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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Recent articles found - helpful recovery links

The last time i made a post like this, (Found HERE) it seemeed to be a success and many liked it and wanted me to share more articles i stumble across. So here are some recovery articles i found :)

This way i can share articles i think might be useful to  YOU, especially if i dont have time to write articles about the same topic or area, but also then i dont have to plagiarize or just post one article link, but instead post a few :)

6 tips on how to open up in therapy

7 tips to stop a binge before it happens

22 rights around food to remember during your recovery

6 steps into intuitive eating and recovery

recovery and pregnancy - how to deal with insensitive comments about your body

3 steps to prepare for college when in eating disorder recovery

The gut-brain axis, healing mind and body

How to say no and stop being a people pleaser


  1. These are really good - thankyou! Particularly interesting is the one about the gut - brain axis and how probiotics can help. I haven't been too good taking mine just lately but this serves as a reminder that maybe they are doing some good:)

    1. I did link to an article before about how the gut bacteria can actually be a cause of eating disorders or depression... something i found very interesting. And i try to remember to take my probiotics everyday as i know how important they are!! The gut bacteria can definitely play havoc in the body.

    2. Yes I take them because I have found they help my overall digestion no end, and my IBS has definitely got better since I started them. Which ones do you take? I take Bioglan. After trying a few different ones these seem to be the best. I found a study on probiotics where they tested the strength of them as they transited the body and all the probiotic drinks - you know the yogurt/milky ones had completely lost their potency by the time they actually reached the gut. So its important to do a bit of research before you spend your money as not all of them actually work!