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Monday, July 25, 2016

What are your favourite meals/snacks? Give me food inspiration

Usually I am the one giving food inspiration and ideas but at the moment I am all out of ideas and have no food inspiration at all. Nothing feels appetising and no food sounds good and eating is just for energy and because I have to.

Today I plan to do my weekly food shopping and I thought. I have no idea what I want to buy or eat... nothing sounds good.

So please tips me about your best meal and snack ideas. .. doesn't have to be vegan as I can change ingredients or make a meat dish vegan with substitutions.  I just need some form of food inspiration so that I don't sit home alone this week and barely cook or just eat fruit and potatoes because nothing else sounds good.

Also feel free to leave links or email me links with recipes! :)


  1. Almond butter and chia energy balls
    These are so yum!

  2. I find pinterest very inspiring and easy. Just search vegan and click the picture you like, it will take you to the recipe.
    At the moment I myself looove tempeh :) So good on top of bread or in salads. Also buddha bowls are amazing.

  3. Thai curry with vegetables and rice. It's vegan if you use coconut milk and you can decide how spicy it is :)

  4. Polenta is an often overlooked but delicious, cheap and super fast option - if you're just cooking for yourself and want to save dishes it's even easily prepared in the microwave. I usually eat it with either vegan chili, anything tomato sauce-based or ... anything, really. I'm on a huge polenta kick.
    Have you tried sweet potato toasts yet? Also a quick and simple option.
    For actual recipes - I follow way too many vegan blogs but this is one of my favourites for simple wholesome dishes (and those vegan chili loaded fries ...):

  5. Heeeeeey ;) So wanna tell you, I am so proud of you for dealing so brave with all those new and often not so easy experiences you are going through ;) but it is so great how concretely you straightly go against them ;) Keep going strong and not give in ;) YOU HAVE THE POWER!!!! And as I know this from myself so well: All those negative comments from people who think they would know it better..-> BLOCK THEM and ignore ! Otherwise they easily will break you :( I hate it if people comment on my life and look, because they only see the visible and not the inside :) they are not good for you ;)
    Ah and according to your snack ideas, I would for sure always recommend Nutella ;) but as I know you are not such a big fan of it (or am i right? ;)) I also would suggest you to snacks such as raw bites, I think you sended me this in your snack package last year?! and they are a great way to eat and especially the green one with lime and chilli is so sparkling *_*
    Lots and lots of love from Germany ;) xxxx Ange

  6. My favourite foods lately are sweet potato slices with fried egg, feta, and ketchup on top (sorry, so not vegan), and huge fruit salads with spring
    Kling of sugar and a bunch of coconut whipped "cream" on top. And endless salad variations. It's summer and hot, so lighter, fresh foods are where it's at right now. Tortilla pizzas are always good, too, and super auick. Trail mix with mixed nuts, salted roasted chick peas, seeds, and sesame sticks gets me through work.

  7. Hey there!!
    I went our for lunch yesterday and had the most delicious vegan crepe (made with buckwheat flour) and filled with roasted veggies!
    You could try some vegan chilli filled with beans and lentils and veggies.
    I'm planning on making some zucchini muffins today :)
    How about some oatmeal topped with powdered peanut butter or fresh fruit or soy yogurt or nuts?
    Homemade spring rolls are a yummy meal or snack!
    You could try making vegan alfredo sauce with pasta....I made it the other day and it was pretty yummy! You'd need cauliflower, nutritional yeast, almond milk, and some pasta :)
    Raw brownies would be yummy

    Hope this was a little helpful a least :)
    Have a wonderful day <3

  8. Favourite snack on earth has to be toasted crumpets , spreaded with butter and peanut butter :D with hot chocolate of course ;) <3

    one of my favourite ever dinners is penne pasta tossed with pesto (green or red), with cherry tomatoes, extra bbasil, and a can of tuna (though its still good without ;) ), and then put in a baking dish and sprinkled with lots of grated cheese..pop in the oven for 10 minutes and you have a super yummy tasty dinner ;)

    sorry izzy I'd say you have done your shopping by now! But maybe you could try the above foods the next time.

    Much love and hope you are feeling better Izzy <3
    emmy xxx

  9. Carrots baked in coconut oil and sprinkled with garlic powder. Then eaten as chips with hummus. But I'm sure you've already done that. :D

  10. Hi Izzy,
    for breakfast I am currently loving oatmeal topped with caramelized banana, tahini, maple syrup and coconut. Cashew butter is delicious and I love putting in on my toast.
    For lunch I like chickpea burgers or some kind of falafels wraps. My go to dinner would have to be tofu & noodle stir fry with peanut sauce.
    You can make a dairy-free chocolate mousse with avocado (sounds gross but its surprisingly yummy)
    I also have been snacking on banana bread and these 'salted caramel' energy balls, so delicious! this is a really great food blog that has lots of awesome recipes(many of which are vegan too).
    I hope this is helpful xxx

  11. Kedgeree - you could substitute the fish with veggies or fake meat, vegetable fried rice, wraps with filling, stuffed peppers, baked sweet potatoes, cheese toasties, vegetable chilli carne carne with rice, noodles, spaghetti bolognaise, vegetable pie, curry, burgers, tacos, rice pudding, bread and butter pudding, chicken keivs.....of course some of these foods I can no longer have but I still have the memeories of them :)
    hope your shopping goes well - theres nothing worse than not knowing what to buy!

  12. baked bean lasagne with a yogurt topping - absoloutely delicious! fruit crumbles, jam/chocolate spread on crumpets, hot chocolate with marshmallows, hot chocolate made with real chocolate not powder, fruit smoothies, ice cream with warmed golden syrup, baked apples with dried fruit, cinnamon and sugar in the middle, baked bananas with honey and cinnamon, cheesey potato pie (mashed potato with onion and cheese baked in the oven), vegetable chips with dips.

  13. Tortilla wraps with red lentil cutlets, some sauce and all the fresh ingredients i have at the moment - my latest addiction :)

  14. Thank you so much everyone for all the tips!! Going to try make some of these meals and buy the ingredients and hopefully i feel my appetite growing again, haha!!! Keep the suggestions coming if you have any more!

  15. How about cottage pie made with quorn mince? just cook the mince with some onion and tinned chopped tomatoes, add a stock cube, put in adish and top with either mashed potato or other mashed root veg. sprinkle with cheese if you like and then brown in the oven - simple quick and very tasty!
    And then theres quorn sausage casserole - make it with astock cube and any veg you like
    Or risotto? you could make a lovely bean one
    or pizza made with a potato crust? just mash your potato, add flour and shape it into a pizza shape. dry out in a hot oven for a few minutes then its ready to add toppings
    stuffed pitta breads? you can add whatever you like to these
    roasted pepper, onion and tomato served with rice? only takes half hour in the oven and is delicious
    hope this helps!

  16. Izzy have you ever had seitan before? It's a vegan protein source packed with protein. A great alternative to soy and has a very meaty texture