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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Recent eats - and the unshown recent eats

Below are some of my recent eats over the past while - as i have been asked to share how my typical day of eating looks/what i eat in a day. But it varies so incredibly much at the moment. For example how i eat during my work days varies alot to how i eat when i am at home and also based on hunger, cravings, what i have at home etc

How often and how much i eat varies alot as well. But of course i have some type of plan to increase my intake of nuts, avocado, oils, potatoe, oats etc to help with an energy increase which my body needs! I love my vegetables so wont stop eating those, but adding vegan butter or oil to my veggies as well as decreasing the amount i eat of them and instead replacing with potatoes or bread is a much better thing to do for me at the moment, and i am already noticing a difference! But i am not going to write about that unless it is requested, but in general i just want to avoid the whole topic as it is most likely triggering and unnecessary here.

So instead, here are some of my recent eats and ALSO... the "unshown" recent eats. I find that many think they know how and what i eat from just a few pictures, but trust me... you dont, hahah. So over the past few weeks, when i have remembered i have taken photos of the food i eat which i havent planned to post - apart from in a post like this. .To show that you dont really know how i eat from just a few pictures, not that it really matters as what a person eats is so individual, but just so that you see that one picture doesnt show it all!

Lunch: Bread with fake meat, dairy free sauce, sweet corn and store bought vegetable fries and of course peanuts

Sweet potatoe and potatoe cubes made in the oven with salt and oil. Guacamole made from 1 avocado and store bought hummus as well as tomatoe sauce. (This x 2 was eaten at the time)

Dessert i had with my family a few days ago.

Breakfast i made yesterday - fruit salad consisting of 2 types of apples, 2 nectarines, 2 pears and 1 banana mixed together with the soy yoghurt, and then i also ate the 2 extra bananas and the avocado.

Yesterdays snack when i got home from work at 10pm. 3 pita bread, 1 with hummus, 1 with chocolate peanut butter and 1/2 with "cream cheese" (made with oats) and 1/2 with avocado.

Todays lunch: Tacos i.e soy meat with peanuts, sweet corn, nacho chips and some vegetables and some soy yoghurt on top.

Dinner i ate a few days ago with my family. Burger with tofu, oumph mixed with ketchup and potatoe fries. (This x 2 was eaten at the time)

Lunch: Lentils, sweet potatoe, vegetables, soy meat, sunflower seeds, sweet corn and crisp bread with spread.

Post work snack: Bread with chocolate peanut butter, banana, crushed oreos, more chocolate and of course peanuts!!

And now the unshown food!

My pre bed snack a few days ago: 2 apples, 1 nectarine and 3 bananas.

A night snack i had a few days ago i.e potatoes with soya yoghurt (This x 2 was eaten)

I was craving fruit - as you can see i have already began eating the nectarine and apple XD

Random snack i had a few days ago

After meal prep i just threw food together into a lunch box and ate it like that.
I.e rice, lentils, guacamole, hummus, peants and some soy meat

Dinner i ate a while ago: Beetroot burgers, fake meat balls, lentils in tomatoe sauce and brocolli

I tried making aubergine with vegan cheese - i didnt like them, hahaha. 

"Salad" consisting of falafels, pasta, sweet corn, avocado and fried onion

Cris bread with home made potatoe salad and fake meat balls with some beet root mix

Pancakes i.e flour, sugar, corn flour, oat milk

Lunch in a box - bean pasta, tomatoe sauce and peanuts

Fruit - orange, 2 apples and a banana

2 portions oatmeal with banana, oatmilk and peanuts

Lunch - mix of everything and lentil soup

Oats when home from work - oatmeal with banana and peanuts


  1. Your food looks so colourful and delicious! I`m glad things are going well for you regarding your new way of eating and that you`ve found something that is both healthy and that you enjoy.
    Good that the weight issues are sorting themselves out too - you`ll soon be back to your normal self. I`m glad the changes have worked out for you.
    Do you find eating this way makes for more preparation than the way you ate before? Do you have to plan what you are going to eat more? I should imagine its harder to start with because you are obviously cooking more. Is it more expensive?
    ps - you forgot the chocolate :)

  2. Have your family started to eat vegan food as well? I just wondered if they ate the same as you or do you make yours separately?