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Friday, July 1, 2016

Following health trends on social media and being fitness/health obssessed? Answering comments.

Do you think you would have become vegan if it wasn't for social media? Feels like you are following all the health trends there are xD First skinny to strong, then protein hysteria and now going vegan ^^

I got this commen yesterday and i thought it was a very interesting comment hence why i am choosing to answer it in a post! 

To answer the first question: If i would have become vegan if it werent for social media? I dont know. My honest answer from what i think, most probably not. If it werent for social media i would still think veganism is restrictive and i would not have been aware of the cruetly behind the meat and dairy industry or about the animal testing done. If it werent for social media i would have kept eating chicken and fish and not seen them as dead animals. I would have kept using products despite that animals are abused and tortured just so that the shampoo is the perfect mix of ingredients. Of course i cant eliminate all products which have been tested on animals or contain animal products as i take medicine which has gelatin in the shell form or has animal product in the medicine, and of course i would prefer to not take them but i am not going to put my health at risk either if there is no other medication option available.

Is my change to veganism just a trend and something that will pass? As long as i can stay healthy mentally and physically while maintaining this lifestyle then no it is not a trend or something i will just stop doing after 6 weeks. It is a lifestyle change, and so far i feel great but i DONT want to call myself a vegan, i have not made changes in my life long enough to do that, and not to mention that i still use old products i have that have been tested on animals, and also i dont like labels. I dont want to label myself as anything and i dont think i will ever be a 100% strict vegan i.e if i get served cake and there is some honey in it, which is the only animal product then i might not necessarily say no if i want to be polite or want some of that cake. But if someone places a piece of chicken infront of me then i will decline. All i can do is my best for the planet and the animals but i will never be "perfect", even if perfect doesnt exist.

And regarding the second part about following health trends: I.e skinny to strong and protein hysteria. I dont know whether those were social media related. I of course did have a "fitness IG" in the past, i cant say i am proud of that... hahahah. And i cant say i was super healthy mentally or physically back then either - as i wrote yesterday, we grow and change and we make mistakes in the past but hopefully we learn and grow from them!

I do use social media so in a way it affects me, but i dont know if i follow the trends? Maybe i do... subconsciously? It's hard because i would like to think that i am fully conscious when making choices but in a way we are always affected by the things around us. Our friends, family, those we surround ourselves with, the school we go to, our hobbies and interests.... all of those things affect us and our choices. I.e if you didnt follow my blog and werent health interested you might not even have known that quark existed? Or if you werent exercise interested you might not even have known about the different forms of strength training?

I also got a comment a while ago saying that "i thought that everyone was fitness and health interested, when in reality that isnt the case", and i am aware of that. I.e i know that not everyone is interested in exercise or nutrition, in fact only a small part of the population are... but you also have to realise that I surround myself with people who have the same interests as me. Ii study nutrition and so those in the class all share the same interests - food, nutrition, baking or cooking and exercise. Also i workout and talk to people at the gym who all enjoy working out, my family are all health interested and exercise in some form or another and then the accounts i follow on social media are all health related in some way either mental health, spiritual health or physical health (and all are inspiring for ME!). Does this make me obssessed, no. But i am not going to go join a group on facebook about make up or cars or metallica music if that doesnt interest me - just like if people dont find my blog interesting they dont follow or read it. So we choose what we want to see and what we let influence us. So in a way i am influenced and affected by all those things around me. But of course i am aware that there is SO MUCH MORE and so many more interests and hobbies outside of the one i have. Hence when i say that i recommend exercise to those physically and mentally capable and to do exercise THEY ENJOY and how much suits THEIR lifestyle, i dont think everyone works out as often as i do or that everyone enjoys exercise because i know the majority dont. I am in the small percentile of people who workout because they enjoy it and not because they think they have to, and not to mention in the small percentile of people who workout as often as i do.

You have to remember that what i blog about is from MY INTERESTS AND HOBBBIES. I.e i am not going to start writing about things i have little interest for or know little about. 

We all make choices based on the influences around us and what we enjoy.

I dont know if i have even answered the comments or just sat here and defended myself, hahaha. But hopefully you got some answer and you can do what you want and think what you want from that answer :)


  1. Hi Izzy,
    Taste buds changes.
    I have been raised as a vegetarian, then became vegan.Since a few week I just turned out not dislike all the food i used to eat (tofu saussages...all thos sort of meat substituen soy yogurt or dessert..). I discovered that I love eggs, ham, burgers (not fish)..I now eat everyday 2/3 eggsn slice of ham but still eat a lots of vegetables and fruits, pulses but no more those vegan burgers ou substitute.

    1. Of course taste buds change, I used to hate spinach and Brussels sprouts but now I can long to eat them. And I used to love the taste of chicken, now I can't stand it. And when I was younger I used to use very little amounts of spread as I didn't like the taste of it, now I think the more the better ^-^ but when it comes to meat and dairy it's an ethical choice I have made for myself and not because of taste. But of course I love everything I eat now so its not a problem and I'm not missing any foods anyway!

  2. You are so right - taste does change over time. A friend of mine was brought up as vegetarian but as soon as she left home she "discovered" meat for herself and decided she liked it - she now eats vegetarian only occasionaly.
    I think its quite ok to eat a mix of both, after all food is to be enjoyed and you shouldn't feel that you have to stay on one course forever.
    Whatever suits you and makes you happy :)

    1. People should do what is best for them and that is the important thing. But being open minded to vegan foods and a diet is also a good idea! I guess a mix of both.

      Everyone has a choice over what they decide to put into their body.