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Monday, July 25, 2016

New week and new thoughts

Good morning everyone :)

Monday and a new week... and it feels like there has  been alot of "me, my life, personal updates" recently. But going to try get back onto the "helpful and advice" bandwagon again and also make time for emails maybe this evening!

But as it is a new week i felt like i needed to make a "what are my goals this week" post and how i am feeling. Well it is hard to say how i feel at 6am on a Monday morning, but i am ready for the week anyway. Working everyday this week, however the work shifts are only 6-7 hours and not 9-11 hours like i have been doing. I.e i dont think i am allowed to work 70 hours in a week, though if i could i would. Work is an enjoyment and an escape, and i guess i could be doing far worse than just working to cope with life.

In all honesty i am coping though. Taking herbs and different stuff which my mum give me... in all honesty i dont even know what i am taking, i just take it. Also stopped taking birth control and might take St johns wort which is a herb which can help with mild depression. (Read more HERE) (St johns wort can affect how birth control works so i havent wanted to take it before, but now i am going to give it a chance again)This is just my personal choice. I have grown up with my mum who has given me herbs and tinctures all my life and perfers to give herbs instead of medicine... everyone is different.  As written many times before, my life or lifestyle can seem strange to some but that is how i have been brought up and for me it is not strange to choose "natural remedies" before other options. But of course medication is super important, i take a bunch of them everyday and need them for my CF health even if i would prefer to not take them and to not have to take so many antibiotics but thats how it is when you have a chronic illness.

Recently there have also been less workouts - i guess the time and energy hasnt been there and it isnt so much fun to workout when you dont feel super energetic or strong... takes the fun away from exercise. So my only real form of exercise is walks when i feel like it and the gym when i feel like it. But i guess its helpful in my weight gain process as well, and according to the scale at the gym which is the only scale i can weigh myself on... my weight is up which is awesome and i do feel it i.e more energy at work and mental energy! So just to keep going with that and keep up with the chocolate and the ice cream and adding vegan butter to my meals and copious amounts of bread and spread! It works ;) Also not to mention the huge amounts of nuts, nut butter and dried fruit i am working my way through - perfect at work! I am not focused on the scale at all, because it is just a number i am more focused on getting all my energy back and life motivation and exercise motivation back as well!

Enough about this.

Now i need to get ready for work!!

I hope you all have a lovely day and a lovely week - focus on all the positives and make this week a great week!!! :)


  1. Glad to hear you are managing to get through your days ok - you are right, its new week and time to look forward. Try not to overdo the work though, you don`t want to run yourself into the ground and I know you say you welcome the distraction but you don`t want to make yourself ill and worn out in the process of coping :(
    Perhaps at the moment it would be a good idea to pay a bit of attention to your calorie intake, I know you say you eat what you want and don`t count calories and so forth but whilst you are still trying to gain maybe it would be worth taking note - just to ensure that when you eat what you fancy at the time you are still maintaining your calorie intake? But I`m sure you know what your`re doing and I`m pleased you have managed to gain.
    Have a good week and remember to take care of yourself. I hope that with every day that passes you feel stronger and more able to cope.

  2. Totally understand you. I also believe that everything is in nature. My grandparents know what herbs and plants help with what conditions, and it's truly amazing what people used to know. Those skills and knowledge are unfortunately disappearing in the modern world! Glad your mum is preserving it ;)

    Also, I don't think you should feel obligated to mention whether you are gaining weight and eating more due to the current criticisms. I know people care, but it might not be helpful to always post comments asking if you're gaining weight?

  3. Im glad to hear you are feeling pretty good. Yucky situations don't ever feel good, but we CAN feel good about the way we handle them. Get through with a little grace, a lot of love, some insight and reflection, and help from others. I hope you choose to stay on this path :)