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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Getting enough vitamins and minerals on a vegan diet - while on a budget

Something i began thinking about yesterday was about my own intake at the moment and how it might change while living on a student budget.

When you eat a vegan diet you need to make sure to eat enough and get all the energy, vitamins and minerals your body needs. The important thing is to eat varied and then you can easily get enough of all the different components your body needs, but also for protein it means that you will get complete protein sources if you combine food.

However while i live on my own and just buy simple and basic foods my diet is not varied at all. Instead i buy food 1-2 times a week and just eat the same thing for my meals unless i really crave something and buy that food/make a certain meal. The lack of variety isnt so good because i could end up missing out on nutrients or minerals or not getting enough of a certain food group if i just eat the same meals all the time. So, what i do to combat this is that instead of having a huge variety of food all the time i instead vary what i buy each week. So one week i buy brocolli the next week i buy a vegetable mix and the week after that i might buy fresh sallad instead of frozen vegetables. And then i also vary the different soy produkts i buy as well as buying different types of bread or crisp bread, fruit and muslie etc Also some weeks ill buy chickpeas other weeks lentils and other weeks black beans or green lentils etc This all leads to variation and that my body gets the vitamins and nutrients from different foods and hopefully then my body wont lack any vitamin or nutrient!!

Eating varied is my best tip for all of you, whether plant based or not. The body needs all types of food and eating very one sided will never be good - mixing up food items and different foods will always give you more nutrients and minerals!

Also if you are a vegan student with not alot of money to spend on food i would suggest food items such as lentils, chicpeaks (or other beans),  potatoes and/or sweet potatoes, frozen vegetables and of course nuts, seeds, oats and if you can afford - chia seeds, and also fruit are food items you should have at home and like the base of your diet. And of course food items such as couscous, quinoa, fresh vegetables, bean pasta,  fortified yoghurts/milk, tofu, soy products etc are all good food items but might be more expensive as well.

Anyway, this was just a little tip from me and maybe something to implement into your own life and to not eat too one sided!!!!


  1. Variety of foods is definitely the best way to ensure you are getting the right amount of each vitamin and mineral - another easy tip is to eat different coloured foods, the more the better, that works too.
    I am currently having huge cravings for brussells sprouts, its weird!
    I really like the posts you write on veganism and look forward to seeing more when you get the chance:)

  2. From your studying point of view, what are your thoughts on phytic acids and phytates paricularly found in legumes - or antinutrients in general?

  3. Thank you, Izzy, this is really helpful as I recently started a vegan diet but on a very tight student budget :/ xx

  4. Hi Izzy - as you know I`ve been trying quite a few vegan recipes but I`ve hit a stumbling block where it comes to meat alternatives. Quorn products contain wheat (gluten) which I can`t have so I was wondering what type of meat alternatives you eat? Do you eat wheat containing foods or have you cut that out as well? At the moment I am just using meat instead of the alternative quorn but would like to give meat alternatives a go if I can. I`m not intending to go completely vegan like you but are using the vegan recipes and ideas as a way of increasing the foods I can eat in my diet as so far they fit in perfectly with my food intolerances.
    Another question - have you any ideas what I can substitute tomato for in recipes? especially the sauce base on pizza - I really want to make my own pizza - and the tomato base in things like bolognaise and chilli? someone told me beetroot was a good alternative but I`m not too sure about that, it seems rather strange.
    Thankyou for any help or tips you can give me:)