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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Vegan cafes/food in Sweden

Hi Izzy, I love your blog so much and I've been reading it for a long time now. I'm coming to Stockholm this summer and I was just wondering if you have any vegan food recommendations? or recommendations for things to do in general? but I know you're not a travel blog so don't worry if you don't have an answer haha. I'm so excited to see the city. 

thanks and I hope you're having a good summer :) 

Oh thank you! That is awesome, I hope you enjoy stockholm ;) I began answering this in the comment section but thought i might as well answer in a blog post if others are curious. I often get emails from people in Finland or Norway who plan to visit Stockholm and wonder what my recommendations are, so here goes :)

Here are my best food tips (^-^)  (And below, general tips on what to do in Stockholm)

Herman vegan/vegetarian restaurant (Link) I love Hermans, however it is rather expensive especially the dinner buffet, but the view is incredible and i personally think the money is worth it!

Hälsokafeet (Link)

Good store (all vegan store) and they have a cafe (Delivore) - link which apparently makes delicious food and milkshakes (all vegan )

Växt kafeet - a great lunch place, super cosy and delicious food. not sure if everything is vegan though. (Link)

Legume - love this as a lunch place. However the people serve the food for you (its a buffet), but there is no problem going back for plate 2 or 3 if you are like me! Not sure if everything is vegan as i have only eaten there when i ate egg and dairy as well. (Link)

Chutney (I'm planning to go eat there with my sister as soon as I get money, as they seem to have delicious ala carte food!) Link

Stiki nikki - they make vegan I've cream which is super good! Link

Hermitage - not the best place ive eaten at. But its cheap and its in Gamla stan which you might wander through and they speak english! Link

Stockholm Raw - ive never eaten here before but i guess if you want raw food! Link

Stockholm soul food train - its fast food but apparently its good! However i think they are in other parts of Stockholm for the coming weeks, but you can check out their face book to see where they are. Link

Sally voltaire & systrar - they do alot of raw food i think. And it is found in Åhlens centrum in Stockholm centrum! (Link)

Lifestore sells different bars and chips which are vegan and other health related items! (Link)

Paradiset matmarknad - a "market store" where they sell alot of vegan and vegetarian food as well as having a little mini food court there as well. Link

Most food stoes have quite alot of vegan options available now. So alternatives to milk, cheese, yoghurt, creams/sauces as well as soy/tofu /fake meat! And of course vegan chocolate, ice cream, sweets if you want to try any of those :) ohhh.. and try the Marabou cookies (dark chocolate ones are the vegan ones!) They are delicious and of course marabou is swedish !

Vegan cookies with tofu ice cream

If you get the chance try Oumph or Fries fake meat, both are super good according to me!

And tofuline ice cream is delicious. And if you want an ice cream on the go there is Rice ice cream which is found in the "portion" ice cream section.

(All vegan products - found in stores)

Also Ichoc chocolate = super delicious!

(This chocolate is also vegan)

Also scandic hotels now serve vegan options for their hotel breakfast i think!!

And things to do:

Visit Grönalund (i know there are vegan options available therenow)
Walk around Gamla stan
Visit Mall of Scandinavia
Look in stores (XD)
Visit museums - Fotografiska museet is always a good idea!
There might be some outside park theaters now in summer.
There is also ABBA museum which toourists sometimes like!
You can always hire bicycles and bike around.
Visit the castle and have a tour there.
Go on a "ghost" wandering in Gamla stan during the evenings.
Go to a bar in the evening!

That is what i could think of now... but i found these guides!


  1. thanks for answering Izzy! can't wait to check out some of these places, they all look amazing.

    I really appreciate how much work you put into this post and also into your whole blog, it's always so interesting to read :)

  2. It always amazes me just how many different eating places you have, not to mention that they`re vegetarian. We have nothing like that here - compared to you we are so boring! Just the usual highstreet outlets such as pizza hut, burgerking, mcdonalds etc - London may have more variety but we could definitely do with it in our smaller towns too. Shops too could stock different foods, that would be a big help. I am so tired of the narrow choices or unavailability of anything that isn't regarded as mainstream. The free from section in the supermarkets is tiny.
    And you have all those shops totally dedicated to vegan/vegetarian - I am so jealous!