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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Talking about my nutrition and intake on a vegan diet & recent eats

Hello :)

Yesterday i finally had my appointment at the CF clinic where i was going to get the results from all the tests i did in summer. I was supposed to have my appointment a few weeks ago but because of my work schedule i had to move it forward, and then i had to change it again because i was moving so yesterday was the only day that worked! But finally i got my results, and everything seemed good.... or unchanged. So basically +/-/0 , but there is still room for alot of improvement in my CF care, which is something i need to begin motivating myself more to do. I guess finding the time for it is just the main problem at the moment.

Anyway, moving onto what i planned to write about here.... the results from my 4 day diet check. I.e i wrote down everything i ate for 4 days(I did one back in May/June, but that one got lost in the post so i had to do a new one which i did roughly 3 weeks ago. So what i have been eating recently to try to gain weight and while at work).
My dietician calculated how much i ate based on what i had written, and my estimated food amounts.
I was supposed to weigh my food, but as i was at work and have no patience to weigh my food i just used eye measurements, so i mean the amounts arent 100% accurate, but they are atleast a rough number.

If you find food or numbers or any of that irrelevant or triggering just skip this part, but i find it very fascinating and it might be helpful for some of you ? Remember food is individual, so is intake so you shouldnt compare!

Basically, my body needs around 3200kcal a day, and i eat around 3400kcal a day and that is the intake i have been maintaining/slowly gaining weight on.  Unfortunatly my weight hasnt gone up so much, but when i talked to my dietician about this she said that i wasnt underweight and that my weight wasnt necessarily a problem. But that for the sake of my CF health and also because of my past eating disorder, it would just be a positive to regain a few more kilo. I dont focus on the scale or the number so that doesnt bother me, it could say X or Y and i wouldnt really care. What i care most is about how i feel and whether i have energy, can function etc and at the moment my body is very energetic and i dont necessarily feel the need to gain weight, but if i do it doesnt really matter either. 

According to my food diary i also eat around 2g protein per kilo body weight, which is actually rather cool considering i eat completely vegan. But all that protein comes from soy products, lots of seeds and nuts and vegetables as well as oats and i also use 1 scoop of soy protein now and again.
I also eat around 388g carbs per day i.e 50% of my intake! Last year my carb intake definitely wasnt that high, hahaha.
And then of course my fiber intake was 282% of the recommended amount i.e almost 80g (recommended amount around 28g). But i eat ALOT of vegetables, oats, fruit, seeds etc so it is hard to not eat so much fiber. But if you have a sensitive stomach i guess too much fiber isnt so good, but for me it works fine :)

All my results were really good apart from D vitamin and B12 which wasnt exactly a surprise as most people dont get enough D vitamin through a normal diet, and a vegan diet doesnt include b12, and i take supplements for both.
My iron levels were good - but during the 4 days i wrote the food diary i was having serious cravings for spinach, raisins and dark chocolate so that might be the reason why, and i think i was lacking iron for a while.... but i think i have replenished my iron levels now!

I found it all very fascinating and my dietician was like "i can tell that you study nutrition and know about nutrition" because what i ate and the amounts was so good. As well as being able to get enough vitamins and protein through a vegan diet... and all of this is done through intuitive eating. I dont track at all and i dont count or measure. Infact those 4 days was awful when i had to write down everything i ate and try to eyeball/measure my food.
I just eat what my body needs and craves, and then i add things such as coconut oil to my oatmeal, extra peanut butter and nuts and seeds so that i eat more than my body needs to gain weight, but not having to eat extra huge amounts.

It was fun to get my results and to see how well i eat by eating intuitively! But also how well i know my body. Also.... all my blood tests were fine and i had great results! 

So to all of you who say that 1) I dont eat enough or 2) a vegan diet isnt healthy or 3)a vegan diet doesnt work for me.

Well you are wrong.

No a vegan diet doesnt work for everyone. In the beginning i know my vegan diet contributed to my weightloss, but there was much more in my life going on then as well as physical pain and my body using alot of energy each day which lead to my weight loss. But you can be healthy and eat enough while eating a vegan diet - but i also think it is super important that you know somewhat about nutrition when eating a vegan diet.
You can live on oreos and tofu ice cream but that might not be the best for your body, but you can also live on potatoes and spinach and that wouldnt be a balanced diet either. So do your research before, and get blood tests and such done after a while just to check up!

So that was pretty much all i had to write :)

If you have any questions just let me know, or maybe you want me to write more about vegan eating or how to get enough of certain vitamins or minerals etc

And below, some of my recent eats!


  1. Hi Izzy!
    Great post! Fun and very interesting to see those results indeed. I've been having absolutely mind blowing results health wise for my body (and mind as well I might add since a healthy body means a healthy mind for me!) by transitioning to a vegan diet. I really love that you eat such a great variety and abundance of good vegan food without any restrictions or what so ever. That is exactly how I'm trying to eat as well. Though I find it quite hard at the moment to gain some actual weight. I did gain a couple of kg's but due to all my treatments and surgery's (I've got a severe hip condition) I've lost it again. By the time I manage to have it back on track again and not feeling too physically unwell (I'm allergic to a lot of medications which ensures me to vomit all the time after treatments. Not helpful..) I have another surgery. This won't last forever of course but I'm in the middle of all this for about a year now and before that I already suffered from Anorexia. Leaving me to be still pretty much underweight (around BMI 15 or so). So actually I was wondering if you had written out some time what you ate for a couple of days and if you would be willing to share that with me?? I just find it very hard to come up with a good kind of mealplan myself! Not that I'm planning on sticking to a strict schedule it's just that it would be very good and helpful to get a proper idea of what amounts I should be eaten. Since I'm not feeling for tracking what I eat or something like that. I simply can't estimate well what amounts I had so I either end up estimating my intake way too high or too low. I do know that my body requires 3000 calories at the very least daily to make sure I don't just maintain my weight. Currently I eat somewhere between 2500 and 3000 a day and I maintain my (very low) weight on it. Have been eating this amount for a pretty long time now. Almost a year now. At first I lost a couple of kgs' on it, than gained a couple, leaving me with a total gain of 3 or 4 kgs I think. And have been 100% vegan for about 9 months now I think. Thank you so much in advance! Really looking forward to your response!

  2. Oh btw I just see i wrote my hip problems have been going on for a year but that's not what i meant! I mean those treatments started a year ago. The condition started at birth and has been disabling me for 3 years :( Just as side note. The AN has been present from age 14 on (I'm 20 now) and been underweight since I was 13 (and was growing a lot :p)

    1. I have the same BMI yet I maintain on only 1700... how could I maintain on more like you do?

    2. Girl above: please WAKE UP!! The reason I wrote this to Izzy is because I want tp gain more obviously! A bmi this low is extremely unhealthy. Besides I come from a much lower bmi so I already gained a lot. That's probably why my body adapted to this amount now. But if you are striving to maintain a sick body it's about time you reach out for help! Also, just eat more cause apparantly you're aiming for more calories. Let your body gain it's health back! :)

    3. Sorry I meant i USED to have this BMI... now I am way above healthy but i still maintain on this amount? how can i maintain on more but not gain since I don't need to?

    4. Oh I'm sorry I didn 't get that! I don't know your past andall that so I couldn 't exactly tell you what to do I'm afraid. Did you recover on a decent amount of calories? Or did you always undereat throughout recovery? Because in order to let your body recover properly it's a must that you eat at least, let's say, 2500 calories. But actually a minimum of 3000 is often the best thing to do. It could be helpful to jump to that amount and see what happens. You might gain at first but if all is well your metabolism should catch up and then you can maintain on somewhere between 2000 and 3000 calories depending on YOUR bodies needs (how much you naturally burn, exercise, daily activities, etc.). Hopefully this is a little helpful to you!

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  4. I'm sorry you get so many body comments, Izzy. I hope you have a lovely time at university. What an exciting adventure!

  5. Briliant news Izzy about your test results - I`m so happy for you that you`ve found away of eating and lifestyle that suits you so well, you must be very pleased too that all you`ve been doing has paid off.
    I would love to read more posts on vegan eating, particularly how to manage the protein levels.
    Well done!