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Monday, June 13, 2016

When the day passes by quickly - good news, lunch and dinner, bloating (and the difference between morning and evening belly)

Hello :)

This day has just passed by in one flow today and dont really know why the time has gone by so quickly, but at the moment i am sitting locked away in the kitchen as my mum is having a yoga class in our house (in our living room), so i had to choose between sitting in my room (which has a claustrophobic and warm feeling as i have no where to put my things) or the kitchen... and i choose the kitchen, so that i could silently try to make dinner and not have to wait until 8.30pm when the yoga class is over XD

I'll start off with the most important thing i want to write, because after that it will just be food talk and those who arent interested in that... just skip it i guess XD

Soooo... I got a job!!! Yayyy.
At a food store and i will mainly be in the cashier, and i dont have so many days/hours scheduled at the moment, but hoping for more!! But i am so happy and excited, and i start tomorrow. I am nervous and a little worried, but mostly happy. 
As i dont have so many hours to start with, it also means it wont be too much all at once which is a good thing i guess. I start tomorrow and will learn how the cashier works and that, and i also have a few hours of online course/work to do and learn before the end of this week, so going to start with that now!

So that was that... now food talk, haha.

For lunch today i made cauliflower pizza again topped with tomatoe sauce, veggies and some fake meat! Despite not following a recipe it turned out great, and then of course potatoe wedges, peanuts and sweet corn on the side! 

Then for dinner - while being locked up in the kitchen i decided to try making rice paper rolls as this is the recipe idea i have as starter for the recipe book i will be part of. Though i am aware that the consistency of the rice paper rolls (i.e can taste a little bit like gum or elastic) can be a little love/hate, so i thought i would try and also try to make them look good. As i couldnt boil or cook anything i.e rice or rice noodles i had to just use some prewarmed fake meat and cucumber and beet roots and the combination was delicious, but my plan had been to cooke rice noodles and add sriracha and things like avocado.

I personally think rice paper rolls are delicious and am planning to eat plenty of them now as i have roughly 20 rice paper left, however i dont think it will be a good starter and i dont think my friends will like the consistency of the rolls, and i dont think i can make them look good. So now i am going to try to think of a new starter idea which will match my main course and dessert idea.... 

But it is a good thing i tried making the starter before hand, and didnt start panicking on Saturday when serving my friends/taking photos, and realise that it wouldnt work or taste good for anyone but myself, hahaha.

For now that is enough food talk, and i am going to try to get some of the work/study done which i need to do for my job!! It will be an early start tomorrow for my first day at work, hahah!!!

Also thought i would add this... i.e my bloat. Due to my diet changes i havent been bloated at all i.e compared ot my usual 90% bloat it is down to 10% bloat.. and the same with stomach pain. But yesterday and today i have had alot of stomach pain and bloating, and i thought i would show you the difference in my morning shape/after breakfast shape compared to my evening post dinner bloat.

Bloating happens, it is normal and it is OK. Don't panic, smile anyway and just wear comfortable clothes :) (p.s the right photo isnt even my complete bloat, hahaha dont dare post that )

Embrace the bloat. Be ok with the bloat... and if you want, give your food baby a name XD XD


  1. Yay, congratulations!!! Having a job is a great step for you, I hope you enjoy your work environment :)

  2. Congratulations on the job!
    That pizza also looks amazing! :)
    Izzy |

  3. Congratulations about the job - so you are now officially a working girl!!
    Hope today goes well for you - the first day is always nerve-racking - but I`m sure you`ll get through it ok. What are you going to treat yourself with when you get your first wage packet?
    Your pizza and rice rolls looked delicious, I definitely like the sound of the rice rolls its a shame you can`t use them as your starter.
    As for your bloat - well what can I say apart from thankyou for being so honest! I feel ten times better knowing that I`m not the only one that experiences this, although you have to admit it is annoying when you get it :(
    Have a great "first day"! (will you get a staff discount for food now you work there?)

  4. I forgot to mention that I appreciate your bloat photo! That took guts to post (I wish it didn't, but in our society, it is, unfortunately, an act of bravery to post a pic like that). Bloat is totally normal. I eat a lot of fruits and veggies, and my ED left me with some long-term digestive damage (ie: super slow digestion), so by the end of the day I look legitimately pregnant. Sometimes shockingly so. My boyfriend and I laugh over it now, but it took me a very long time to accept that it was normal. I know I bloat more than the average person, which I admit sucks (especially if I have plans in the evening), but it no longer drives me to distraction or obsession. Looser tops help. I know that no one else cares or even notices the size of my gut at any given time, so basically, get over it, Liz. I'm grateful for so many things in my life, I'm not about to let the size of my bloat impact how I feel about my life. If being bloated is my biggest problem at any point, them I'm pretty damn lucky, wouldn't you say? :)

    1. You have a brilliant attitude and what you say is absolutely right :)