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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Free day from work, being sleep deprived and my summer bucket list - lunch at the "health cafe"

Hello and good afternoon!!

This morning i struggled over an hour tryin to get the internet to work at home, but to no avail so i had to just give up and realise that no blogging or posts would be uploaded this morning like planned. But that is ok, life goes on and i can update now when internet hopefully is working again!!

It feels like a while ago since i wrote a personal update... thats because there isnt much time for it as well as i dont actually do so much apart from work. But now i only have 2 more work shifts - 21 hours of work left of my summer job! If i am honest, i am kind of glad to not work anymore and just get back into studying. Of course i love the whole "earning my own money" and feeling like an adult and being all independant, but i guess i have just worked a little too much these past few weeks so now i need a break from work!! At times i think i will miss my work as it is so easy and simple in a way, i mean studying is HARD and working at a cashier is reletively easy once you get into it, but i do admit that the 10-11 hour shifts 3-5 days in a row are very tiring.

Anyway, these past two days i have caught up on a whole bunch of sleep. On Monday i was sleep deprived, extremely hungry the whole day with little time to eat and just in an irritable mood so Monday was a bit of a catastrophy day and Tuesday wasnt much better, but then on Wednesday i skipped my planned morning workout so that i could get some extra hours of sleep and made sure to eat lots and my mood was on top and energy levels were on top during my whole work shift! So sleep is so important... its hard to have enough energy and to be happy and positive when the body and mind havent gotten enough rest! And then today, as i am free from work i made sure to sleep in extra long, then with lots of energy i headed to the gym and had an awesome, amazing workout. And after that i met up my sister to go for lunch!

I wrote a summer bucketlist a few weeks ago - things i wanted to do during summer - but due to me just working all the time i havent actually done anything on that list, but i wanted to visit the "health cafe" before travelling to Gothenburg so that was where my sister and I ate lunch. And i decided to treat her to lunch as she has bought me coffee and lunch many times before when i havent had the money for it, so now it was my turn to treat her!
   What can i say about the food and the cafe? There were alot of people at the cafe at 12/1pm which i guess is typical for all lunch places, but i liked the vibe of the cafe, and the food was SOOO good! I choose a salad which i picked the toppings and ingredients myself, and my sister got a vegan burger with sweet potatoe fries, and then we shared a pineapple cheesecake and a chocolate mylkshake which was AMAZING!

Then when we were finished eating and sat there for a while talking we walked and talked in the rain before heading home again! And my plans for the rest of the day are to just rest and relax and also get some necessities done like laundry, cleaning my room and phonecalls and emails to send - which are things i dont have time for the days i work :( Most of all i just want to lie in my own bed and have my own time which is something i havent had alot of time for recently, and in just a weeks time i will have to say good bye to my room and my bed, so for now i just want as much time at home as possible, hahaha!!!'

I hope you all have a lovely day, and also wondering.... would you like me to do a Q&A video maybe during the weekend? If you have any questions or just want to see me in video, haha :) Or a "my day vlog", though i amnt doing so much so not much to vlog, but just some ideas!


  1. Hi Izzy! First off: I really admire you and your blog - it's only recently that i've discoverd your IG and website. Nevertheless you've been of great help to me! Thank you so much for that. Besides recovering from AN I'm also recovering from my second (will need a third in about one month) hipsurgery (got a bad hip condition). Due to that I'm 25/7 in pain and I have to follow a very strict and intense rehabilitaties program. All in all it's fair to say im struggling a lot both physically and mentally since about 6 years. Also my body responses extemely bad to food. In a way that my organs literally start to shut down as soon as I up my calories a fair bit (due to being severely underweight for so long). Luckily I'm managing pretty well now because I switched to a plantbased (vegan) diet! So grateful for that and you are such a great example and inspiration for me atm! Sorry for the long message. Just wanted you to let you know actually that I think it would be great if you started a YT account! All the best, Josephine

    1. Thank you :) I am so sorry to hear about all the pain you suffer from. I hope that one day that will get better and you can feel more free and pain free!! Stay strong and keep fighting, and even if the physical pain might not go away 100%, you can recover from an eating disorder fully, as long as you keep fighting!!

  2. Mmm looks good, what's in the sallad?

  3. The food in the café looked lovely - its good when you go somewhere that you like and that serves good food. Is it really only one week until your summer job ends? This summer seems to have gone by so quickly. Would you believe my supermarket was putting out the big tubs of Christmas sweets yesterday, and I think that's ridiculous, we`re still in August!
    Glad you managed to catch up on your sleep a bit, being over tired is no fun.
    When do you move to Gothenberg? Are you excited about the move?
    I think you doing a Q&A is a great idea!

  4. A few questions for your video -

    What do you think is the best thing about following a plant based diet? Have you learnt anything from doing so?

    What are you studying at uni?

    If someone gave you one wish, what would it be?

    Do you have the tv series "Big Brother" in Sweden, and if so, do you watch it?

    What has been your favourite film so far this year?

    Have you tried any new foods lately?

    What do you think your experience of working this summer has meant to you?

    Have you ever visited a clairvoyant/ had your cards read?

    If you had the power to change one thing in this world, what would it be?

    How would you spend your ideal day?

    Name three things you absolutely hate doing

  5. Have you always coloured your hair and what colour is it naturally?
    Have you always had long hair and have you ever thought of wearing it short?
    What is your favourite music?
    What is your favourite food/combination at the moment?
    If you could share one aspect of being vegan with other people what would you recommend they try?

  6. Hiiii Izzy ;) oh I love that you are having a nice time now, and feel relived in many many ways ;) I was just really smiling so hard seing the food from the restaurant, because i nearly had the same a few days ago, but in Sligo in Ireland and i looooooved it ;) i have never seen beetroots prepared this way ;) so maybe a stupid question, but do you anyway know how they do them? ;) Hahaa ;) and by the way you truly look lovely and i hope so much you are having a great time ;) xxxx All my love,

    1. The food was so delicious!! I think the beetroots were just baked in the oven with some oil :) Thats how i make them when i make beetroots!! Otherwise you can boil them aswell (the water turns super red!) or make beetroot burgers and such!! :) Just remember to not wear white or bright clothes when preparing beetroot, hahaha!