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Monday, July 25, 2016

Resting doesnt mean you are fat or lazy

Since sit is getting colder and colder, yesterday was the first really unfriendly, cold and wet outside I didn't feel like going anywhere. Late in the afternoon I felt really anxious about not doing anything. I literally felt getting fatter. Of course, I know this is nothing you can feel, but my imagination told me that. 

With those thoughts know that its not true, your body doesnt just gain weight because you rest or dont exercise... you could completely stop exercising and that doesnt mean you would gain weight just because of that. Exercise should be something you do because you enjoy, not because you feel you need to compensate or burn calories.
  So it was good training for you to stay inside and face those fears. Try to do it more often where you just stay inside and relax and realise that nothing bad will happen. You need to do the things that scare you and overcome your fears.

You need to realise that resting and spending the day inside or spending a week inside DOESNT make you lazy or fat. If you force yourself to exercise say, go running in the storm or pouring rain when all you  really want to do is rest or watch a film, then you are doing it wrong.
You need to realise that if you have struggled with an eating disorder you will need to be a little bit more wary about certain things in the first year or so of recovery, but of course if you havent even recovered yet, then you need to be even more wary.

When you are in recovery the 'normal rules' DONT apply to you. I.e if you are a normal weight and healthy or you need to lose weight, then forcing yourself to go to the gym on a Thursday evening when you just wanted to watch a film isnta  bad thing. But when you have an eating disorder or have only just recovered then NO, its not a good idea to force yourself to exercise if you dont want to.

If you struggle with exerise addiction then the REPLACEMENT METHOD might be helpful for you. Or try theALTERNATIVE JAR.


  1. Hi!
    I need a reason, I need to understand Why I need gain weight, what will be more easy? The thoughts about food will not be part of me? I will like my body? I will be "normal"? What changes in reality in my life without being a number and my body?
    I hope you can answer. Kiss

    1. Hi :) I hope you dont mind me replying but I just wanted to say that all the things you mentioned are exactly right! In my case, gaining weight and recovery meant thinking less about food, my anxiety levels reducing, learning to love and appreciate my body and so much more. It meant I had a lofe again, outside of my anorexic thoughts and behaviours. Please believe me when I say that recovery IS so worth it! Every bit of hard work and pain you have to put yourself through in recovery all becomes worth it when you are freed from your eating disorder. Give it a go and I promise you will see exactly what I mean :)xxx