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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Life is too short to let fear control you

I have written about this many times before so maybe it seems repetitive but it is also such an important reminder - to not let fear hold us back in life.

There are times that it is important to listen to that fear feeling, for example if you are out walking and have a sense/fear that someone is following you, maybe you should listen to that feeling. Or if you are on top of a huge mountain and fear keeps you from walking too close to the edge... those are times to listen and accept the fear.
   But being allowing fear to keep you from eating a cookie, or to keep you from starting a new hobby or applying for a job, or travelling or anything else.... that is such a waste of life. It is easy to have the same routines and habits all life and never change, many are happy with that and that is ok as well. But it is one thing to be comfortable and happy in routines and habits and another to live a life where fear stops and holds you back.

Recently i have had so much wanderlaust and wanted to travel so badly... wanted to experience new places and cultures. Wanted to travel alone but also with others... just to see the world. I dont often feel this way and in the past i never wanted to travel, why.... Because of fear. Fear of change, fear of change of habits and routines, not having my normal routines. But now i am in a stage of life where i realise just how silly that was....a few weeks away travelling the world and experiencing so much... but not being able to do it because i didnt want a change in routine? How pathetic is that, in all honesty. I have actually been offered to travel places before both with friends, my ex and been asked to travel and be part of tv shows and radio shows, but i have declined because of my fear holding me back.... and now i regret it. I wish i had been brave enough to just push past that fear and to travel because i am pretty sure i wouldnt have regretted it.

Now however i am in a stage where i wont let that fear hold me back, and the only thing holding me back form travelling is economy and actually having the time to travel!  Hopefully in the future i will visit so many more countries and places and experience new places and not just live a comfortable life with my same old routines everyday!

But the first step for me to overcome this "fear of travelling and changing routines" was starting university and moving away from home... then it was a whole new thing, whole new place. I coped, i managed and i didnt mind the change. And now in a weeks time i will be doing the same thing.... and of course there is some fear involved, i mean i have only been in  Gothenburg for 2 days my whole life. I dont know how to get around there, i only know people from social media, i dont know where my school is or how to travel with the public transport.... but you know what, i am not letting that stop me. Because i know that things will work out and often the fear is made up in our mind. We conjure up images and scenarios of how awful it will be, how things will go wrong and then that stops us. But i have begun to not have expectations, not conjure up images... not have good or bad scenarios planned out in my head because you know what, I dont know how it will go. I dont know anything and so there is no point letting my imagination and fear control me and stop me from doing new things in life! I mean, i am just moving to another part of the country...  i cant imagine how scary it might be to be an exchange student and move to a country where you might not even know the language. But people do that, and they survive and things can work out!

Dont let fear stop you!! And the same goes with the fear involved with eating.... That fear you feel regarding food and eating and weight gain, your mind plays tricks on you. Your mind conjures up scary scenarios and makes you scared, but food is NOT bad, food is not scary. Dont let your mind play tricks on you and hold you back.
 My best tip, have a mantra or motto to keep repeating to yourself when that fear starts to take control. You wont gain 5kg from eating a meal or a 3 course meal or from not exercising. Dont let your eating disorder control you!!

At times you should listen to fear, but other times you have to stop letting that irrational fear hold you back in life. There are things i regret that i havent done or havent said because of fear, but i am a work in progress and continue to grow and can now look back on the past and realise that fear kept me back from travelling but i wont let it do that in the future!


  1. Are you going to travel to Gothenberg beforehand just to familiarise yourself with the place?
    I really admire your strength of will to overcome your fears of the unknown. With this sort of attitude I`m sure you`ll take all change in your stride and everything will work out fine.

    1. I am travelling today (Thursday) and i have a get together on Friday and then have the weekend to familiarize myself smewhat, hahah!!! I hope things workout ok anyway!!

  2. Hey Izzy! What is your mantra/motto to protect you from irrational fear? In general, what are your mantras/mottos for positive and so on?What are your healthy coping mechanisms?

    Very best wishes from Berlin.
    Go girl, you rock and your inspiring! <3

    1. *Well, apart from your tattoo (-:

    2. Hmmm, i dont really have a mantro or motto so much... mostly my tattoo, hahaha. But i love the quote "just do it" as well. Bbut also... just breathe, hahahah. Basically my tattoo quotes are my mottos, hence why i have them on my skin!! :)