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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Overeating on food because it is delicious?

Ive gotten asked recently about binging/overeating on food, just because its delicious. I think this is a fear that many people have and especially during recovery... you think that if you begin eating and allowing yourself to eat things like chocolate, ice cream, cookies etc that you wont be able to stop yourself and you'll just keep eating and eating.
   I cant answer whether that will or wont happen, because you could go through a stage of extreme hunger where you just want to eat everything but as you get closer to your normal weight then your body shouldnt feel so deprived and so you shouldnt feel the need to binge every time you eat something that has sugar in it.

But also there could be a reason why you are overeating/binging on a certain food. It could be your bodies way of telling you that you need more carbs or energy or fat. Though of course, it is possible to overeat just because food is so delicious.
  I am pretty sure most people have done it/do it. I do anyway.... sometimes i make pancakes for 4 people and i eat 75% of it. Or i buy one of those big Marabous biscuits with the intention to share with my sister and i end up eating 80% of it at once. It happens, that food is delicious. Sometimes it is harder to stop yourself from eating the whole thing but you dont need to feel bad over that.  However if it becomes a regular thing where as soon as you have one bite of chocolate or one cookie or a handful of crisps and suddenly you cant stop yourself from eating everything and finishing the whole package, then i think you should ask yourself  why you cant eat balanced or moderately when it comes to that type of food.
  Some foods can be trigger foods though, for example back in 2012 and even 2013 if we ever bought a big back of salted nuts there was a 99% chance that i would eat the whole bag or atleast 80% of it at once... just because i couldnt stop myself. The reason being it was soo good, it was addictive, but also i think my body needed more energy. Now i no longer feel the need to eat 200g salted cashews just because we have it at home, though of course it is very easy to take one handful, then another and then another. But i can atleast stop myself after say the 3rd handful!!

If there are some foods which are just so delicious that you want to eat it all, well allow yourself to eat alot of it, but also be conscious and know that you dont need to eat it all at once....

For some people they are too strict with themselves in everyday life so then once they go to a party or go somewhere else to eat then they go all out because for them its black or white thinking. Its all or nothing. And that type of thinking is very dangerous when it comes to food and eating... i used to think that way before as well, but it lead to binging.... when you tell yourself that you can only eat something if you are somewhere else, you cant eat it even if you are craving it.... but then you give in and you eat a cookie and suddenly you think, well.... ive screwed up so then you eat the whole package of cookies, you eat a tub of ice cream followed by a bag of chocolate... just because you ate one cookie? Food is not black and white... wouldnt it have been better if you ate that cookie because you craved it, maybe took another one if thats what you wanted or you were just satisfied with one cookie... and then you move on with your life. You dont mess up your diet or your life because you eat something different.

But back to the main topic... overeating because food is delicious, yes it can happen. The best thing is to be conscious of when you eat it and why you eat it..... do you really need to eat 5 slices of cake or is it enough with just 1 or 2? Make sure to eat enough during the day and regular meals. But also see if it something that is triggering you to eat so much... it could be your bodies signals, it could just be the taste but it could also be something else.... But that is something YOU need to figure out.

Learn to not feely guilty if you do overeat at times... food is delicious, it happens to all of us. Just learn to know whether it is overeating or a "cant stop eating/black and white thinking" type of binge as that isnt the same thing and might be due to other problems rather than just the food tasting good.


  1. I tend to do the whole black and white thinking part of it. Except I also use the fact that I need the energy or I should gain the weight to justify the action. So I'll eat a bunch of "bad" food and justify it as would it really be a bad thing if I gained a pound or two. I know I shouldn't and that that's not healthy, but I can't help it...I've gotten better in recent weeks, but I can still make myself feel sick by eating too much of yummy food with the justification that even though it's an unhealthy action, I'm being healthy by making some effort. It also doesn't help that I rarely feel full :/

  2. I am really struggling with hunger. Particularly at nite b4 bed and when i come home from college. I end up binging on veg to try stem the hunger but it hasnt been cutting it and so my mum suggested i eat a slice of toast which ive battled to have but now i seem to be having it every other day or so and i am scared im gonna put on loads of weight and im greedy

    1. This is my experience and opinion - if you find yourself starving or overeating before bed (although veggies and toast is, well, NOT overeating. It's a snack) it almost always means you are NOT eating enough throughout the day. I battled this issue for years in my recovery, often going as far as bingeing before bed. It was miserable and highly anxiety provoking. What finally stopped it was finally admitting to myself that I needed more food earlier in the day. It took a while to get comfortable with this, find the right amount for me, and get over the habit part of my bedtime eating, but today I don't have this issue. I now have my largest meal at lunch time, and it shockingly fixed the problem, lol. In the evening, I often just need to "top up" and I'm done. Just no desire to keep in eating, because I'm well-fed already and don't have that gnawing physical or emotional hunger that makes me want to keep going. For the record, I did not "get fat" from doing this, and it actually eased a lot of my anxiety in the end, because I was no longer preoccupied by hunger and food, fear and doubt, obsession or compulsion.

  3. Thank you for this Izzy. Really helpful. x