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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What happens after reaching a healthy weight? When to begin exercising again? How much to eat? Eating disorder recovery.

Hi there, I don't know if you'll get this, but I just wondered if you could  
tell me what happens after you reach your body's set weight point (maybe  
above your normal weight point) and you've had that weight for a long time  
(six months)... how long does it take for things to calm down? Should you  
still not be exercising? even if its not excessive? Even if you're still  
eating a ton of food? I'm just so unsure and confused and theres people  
saying it never goes away and there are people that say that it does.... I  
could just really do with knowing that there is hope and that my body will  
go back to where it was?
thanks xxxxxx


I have a bunch of posts about these topics so i thought i would link them instead - as they will give longer and better answers to your questions. But i'll write short quick answer here as well.

Usually it takes a few weeks/months before your body has settled and maintains your healthy set point i.e you fluctuate +/- 2kg or 3kg throughout the day. But you should be able to eat enough for your body i.e +/- around the intake you had during weight gain. You should be able to eat enough and not be hungry and maintain your weight - then you know it is your healthy set point. You shouldnt need to restrict, compensate or worry about eating "too much" to maintain your weight, instead it should just be something your body takes care of.

With exercise, i would wait 3-6 weeks after reaching your healthy set point before beginning to exercise again. This is because recovery does stress your body, even if you might not do much physically because you need to rest and eat, there is still alot happening in your body. And if you rush into exercise too quickly it wont help you. You need to be mentally ready for exercise as well. But if you can maintain your weight without exercise and you have your period back (if you are a girl) then maybe start with 1-3 exercise sessions a week, doesnt need to be long or intense, but something you enjoy. And overtime increase the amount if you feel it suits you or you want to :)

With bloating - it lessens as your body adapts to the food and settles at its healthy weight. However most people are bloated in the evenings or get bloated from certain foods or during times of stress, so bloating isnt anything to worry about. No body has a flat stomach all the time, and that shouldnt be the goal anyway. But the "recovery bloat" does go away after a few months :) And then it will just be the normal bloat which most people have :)

And with your body going back to where it was before? Well your body will change and the weight distributes in different ways so you won't look the same as before your eating disorder, but everyone has certain places on their body where they store most of their fat i.e it is based on genes and DNA. So if you are someone who stores fat on your thighs or stomach or arms, that will be the same after the eating disorder as well. But the weight distributes over time, however the closer you get to your goal weight then the distribution sort of "lessens" and you see how you will look. Because the last few kilo to reach a healthy weight often dont change your appearance at all i.e they arent really noticable so much, but they DO make a difference in energy levels and such, so they are necessary to gain but they wont alter your physical appearance so much :) Of course everyone is different.

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