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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Random update


I am going to start off by saying that this post might be very "jumpy" and random in the way it is written as it feels like i have so much to write and it might not be written in a logical sense.

I'll start off by saying that i was so close to putting my blog on Private today... after 7 years of blogging, wanting to put it on private and just not blog again. The reason for it? No reason... i guess i just felt hopeless, like this blog no longer radiates positivity or inspiration, so what is the point.
But i dont want to stop blogging and i dont want to put my blog on private either. Instead i want to radiate positivity and happiness. That is my goal, not just online but in my real life as well!!

The honest truth... i am  doing well. Busy with work, but i am doing well. However i find that at times when i have moments over or think too much, i begin thinking about my break up and it just feels so "unclosed"... like there was so much unsaid and it was abrupt even if expected...  And in a way it does feel like something is missing. But at the same time, it doesnt hurt as much anymore... it kind of feels nice in a way to be single and just focus solely on myself. And no longer have that guilt and pressure over the fact that "i wasnt the girlfriend i should have been" or that i couldnt be as positive and happy as i wanted to be. But also no longer have the stress or pressure of having to travel away and sleep away from home when most of all i just want to curl up into my own bed each night and have my time to think.
At the same time i find myself at times having moments of "who could ever love me when i am the way i am?". I think of all my flaws and all the things i think are wrong with myself or my personality and think, there is no way i can have a functioning relationship... why is it so easy to tear ourselves apart? One of the things my boyfriend said before we left our seperate ways was "dont tear yourself apart over this" - he knows me well. Because i cant help but do that... tear myself apart and put all the blame on myself for things going wrong. Finding all the flaws within myself and wanting to tear myself apart - which then also makes me want to shut off so that i dont have to feel. 
Why is it so easy to focus on the negatives instead of the positives? 
Of course i learnt to stop listening to those negative and "tear myself apart" thoughts before in the past, so i can do it again. Just time to start focusing on my strengths and positives and to improve on the things within my personality which i want to improve! Tearing myself apart wont do me any good at all.

Moving onto something else... the gym.
Barely been there at all the past few weeks and very little strength training done. Lack of motivation and lack of reason to go there if i am honest. Though considering that i have gone to the gym most days a week for the past 4 years (only not been to the gym due to injury or sickness or away on holiday), but i guess its not so strange to lack motivation after 4 years? hahahah.
It feels strange, but i feel no need to go there at the moment. I know my motivation will be back and there is no point going there when i dont want to. Instead my main form of activity is at work where i am infact very active and do alot of standing and walking, so that is enough for me. But i do also go for walks and am now beginning to run again as i realised i have a 10km race in 2,5 weeks time.... though i'll see if i do run it or not closer to the date. My breathing ability has been awful recently so running is definitely going to help with that!!
But i guess what i wanted to say is... dont panic if you dont feel like working out or dont workout for whatever reason. It is ok - you dont need to workout. However you still need to eat even on days you dont exercise!!! But dont force yourself to exercise because you think you have to, that is not a healthy relationship with exercise. Instead you should do it because it is fun, because you want to. In the past i wanted to workout 6 days a week, i had the energy and strength for it. Now... well if i want to go to the gym i will, if not i wont... i do what feels best and will make me happiest! 

And finally something i wanted to add is...  i know you are all writing "go to therapy" or "you need to gain weight" - but please remember that i DONT write out everything on here. There are both positives and negatives in my life that i leave out. And i know you want to help me, but saying "i am super sick or relapsing" that doesnt exactly help? I understand you are trying to be supportive but remember that my family who see me everyday are doing their best to help me and i have full support from them, but also that i am doing well. Therapy... that is still an option, when or if i will start depends on how my autumn turns out!  

I just wanted to remind you all that there is so much more in my life and in my head and things happening (positive and negative) that i dont share on here!! I.e there are days i am super happy and dont blog so dont share those days, and then other days i just want to lie in bed and cry all day and dont share those days. Of course having such mood swings/drastic changes in emotions isnt good either and a sign that something isn't right. But i am getting the support and help i need from my family and plans and actions and such are being discussed with them :)

And lastly? trying to get my appetite back and eat as much as i can! I have been asked to write food diaries - and i wont be doing that as i eat at such weird times and my goal is just eat as high calorie and much as i can as well as enjoying what i eat at the moment. And somedays i eat 3 huge meals, other times 7 small meals... so it varies. But here are 2 of my meals from today anyway.

Breakfast and dinner:

And i have eaten 10kg watermelon in 3 days... XD

Old gym selfie when the lighting was on point... and always wearing that blue shirt because i love it... and yes, i have a washing machine so its fresh each time, hahaha.

Ohhh and lastly... i was so close to getting a tattoo today, hahahah. I so badly want one, i just want to cover my body in tattoos, but i know that isnt a good idea especially when it isnt planned out. But the spontaneou "yolo" part of me just wants to do it and not care about the consequences XD

Anyway, thats all for now. Going to the store to buy chocolate and other delicious things i find and going to try to find a good documentary to watch before sleep and another day of work tomorrow!


  1. In early refeeding from your ED, did you struggle with lack of an appetite? I'm on a 3200 cal meal plan right now (discharged from inpatient) and literally i never feel hunger. I constantly feel full, bloated, nauseous. During my ED I would be able to binge and not even feel this full! I aalso always felt hunger when I restricted, so how come now that I'm eating every 2-3 hours I literally have no appetite for food and always feel nauseous? i'm not scared or anxious about food, i want to eat it and want to gain weight but my body is rebelling. how long did it take for your stomach to 'stretch' and get used to this much food??? it's been about a week and a half and it may be a tad better but still i feel constant nausea (is that normal??) and constantly bloated/huge/retaining water/force feeding myself

    1. Hi, I know I'm not Iz but I've been through something like this. It took me about a month (maybe more) to adjust to the quantity of food I had to eat - don't worry, that's normal! And it's definitely not made any better by the anxiety I'm sure you're experiencing. I've found that spreading out my meals helped, as well as eating foods that you want/enjoy (although you do have to try fear foods!) and eating high energy foods. Don't worry too much about it, this is going to be a shock for your system for a while and your digestive system isn't used to all the food. I had a lot of digestive issues in the first month or so of my recovery.
      Just keep eating, it'll get better! :)

    2. Hello,

      Yes this is normal and it will get easier in time as your bpdy adapts. Though it can talena few weeks, but keep eating regular meals and it will get better :) when your weren't eating your hormones were askew and your mind always on food making you able to eat lots and copies amounts. If you find that you are far too uncomfortable ypu can always aim to eat more calorie denSe food. But know that your body will adapt in time and eating 3200 is a good amount :) maybe try using a hesting blanket or pad on your stomach and peppermint tea can help as well :)

  2. I dont know if you know this but soy worsens cystic fibrosis. If you have been consuming more since becoming vegan it might be effecting you.

    I'm sorry your struggling, sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to reach our goals , but when it eas at your happiness, you may not be on the right path for you

    1. Ohh i did not know this... i am going to do my research about this, thank you for letting me know :) I definitely put alot of pressure on myself in all aspects of my life, and am learning to not do that as much as it isnt always so beneficial.

    2. This is where I came across it

  3. Oh Izzy - I`ve just read the first part of your post and can I just say that I find your blog totally positive! I have never thought it to be negative - even when you are sharing your "bad days" because you are venting your feelings and getting things off your chest, and that has got to be a good thing, right?
    life isn't all smiles and happiness, so never feel bad because you are having trouble seeing the brighter things. Even then your positivity shines through because you are always so hopeful and determined to see the brighter side, no matter how awful you feel. I really admire that in you.
    your blog encourages so much positivity in me and gives me hope. you have helped me so much and for that I am truly grateful :)

  4. Glad to read that you are doing ok and getting plenty of support from your family. Try not to give yourself a hard time over your break up, I know its difficult but the hurt and pain will pass, and don`t blame yourself - it takes two to make a relationship, not just you.
    Hang in there - you`re doing great. enjoy your chocolate:)

  5. I hope you are going to have a little celebration at the end of the month when you get your first pay cheque - after all the hours you have put in you deserve to treat yourself! any ideas how you are going to do it?