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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

50 simple tips you can do to live a sustainable lifestyle

I found this article: , this morning and i loved it and thought i should share. I have been planning to write a similar post, but this one inclused so many more tips than i could give so i thought it would be good to just link to that post.

So not everyone can/wants to eat plant based and i get that - i am a realist, but there are still things you can do anyway! So here are some of my tips:

1) Recycle!
2) Compost - if possible.
3) Turn off the lights and electronics when not used and dont chare things if they dont need to be charged.
4) Carpool, take public transport, walk/cycle if possible instead of everyone driving individually.
5) If possible try to use alternatives to meat and dairy, or if you can have maybe one or two vegan meals or days during the week?
6) Dont take plastic bags at the store - always bring your own bags, as much as possible anyway!
7) Sign petitions if they seem legit and helpful.
8) Buy products not tested on animals and dont buy any leather or fur items. The fake copies are cheaper and much better ;)
9) Dont support companies that abuse or test on animals.
10) Dont go to aquariaums or zoo's - its animal abuse to keep them trapped, unless the animals need to be protected due to almost going extinct, but that is another thing. Keeping animals trapped in glass cages just so that people can stare at them - that is animal abuse.
11) Sending emails, reading papers online and limiting use of paper. I KNOW many people have  different opinions on this, because well if nobody reads the paper then they will go out of business and people will lose jobs. I mean, if everyone stopped reading the newspaper in Sweden there are many people i know who will lose their job because of that. But at the same time, think about all the paper being used and not all of it is being recycled either.
12) The same thing with books - reading ebooks is alot better, but then there is the fact that holding or buying a favourite book is a pretty damn good feeling. But then maybe borrow the book from the library, or only have your favourite books as book copis.
13) Second hand stores for clothes!
14) Try to not buy clothes or from stores where child labour or slaves have been used to make the clothes - this of course can be hard to know, but there are certain brands which se child labour and those i am against.
15) Second hand stores for furniture or other items.
16) Remember to turn off the water when brushing your teeth so it is not just running, but also not use excess water when showering or taking a bath or just in general. I.e dont put on the dishwasher when its half full!
17) Instead of throwing away old things maybe give them to charity or second hand? Or reinvent them to something new? If not - recycle i.e if its a broken tv, throw it away in the right place and not just out in the forest as some people tend to do.
18) Adopt animals instead of buying from animal farms (?)

These are just some of the tips i could think of now! And i know people have different opinons and might think some tips are silly or no point, but they do make a difference. I mean if you can buy 60% of your clothes from second hand and 40% from normal stores or if you can limit the amount of water used or electricity used or to begin walking or taking the bus to work it makes a difference!!

And i know these tips have nothing to do with eating disorders or mental health, but i do think its good tips to share anyway and its up to the individual if they want to implement the tips or not :)

I wont ever push veganism down peoples throats but everone can make a difference nonetheless!


  1. I have found I do a lot of these already, whether down to economy or the fact that we have had had a huge recycling drive here recently. Also we are on a water meter which automatically makes you aware of the amount of water you are using.Shops no longer provide free bags so most people now bring their own.
    Good tips though and an interesting article. If everyone only followed a couple just think of the difference it would make.

    1. That is awesome! These things are such simple changes but if everyone did them to the bestate of their ability it could make such a difference! !