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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Emails and ask me questions

After about a year with very little email contact with my readers or answering emails, i am deciding to try with them again.

Basically i got so many emails around 10-30 a day that it stressed me out so much. I just couldnt cope with the amount of emails i got and i began to get alot of anxiety with all the emails and not having the time to reply to them all and i felt guilty that i couldnt reply. However i do enjoy having that extra contact with my readers and knowing i can help, so i have decided to try to begin answering emails again, because i do enjoy it. But now i am deciding to not feel guilty if i dont reply, because unfortuantly i cant reply to all the emails i recieve even if i want to. And i have even less time now than i did before, but i will try to dedicate a few hours a week anyway :) But of course commenting on here will ALWAYS give you a quicker answer than emailing :) And you will be more likely to get answers from other knowledgable readers!!

My plan is to try to answer all the emails i have gotten this month, but all the emails from June and before will be marked as *read *- so if you have emailed me before July and still want an answer, then just email me again. Or comment here and maybe i can write a post about your topic or give you advice via comment :) Do remember that emailing and blogging is still just a hobby of mine and nothing i earn money doing or is something i have to do, but a choice. However i love helping people and that makes me happy and gives me a sense of purpose, so i am going to try with emailing again... as well as it helping me with my fear and anxiety which i have developed over answering messages and calls.

And i also want to mention, that i hope no one has taken it personally or think that i havent answered just their email.  I havent answered emails at all, maybe the random ones here and there. So please dont think that it is just Your email i havent answered... if you still want an answer to an old email, just resend it to me and i will try my best to reply :)

And finally... if you have any questions for me or you want to know my opinion on something or any topic suggestions, COMMENT BELOW :) Maybe i will do a video or a vlog, or just answer in a post :) Maybe some questions you are wondering about or want to know my opinion about something, then just comment :)


  1. Dear Izzy,

    Terrific post on veganism. (Also have you ever browsed "green recovery” blog ?)
    Veganism helps me to reconcile with food issues, fears, IBS, allergies...Eating this way, now allows me put on weight, probably not at the speed as if I was on a standard diet, but most important is that I do not have as much digestive distress as I would have on a “normal” diet.

    I am the unlucky one in the family, mother nature has blessed me with all her whims, I even call them my “diet plague” in reference to the Plagues of Egypte.
    Oh well, I have to deal with it:
    - Gastroscopy has revealed gluten hypersensitivity and have been recommended by my GP to be very cautious with gluten if I do not want to worsen situation
    - Diagnosed casein intolerant
    - Issues with starches: oedema and hyperglycaemia rockets high so have to beware when eating rice potatoes and blablabla
    - And other food intolerances: sesame, peppers family (no spices, no pepper, chili), arugula and spinach, soy (have to be cautious so no vegan meat substitutes, tofu in limited quantities but if it is lacto-fermentated or tempeh I can eat more ), and some legumes (white bean especially and do not know why)

    So I juggle with a lots of vegetables, fruits, legumes, a bit of other starches, all kind of nuts

    Breakfast would be: OJ, fruits + banana (very mature, black) and nuts
    Lunch: 600ml box of vegetables, nuts and legumes (and coconut or olive, nut oils) and sometimes some rice cakes
    Break: fruits
    Diner: again vegetables, nuts, legumes or lacto fermented tofu, or a bit of starches (rice, potatoes especially raw sweet potatoes)
    Break: fruits and bananas
    But I probably forget things…..never remember what I have eaten (and less focused on food since I eat this way which is good sign!!!)
    (occasional B12, iron and B9 supplementations to be on the safe side)

    Had a blood test 2 week ago, GP is satisfied with and encouraged me to keep on going this way, now that I have found a balance and I am finally (!!!) able to put on a little bit of weight.
    With GP we have been exploring if there were any nutritional high caloric drinks/puddings that would suit…there is a lactose free product line in France (but milk based). This is where I have to compromise, for my health but a try not to rely on it and feed myself with real wholefood.

    As you are very educated on this topic: anorexia and at the same time veganism, I would be very very happy if you could help me and be your first patient.

    Looking forwards reading you very very soon.

    1. Hello,
      I cant really help you so much via comments but also that i dont have a ddegree yet, however it seems like you are eating just vegetables and fruit and you might not be getting all the nutrients you need? Because even if you eat some tofu and nuts, you will still be missing out on the healthy fats your body needs as well as enough protein. Also you might not be getting all the energy you need just by eating fruit and vegtables and some nuts. I think if you can drink that suppplement drink it would be great - i know that there are some pea protin supplement drinks which i have been recommended to drink however my body doesnt break down pea protein so well so i dont know if i will take them or not.

  2. Have you downloaded Pokemon go? What do you think of it?

  3. How did you cope with getting increases in your meal plan at the beginning of recovery? Mental/emotional issues aside--my stomach simply cannot handle this much food!! I had my first increase at IP yesterday by 400 cals and I'm struggling bad physically. constant pain, constipated for 6 days so far, feeling nauseous and awful. Did your stomach get used to it, and how long did it take? I increase to 3000 in another couple of days and am dreading it. I love eating food so that part doesn't bother me and I truly want to gain weight, but the actual volume of food is sooo intense.

    1. That's normal at the beginning, especially if you've restricted for a long time. Your digestive system would have slowed down a lot. When I was IP, I felt terrible even drinking a few sips of water, but eventually was able to eat 3000kcal of food. But to help with the constipation, drink water regularly throughout the day and chew the food. In a few weeks it should pass :)

  4. A small suggestion :)
    You mentioned that you get many emails with the same questions, so perhaps wait until those accumulate and do a post answering them? That way you would have answered a few emails in one go.
    You've most likely thought of that already, haha.

  5. I am thinking about buying some coconut oil to try as I can`t have other oils - olive, rapeseed, corn or sunflower. What I`d like to know is does it taste of coconut? to the extent that it flavours whatever you cook with it? I can`t say I`m particularly fond of coconut so if its got strong flavour I probably won`t try it. Its quite expensive here too - £5.00/£10.00 a jar so I don`t want to waste money on something I don`t like. I`ve read that you use coconut oil so I`d be grateful if you could let me know what its like?

    1. have you tried shopping online for lower prices :) ?

  6. I think its good that you are trying to overcome your anxieties over emails - but don`t overstretch yourself. That's a lot of emails to receive and try to answer by anyones standards! Just go at your own pace, you know whats right for you.

    1. Thank you :) Its not as many emails now as i think people began to understand that i didnt have the time or energy to reply, but since i made this post a whole bunch of emails have come, haha. But i am not going to stress over answering them, just when i have time.

  7. I`ve got a longing to make some sort of carrot and butterbean burger/patty - don`t know why but I`m craving butterbeans just lately! What I`d like to know is do you cook the carrot before hand and mash it into the butterbeans or can you just grate it and combine it raw? I know you make your own burgers so I wondered how you did it - thankyou!

    1. I think you can do eother way :) but I would cook and mash the carrots first anyway! Listen to those cravings - there is most likely something in the food that your body needs!

  8. Dear Izzy,
    first, I love your blog...)
    In the last few weeks I have become a bit worried about your weight loss- not because I think you "relapsed" but because of your CF...i got to know a young woman who had CF , lost weight, became so weak, could not re-gain her weight...became weaker...sorry, I don`t want to sound negative, BUT I thought it might be very helpful for your readers if you try to gain your weight back and could write kind of detailed food dairy... I would find it so helpful, I try to recover, am increasing my calories...and am very interested in plant based diets, not to avoid anything...
    Don`t know if you think it would be a stupid or triggering idea... to write such a dairy...
    Thanks for all your helpful and "mindful" posts!

    1. ...sorry..DIARY..stupid german...

    2. I dont think it would be helpful for anyone if i did food diaries as eating is so individual and now when i work i eat at different times and such. But also i dont even remember or focus on what i eat, so it would be putting too much focus on food if i had to sit and think about what i ate every evening, haha, i dont even remember that!

      But i can of course write posts about how to gain weight while eating vegan, or what my plan of action is, on how to gain weight while still eating plant based etc but i wont be doing any regular food diaries.

  9. Hi im sorry if uve written on this already but how do you differentiate between whether you are hungry or whether you are just being greedy? Im finding it hard to eat intuitively but im so sick of being on a plan as im not a robot. I want to eat but allowing myself is hard as i fear gaining weight

    1. This post: might help you :)
      But i understand what you mean, wanting to eating differently. Bbt then it might be better to just vary your lunches or dinners or try different snacks, but not eat completely intuitative if you are still scared of eating too much, because then you might not actually eat enough while eating intuitive.