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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Diet facts and nutritional advice - knowing what is relevant for YOU

At times when i have nothing better to watch on my computer i can begin watching weightloss shows for example "supersize vs superskinny" or "secret eaters" etc I cant say why i watch them but at random times i do. None of the information given in the shows is new or shocking for me neither are the statistics, but also none of the information given in the show is relevant for me. I can understand if someone who has absaloutly no information about nutrition and calories and needs to lose weight, then shows like that can be eye openers for them and helpful. For me i just watch them "because" and not so much to teach me anything.

But what i began thinking about yesterday evening after watching an episode was about the advice given on the show. And granted, some of the advice made me want to drag my hair out in frustration because that advice is so outdated or can even be harmful if taken to extremes, but in general the advice was beneficial advice to the people recieving the advice. And that is the important thing to remember about these shows... the advice is aimed at people who need to lose weight and are very overweight. For most people who are healthy and have a healthy weight or people who are underweight then the weightloss advice is not aimed or recommended for them. This is something i never considered in the past. While i was sick i watched ALOT of these shows - almost an obsession, now it is merely because there is nothing better to watch at times. But in the past i would take all the advice given on the show and want to follow them obsessively. Advice such as "as little fat as possible", "cut out carbs", "no food after 8pm", "eat 3 big meals and only snack on fruits" etc was advice i thought I had to follow, but to more of an extreme. I didnt think about what who the advice was aimed at...  The advice given to people who are obese and need to lose weight is NOT THE SAME ADVICE given to a person who needs to gain weight, or just a healthy person who maintains their weight. And the nutrition advice given to someone who is obese is eveb less relevant to a person who has cystic fibrosis and is very active... this of course i never thought about in the past.

So i just wanted to remind you all that there will always be fad diets and new nutrition advice and information and shows and magazines that post nutrition advice. Or even friends talking about new diets or what is the new "best thing to eat", but you have to think about what is relevant for you?

Of course there are certain general health rules which its good for everyone to follow, but remember if you need to gain weight then you DONT and SHOULDNT follow weightloss tips. That is just the opposite of helpful and going against your goals.

I have gotten many emails over the years about people who are in treatment and need to gain weight but then friends or family members are trying or need to lose weight and there becomes a clash, because the person with the eating disorder gets triggered by the fact that someone close to them is eating less and trying to lose weight. But it is important to focus on your own goals and what is best for you. Forget what others are doing and just do what is best for you.

Be critical. Be smart. Know what is relevant for YOU. For example people who have diabetes are given different nutrition advice from people who dont have diabetes, or people who are elite within a sport have different nutrition advice compared to people  who do no exercise. Just like my nutrition is based on MY lifestyle and the fact that i have cystic fibrosis, so my intake and nutrition needs ARENT the same as yours will be. Just like a person who needs to gain weight wont have the same nutrition needs or advice compared to someone who needs to maintain or lose weight.

So just because a tv show says "eat 3 meals and 1 snack" to a person who is obese doesnt mean that you need to follow that advice.

I hope this is a little reminder to some of you and to remember what is best for YOU. And that can ALWAYS be your reasoning for example if someone asks why you eat so much or so often, then all you need to answer is "this is what my body needs and feels best from"!


  1. I do EXACTLY the same with those TV programmes! I've just watched all the Secret Eaters episodes back to back over about three days. I tend to do it when I'm hungry (which is all the time!) - 'eating with my eyes' is something I used to do when I was ill but I recognise it in myself even now sometimes. Particularly if I am extremely hungry, which has been the case for the past couple of weeks for me as my weight has dipped a bit. It's probably not the healthiest habit to have but I just watch those programmes on a loop.
    Anyway, what I wanted to say was that I completely agree with you! I am amazed also by some of the calorie calculations in the meals of people on Secret Eaters. I know the lady who does it is a nutritional scientist but sometimes the calories she comes up with seem very extreme. I worry about the impact of things like that on people watching. As you say, everyone's calorie needs / dietary needs are different. I hope people don't take what they see on programmes like these too much to heart.

  2. just a quick follow up to your excellent post you wrote a while back about saving energy, waste and recycling. Since the shops here stopped giving away free carrier bags to shoppers and charging for them instead apparently we have saved on 7 BILLION carrier bags!! so that's 7 billion LESS bags going to landfill - which is brilliant! just shows what a simple change can make, however small and anyone can help make a change - if everyone did just think what the outcome for the planet would be? I think its amazing :)
    On a sadder note though - those "disposable" coffee cups given out for takeaway coffees by starbucks/cake nero/costa etc - they are NOT RECYCLABLE! many people think they are. in a period of time last year 6 billion cups went to landfill because they`re not recyclable. This has got to change.
    So here in the UK its a case of one step forward one back, despite government and councils putting recycling schemes in place. These big firms need to change. But we can all help to do our bit still. maybe even lobby these coffee companies to change their cups to recyclable?? I reckon it could be possible if we put enough behind us.
    Love to see more posts on energy saving, its really important and very interesting!

  3. I also watch "secret eaters" and "supersize v superskinny" - just because! I find them mildly entertaining but can honestly say I have never taken any of their nutritional guidelines to heart. Except of being able to identify a bit with those very underweight on "supersize v superskinny" - I watch it then to see how succesfull they are with going onto gain, although I do find it pretty unrealistic that they manage to change their attitudes towards food so quickly after a couple of days of eating the other persons diet??
    Mostly I just watch these programmes and move on, as I said they are entertaining in their own way. I do see though how by following what they say could be potentially harmful to some people in some circumstances. I guess we just need to apply a bit of common sense.