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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Rest and relax spa day!

Hello everyone :)

I hope you have all had a great day, i sure have. Or well, i havent done much but that is what has made my day so great!  As i am free from work today it has felt alot like Saturday and i havent quite registered the fact that others have been working today and even some high schoolers who are back to school now!

Today i have spent my day at the spa with my mother. Neither of us had been at the spa before - we usually go to another one, but decided to try a new spa! We got there relatively early and spent an hour or two in the warm baths and jacuzzi and i felt how the tension began to leave my body and i could relax completely... after 2 hours or so it was like my whole body was jelly. Though i was feeling a little dehydrated and hungry which might have been why i began to feel dizzy as well. So we got up and went and ate some lunch, and i took the raw food dish which was the only vegan option available - but it was so incredibly good and filling, and i enjoyed a vegetable juice as well!

 After lunch we headed back down to the spa area and spent another hour or so (have had no idea about time today!) in the pools and sauna before we both began to feel a little too warm, a little too relaxed and looking a little too much like raisins, hahaha. So we got ready and headed home... but first, i had to have a picture with the sign that said "Gothenburg 550km".

After the spa my mum drove me home and i just lay in bed watching Youtube, eating copious (like 8!) crisp bread sandwiches with vegan cheese and vegan ham and also a huge bowl of baked potatoes as i havent had any potatoes in a while now - thats shocking for the current me!

The evening will be spent in the same way, i.e lying in bed and eating vegetables and cheese sandwiches, because that is all i need right now! Today has been very much needed for both my physical and mental health! It is easy to push past the tiredness and easy for me to keep going andpush past the tiredness, but i need to stop and take a break at times and just do nothing - something i need to get better at. I am very good at doing too much at once because that is how i like it, but i need days where i have absaloutly no obligations and can eat my chocolate and watch series and not feel like i should be doing something productive, but instead just living in the moment and allowing myself the break i need!

Are you good at taking breaks? Do you live in the moment or find it hard to rest and always feel like there are things you should be doing instead?

Below: Some photos from today.


When you realise that there are far too many photos of just chairs, hahahaha.


  1. Ha, I have been doing the exact same thing today. I let my priorities get out of whack this summer, was working WAY too much, and my past week alone was 80 hours total. I'm currently on a two-day break, and basically I've been all about Netflix and food :) Also some running and yoga and spiritual health stuff, but mostly I am just sitting alone, in pjs, periodically getting food to bring back to bed. I am just now starting to feel recharged, and I am vowing not to work myself into the ground again, at least not for a while ( I inevitably forget this vow at some point and this process will repeat, but man, for now, the lesson is loud and clear!) Enjoy your break and take it easier the next go-around :)

  2. What a lovely way to spend quality time with you mom :) I hope you got to relax and feel more energetic.
    May I ask, how much did a spa day cost?

    Have a great day! It´s weekend soon :D

  3. The spa looks lovely - very tranguil, just what you needed after your heavy workload.
    I still find it hard to rest and relax, although I am better than I was. I am still very conscious that there are things I should be doing and this does lead me to pushing myself onwards when I should be doing the opposite. I kind of think that life goes on regardless of how you are feeling but it is a mindset I am trying to change - that it is ok to slow down and take a break from time to time, that those things you have to do will always be there for later when you are feeling more rested and able to cope. I think the main thing I deny myself is "me time" to do the things I love. It just comes at the bottom of the pile of priorities of things I have to do and seems like an unneccssary indulgence.
    Any tips how to change this?
    BTW you look great in your photos - so happy! I gather from what you are wearing that you are having good weather there - here it has not been so good but a mini heatwave is forecast for next week - they reckon on 30 c so maybe I`ll get a taste of summer after all!
    Hope you enjoyed your evening and are feeling more rested now :)

  4. I am the total opposite! I often need to complete few tasks yet find myself procrastinating them and doing nothing productive instead. I guess we all have our own problems :)

  5. Hi Izzy - your photos of what you had for lunch looks lovely - that is one thing about vegan food it always looks so colourful and inviting! What was it exactly that you had?