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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Obsessed with fitness and exercise? Is fitness taking over your life?

I found this picture online yesterday and i think it is a very important reminder for some. Life is not all about exercise or your body or food. Life doesnt end just because you gained some weight and your appearance isnt ruined just because you ate more while away on holiday. And nothing bad will happen just because you went to a breakfast buffet and ate lots or just because you have gained weight and lost "definition" or look different. That is not the end of the world.
Many seem to think that weight gain is the worst thing possible, but if you think about it logically... weight gain really isnt a big deal, there are far worse problems in the world than gaining some weight. 
If you enjoy exercise it can be part of your life, but it shouldnt be your whole life, or it atleast shouldnt stop you from living life the way you want. 
You shouldnt have to say no to events or dinners or travelling just because of your "fitness/exercise routine", and you shouldnt have to go out to eat and eat from a meal box or nothing at all because you are too scared of the calories in that "unknown" meal.

Read this and try to remember it if you feel that this advice/reminder is directed at you/your life. Of course not everyone is obssesed with fitness, and there are many who dont like exercise at all... but there are many who do struggle with exercise addiction and body dysmorphia who need to be reminded that missing a workout or going a whole week or month or longer without working out isnt a big deal, and you can still eat enough for your body and eat all types of food, and your body changing isnt a big deal either. Focus on the present, focus on happiness, health and balance!

And to end this post, one thing which i have noticed in social media is how many accounts i have been following since around 2013 are now moving away from fitness and realising that all the body posts and obsession with exercise isnt healthy, that instead they want to promote more balance and that their previous "always eating from lunch boxes and counting every macro and posting abs photos everyday" wasnt actually healthy. And of course i was one of them (minus the lunch box/macro counting) in the past. But now i realise just how silly that was and instead i am more baout spreading balance and health and not having to write out every time iw orkout or every meal i eat or share "Body photos" which arent relevant or needed.
You learn, you grow and that is the important thing. But it makes me happy that so many people are now srt of breaking out of the obsessed fitness thing and focusing more on balance!

Of course i notice these things because i follow many of those accounts online, so for others who dont follow "fitness" accounts wouldnt actually notice the past obsession or the now hopefully change to the better!


  1. Really good post. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed but I definitely still focus too much energy on food and fitness, when really, the energy could be better used elsewhere. There are bigger fish to fry in life after all. I hope your race goes/went well today Izzy and that your lungs co-operate and you are filled with energy. Have a good day x

  2. What is your opinion on exercise DVD`S? Do you think they are a worthwhile thing to do or just a waste of money?
    I`m not talking about the obviously "fad" ones that promise xx abs in something ridiculous like 1 week but more the actual general exercise/ aerobic style ones?

  3. This is a really good reminder....I'm a competitive dancer, and I've just taken a month break from practicing. At first, I felt really guilty. But now, I'm looking forward to starting practicing again. I didn't gain 50lbs by not exercising. Instead, I found other activities that I enjoy, like running, swimming, and walking. Not feeling the compulsion to exercise is very freeing.

  4. Just to add, I normally go out for a walk every morning - 1)I find it energises me for the day 2) I enjoy it - being out in the fresh air, seeing little creatures 3) it is gentle exercise but these past three days I haven't been able to because I went down with a stomach bug. I thought I would be anxious because I couldn't get out, but you know I wasn't. I just said to myself there is plenty of time to go out for walks when I am well again and strong enough, and forcing the issue wouldn't help me. So I see my lack of anxiety over not going out a good thing.