much fun and it is runs/races like this that i love. My favourite races i have done are the Nike womens run last year and the 3 midnight races i have done. I have run other races which have all been fun and great but they dont compare to the Nike and the midnight run's, there is something so magical about them and how much support and energy from the crowds watching and all the excitment and support from the other runners. But also i love how so many people run the race (around 35 000 people ran the race yesterday). People of all sizes and ages and different goals and speeds, i love it!!! Hopefully everyone who ran the race could enjoy it and enjoy running and feel the magical and happiness of running and not feel pressured or anxious or feel down about time or speed or any of that, because it really isnt worth it. Runs and races should be fun and enjoyed - as much as possible anyway! I can say from experience that races which are run from pure enjoyment are much more enjoyable than the ones where i press myself to run a certain speed or time because that just adds pressure, nerves and anxiety to the run and doesnt make it so enjoyable. Unless you are an elite or in a competition, you shouldnt care about those things!!!

Yesterday was a super amazing evening and i could write so much about it, but it would be interesting for others i guess, instead i am just going to revel in the amazingness of my own body and happy over that i can run and have a healthy and strong enough body to do what I love! Enough food and taking care of my body and mind are key to being able to live the life i love!!

Me trying to steal the spotlight!!

My step dad has a GoPro so he filmed a little during the run, and i thoght i would share them here :)


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time!! It's so good to see you happy :)
    I'm running my first 10km race at the beginning of September...any tips? I've been doing lots of hill training, HIIT, and swimming. I've run a couple of 5km races already, so I think I'll be ready for this challenge!

  2. The run looked amazing - I didn't realise you were doing a midnight event! So much atmosphere from the crowds watching too - no wonder you felt it as you ran. I think its great that you managed to do this and that you obviously enjoyed it so much, looking at the photos and video clips I can see why! Thankyou for posting this - its lovely to see you looking so well and happy.
    Perhaps in hindsight you should have taken the next day off from work and caught up on your sleep, it was unfortunate for you that the day turned out to be a difficult one what with the customers etc.
    But congratulations for achieving completing the run - a few more memories to treasure :)

  3. Hi Izzy,
    I have been reading your blog for the past 6 months and you were my main source of inspiration to get well. For that I am very thankful. But in recent posts I have noticed you look considerably thinner, is everything all right? :) Best wishes from Slovakia

  4. I`m not Izzy but she wrote a post about this recently. She doesn't really want her weight issues discussed as she is dealing with them. The weight loss wasn't intentional it was down to illness and other things which Izzy has chosen not to discuss. I for one think she looks well and happy in her photos and she is doing well with regaining her strength again.