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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday brunch and resting

Hello there :)

This day has just sort of blurred into one, and i cant say that i have been productive at all. Not that i had planned to be productive anyway, but something productive might have been good to do. But i guess i will live by the "Sunday is a day of rest" today, haha.

My day started alot later than i had planned, i.e i woke up at 10am. I cant even remember the last time i woke up so late or actually slept for 9 hours (fell asleep around 1am). It is safe to say that both body and mind needed alot of sleep, and my natural wake up time around 6/7am was not natural today.
It felt good to wake up later especially as i didnt have anything planned. But i must admit, when i sleep so long/wake up so late, i always wake up feeling sort of drowsy and "out of it". Unlike when i sleep 6 hours and wake up feeling clear, motivated and full of energy. I guess it might have something to do with the sleep cycles?

The only real thing i have done today is 1) Throw together ingredients to make vegan pancakes, help make brunch and then eat brunch. (One of my first days jobfree during the weekend so brunch was requested with my family, and my step brothers joined as well.)
2) Started to pack my bags for Gothenburg... but all i have packed so far is my heels and my notebooks from springterm, as some of the studying will be a repeat this term so it will be good to have old notes with me. And thats as far as i got... as i cant really pack clothes yet and the things i will pack are my "daily items" so i guess i will just pack everything the night before and hope i dont forget anything!
3) I began to watch a movie.. but as usual, i have no patience for movies. They are too long and dont grab my attention at all, so after 45 minutes (where i paused the movie every 10 minutes to do something else), i finally gave up and am about to watch Youtube as 5-8 minute videos are so much easier to watch!!!

And this pretty much sums up my day. 
Tomorrow will be my last day of work and i have mixed feelings about it, but i might write a post about it later, such as what i have learnt from my work!!

To end this post... the positives of my day:

Family time.
Brunch & delicious food.
Rainy weather = cosy film/bed time all day.
Having absaloutly no "musts" today and just resting completely, both physically and mentally.

Do you have any positives from your day or week? Please share if you do!!!
Lets start spreading positivity and positives of the day/week on my blog again :)


  1. Despite knowing exactly how you feel today :) my 'positives' would be, namely (a.) feeling myself again for the first time, in what seems like a century (b). seeing others I love & care about happy and (c). knowing now (finally!) man's limitations.

    Today was a beautiful rest day despite all the challenges that arose --sometimes we all need a break and good friends who are always there! :)

    Thanks Izzy X

  2. So wonderful to hear that you had such a relaxing Sunday :)
    My positives were: going kayaking for an hour out in the sun, playing a new board game with my family called "Settlers of Catan", laughing (and really meaning it!!) with my brother, cuddles with my dog, and getting ready for university in a couple weeks!

  3. Good to read you had such a lovely Sunday, we all need time just to chill now and again.
    My positives are that it is a beautiful day, the sun is shining and I feel happy.
    My partner has aweeks holiday from work so we are going out and about and doing lots of things we normally wouldn't get the chance to do.
    And I had alovely walk along the beach this morning :)