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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What my family think about me eating vegan - and advice

Hi Izzy,
I have a few questions for you if you don't mind. How did your family react when you started eating more plant based? I feel that I want to try going more plant based as well, I have recovered from anarexia quite well, I just don't want my mom to think that i'm restricting my diet. Like you said in the two videos you made earlier about your transition into being plant based, not eating animals is a 'choice' not a restriction. I just don't feel like I want to have an animal be killed just so I can eat.

I'm just trying to find ways to show my parents that eating this way is safe and I would be willing to go in for blood tests and even make charts of what I ate to show them I am getting what I need and the amount I need. The struggle also is that my dad likes to hunt and fish and my mom is afraid that I won't be able to experience good food if I go plant based. I may have to wait a few more years until I'm in college to transition but then i'm afraid i'll lose connection with them and they won't understand. Any advice.

Veganism and having an eating disorder or a past of an eating disorder can definitel be a little difficult for people to accept. Because veganism can be seen as very restrictive - for most people who havent even considered how much you can still eat even when you choose to not consume any animal products. However veganism is also a way for some to hide the fact that they are struggling with an eating disorder and a reason for them to say no to lots of different food. 

My first tip would be communication, to talk to your parents about why you want to eat more plant based and vegan - they might not understand it but atleast you have talked to them.

Then suggest to maybe eat some plant based/vegan dinners a few times a week, or whether you can eat vegan for breakfast, lunch, snacks and then eat whatever dinner they are making and then in time eat fully vegan, but for the sake of the animals and the planet it does make a difference if you eat 5/6 meals a day plant based!

And as you wrote, maybe you can keep a food journal for your mum and weigh yourself to show that you can keep a healthy weight and eat enough.

Also maybe suggest to make plant based food together. Make pizzas, burgers, yummy pasta dishes and baked potatoes and lentil dishes, sushi, delicious soup with home made bread, falafels, wrap with falafels, subway sandwiches, pancakes, waffles etc 
Make cakes, buns, fruit salads, grilled bananas etc

Veganism isnt restrictive as long as you eat varied and enough and not just fruit or vegetables, but i am sure you are aware of this and plan to eat varied :) 

Show them a list of all the food which you can eat as a vegan and make it clear that it is not that you cant or wont eat food with animal products but that you choose not to because of the sake of the animals and the planet. Maybe show some articles or shows to your parents so that they get more interested in veganism or veganism and can maybe understand where you are coming from. But it is important to note that becuase of your past, your parents will be more wary of you making diet changes and having food you "cant" eat, and that is understandable. But communication is key and make it clear that you arent restricting or going on a diet, because it isnt a diet... focus on the whole lifestyle. If you cant change what you are eating then you can do other things such as not buy products tested on animals, not buy any leather or wool items, eat vegan food as much as possible even if you cant for every meal, but you can help and make a difference in other ways. And then when the time is more right then you can change your diet fully if that works, but of course still focusing on mental and physical health. As people who have had an eating disorder in the past can feel more triggered and feel that veganism is not something that works for them as they feel it is too restrictive and then brings back the eating disorder thoughts.

Communicate, try cooking your parents plant based foods and well actions speak louder than words!

For me personally my family and boyfriend havent said anything or havent been worried, they know that i know what is best for me. Of course when i first told my mum she questioned me and wondered why, but they all seem very accepting and when they cook dinner they make sure to not fry in (*butter) and fry soy products seperatly for me if they eat fish etc so they are accepting of it! 

The most important thing is to be honest to yourself and if you cant go fully vegan whether its because you arent allowed or you know it will affect your health negatively, then that is ok as well and you can still make a difference for the animals and the planet :)

Also know that i personally found it was easier to transition when living on my own as then i just boght the products i wanted and didnt have to rely on my parents buying my food or having to make my own food when eating with others or saying "i cant eat that" etc etc

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