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Monday, July 18, 2016

good body image days shouldnt just be when you feel skinny or thin

A while ago i began thinking about how often good body days were correlated with a "feeling skinny" type of feeling... or like a lean/non bloated feeling.  Sure i felt good and liked my body most days but the "good body days" were the days when i had a feeling of "tightness and leanness".

But now when i reflect over it, it is so silly. Why should body confidence or that "i feel great in my body" be just when you feel skinny.... because in all honesty, you can't feel skinny or fat - those arent feelings. It is something else that makes you feel that way, whether its anxiousness, nerves, stress... or feeling happy, enough sleep, relaxed, excited etc 

Since i began thinking about this connection a few months ago i have realised how you can have good body image days despite being super bloated (as long as the bloat isnt accompanied by pain or cramps... because then nobody feels good, hahaha) or feeling tired or as some people call it "fluffy" (i dont get this expression though?). 

Body image is about the way you see yourself and if you decide to always see the best in yourself, decide to always TRY to FEEL your best then you will also look your best and automatically feel better in your body. Your good body image days or self esteem shouldnt be connected with a sense of feeling skinny... it should be connected with feeling happy, feeling energetic and filled with life.

Over the past few months my good body image days i.e the really good ones, have been more connected with a sense of happiness and joy. That even if i wake up with a huge bloat in the morning, that doesnt hinder my good mood or make me have a bad day or make me feel less confident in my body. Instead, as long as i have a feeling of energy and strength and health in my body then i feel good in my body. But the days where i am tired, feel very low on energy and just lack all types of motivation then i generally feel worse in my body as my body feels heavy, slow, weak and not energetic... somedays just brushing my teeth or hair takes too much energy. Then its hard to feel confident or great in your body when you walk around with clothes on from the previous day and havent brushed your hair in 3 days, hahaha. (Though these symptoms are due to mental illness and nothing to laugh about in all honesty.)

Of course, bloating and body image havent been a problem for me for a few years now. I.e bad body image days dont hinder me from living life, of course i might not wear tight clothes the days i dont feel so great, but they dont make me feel awful or hate myself like they once did. Instead, i dont let my body decide my mood.... but i did of course realise that somedays when i felt super confident it was because of that "lean/tight" feeling - and i dont want it to be that way. And so by working to feel super confident in my body all days and because of a health and energetic feeling, then it is much easier to have better body image days - and more of them!!

1) Dont let your body control your mood/day
2) Spend less time infront of the mirror and more time living life
3) Bloating passes
4) You cant feel skinny or fat - they arent feelings. There are Actual feelings behind those "fake" feelings. Try to get to the bottom of the real feelings instead!
5) You are more than your body.
6) Learn to love your body at all shapes and sizes and weight. Love your body from all angles and your reflection in the mirror... this is your body, so sooner or later you have to learn to accept and love it.
7) Self love comes from the inside and your body image and self love shouldnt be connected with just being skinny or looking a certain way - life isnt about the way you look, but about how you live life. And the body constantly changes, so if your good mood is just due to feeling skinny then that good mood wont last long.

 I dont think this post makes much sense, but trying to write out a jumble of thoughts! 

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  1. I agree - it is much better for your mood to dictate a "good" day rather than how you feel in your body and you`re right, when you feel energised and happy every day is a good day!
    Its so hard not to get bogged down though when you`re feeling bloated and all your clothes feel "wrong". I guess its a work in progress not to allow that feeling to dominate your day - just to get on with life regardless.
    Something worthwhile to aim for!