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Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday free day and new -no tangle -earphones - Sudio Sweden

Friday and a free day which means sleep in, plan nothing for the day, enjoy the sun and do whatever I feel like! A favourite type of day for me :)
So my day has consisted of a long morning walk to enjoy the sunshine and then on the way home I walked to the post office to pick up a package - one I have been longing for!!

As I've written before I love music and constantly listen to music and podcasts however in just these 6 months of the year I have gone through 4 ear phones and last year I wen through maybe 6 or 7 earphones I. E an expensive bad habit I have of ruining headphones.  So i decided enough was enough I needed a pair of non tangle earphones where the little plug and wires in the earphone wouldn't break.  So i ordered myself a pair of Sudio earphones which rely on Bluetooth so that there is no little connection thing to my phone so hopefully they last,  also I have a 1 year guarantee!!
I've had the earphones for roughly 5 hours and I already have a lost of benefits of them.

1) no tangles
2) seriously good music
3) don't have to keep my phone on my sports bra when I workout now!
4) with my hair down you can't even see that I have headphones in
5) you don't hear the music playing from the outside, like you could with my previous earphones.
6) they are pretty!
The negatives? They came with a leather bag :( :( :(
they might fall out when I run or get really sweaty during workouts :/ but I need them the most then.
You need to charge the earphones and the Bluetooth on my phone might drag extra battery,  not so sure.

But anyway I love them.  And makes listening to podcasts easier.  And these were a treat for myself!
Another positive? I was offered a discount code which I cold give to my readers if you also want to invest in some new earphones. You can then use the code :   "itsahealthylifestyle " for 15% off.
Enough about that, haha. I should get to be a little materialistic at times though!

I got the Sudio Vasa BlÄ - Rose Gold White ear phones. But you can see the rest of their collection HERE

This evening I'm eating a taco dinner on my own, going to watch a film and rest and back for 9 hours work tomorrow and hoping I get to work on Sunday as well,  hahaha. I'm just a workaholic at heart, but I do like my work!!

Also need to mention how nice it is to not feel stressed, to not have a bunch of "to do's". And i have actually considered beginning to use my "adult colouring" books again as well as maybe finishing the book i began to read last summer, hahahah. I just havent had time for those things the past months but now i realise that on my days free from work i do have time for them, if i want to anyway!

Colouring is such a great therapy and anxiety reliever, so i definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a distraction or just something to do now in summer :)


  1. Just something I`ve wondered and you`ve mentioned this before - when you get a package you always say you had to go and pick it up - don`t you get stuff delivered to your house? The only time I have to go to the post office is if I`m out when the package comes. Maybe its different for you?

  2. The new headphones sound great - good for you for treating yourself!
    Your Friday sounds my kind of day - relaxing with nothing particular that you have to do, hope you got plenty of sunshine to enjoy :)
    I`ve been doingquite a bit of colouring just lately, I find it so absorbing yet relaxing. I brought myself a couple of new colouring books from amazon recently I was pleased to find they included a couple of free bookmarks to colour as well - so I was happy with that!
    Hope your evening went well and enjoy your weekend - and if you are at work I hope you don`t get too many awkward customers :)

  3. oh and can I just say that your little dog is the most photogenic I have ever seen!

  4. Hello! I want to say, that I love your blog! You are so beautiful and you and your blog have been big help for me, because I suffered eating disorders too. Im sorry my english language, but hopefully you understand me. What is your name in Instagram? I wish you all good thing and enjoy the summer!